Twitter and sexism

I’m sorry. But I love men. But you can’t tell me as a woman that it’s okay to put up with rape threats online. You have no fucking clue what it is like to be a woman. We can’t go out at alone at night. I was attacked last year and the year before in the real world – followed to my home – and I’m in my 40’s. Stop saying that being threatened online is okay. You have no fucking clue what it is like to be a woman. No clue. It is not acceptable to be threatened with rape and death on social media.

Sexism on Social Media

I remember when i was a manager at publishing company in London and the fullfillment guys downstairs had boobs calendars on the walls in their production office and they sent me an email where a woman was being fucked by a bottle of champagne. I complained and nothing was done. When I grew up my dad told me i could do anything. When I got to the age of working I realized that it would be a struggle because some men, many men treated me like shit simply because I was female. When I was younger it really upset me. I was young and as a young women I wanted to be liked. It’s very upsetting to be treated such a way because you are female. Of course I also later met some amazing men, bosses, male workers who I loved and loved and was one of the “boys.” Those men I love. To the other men – let’s not let them get away with it because there’s laws about racism and now people are taking notice of homophobia and still women struggle. The one thing I don’t get is why young boys/men on forums are using rape language? I see it all the time. Why do they talk this way? I thought that being a young guy you’d want to fight other men but where does rape of women come in to it? Where do they get this stuff from? Fuck free speech. Stop “rape” on social media.

Twitter rape threats to women

My 19 year old niece thinks that because I am a feminist I hate men. No, I hate misogynists. I love men. I hate bigots. Why does she think this way? because the male media has told her that feminists are men hating and lesbians and men hating lesbians. Bottom line is – Twitter and Facebook – if it was men getting these threats, if it was men who were treated as second class citizens and sex objects for centuries, if it was men who only really got legal rights in the 20th century, then all these rape threats and death threats would be stopped. There is no free speech. If there was – well go and try and threaten the president, the USA and use bombs and kill in your text and see how far you get. Social media should never be above the law.

Bookmarking made simple for entertainment and art


Sometimes called Social Bookmarking, this is a method for users to store, organize, manage and search Bookmarked URLs. Bookmarking sites are usually public and links you’ve posted with metadata to include keywords for ease of searches, have the potential to be clicked through and/or read by hundreds or thousands of users. Bookmarking sites contain either a broad subject matter or a specific subject that has a loyal following. Broad subject sites tend to follow the subject structure of an online magazine, e.g. Entertainment, Art, Politics or Lifestyle. Specific sites are by subject, i.e. Technical, and are subdivided into smaller subjects within the Technical framework.

The most popular bookmarking sites:












Sign up with as many Bookmarking sites as you can, find friends and followers and start bookmarking.

Ginger Liu is the Founder (2008) of Ginger Media & Entertainment: Digital Media Marketing & Strategy/PR, Content Producer & Founder of GLIU Photography: Fine Art. Documentary.

Social Media Marketing/PR Content & Design Consultant to clients across the globe.

Film Publicist – IMDB

Entertainment journalist and travel author.

Ginger Liu is a Film Reporter for the Examiner and was a Film Reviewer for IndieWire’s The Playlist and Film & TV Columnist and Reviewer for Regent Media’s Gay Wired.

Ginger Media & Entertainment’s 2010 Success in Marketing Film Online through Social Media


Hollywood based Ginger Media & Entertainment is a successful social media marketing and online PR boutique company for independent film, DVD and art, boasting clients in Hollywood, NYC, London, Australia and Canada.

GM&E head, Ginger Liu, is a social media guru who has been at the forefront of the social media revolution. In late 2009 she was interviewed on national syndicated radio about her role in marketing independent films online. With one of the largest networks in the business, Ginger Liu lives and breaths the film industry in Hollywood and networks on a daily basis. As an entertainment journalist, she reports on movie box office, film festivals and screenings, including the Academy Awards. She has worked as an associate producer at a Hollywood production company, as a stills and event photographer, unit publicist and script reader. 

Ginger Liu consults on a regular basis to clients in the USA and UK. GM&E sets up social networks, posts 7 days a week, bookmarks and uses SEO and comments on forums and blogs to promote clients. The boutique specializes in independent film and budgets and uses organic one-on-one marketing through Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin with positive results combined with email marketing, press releases, content editing, pitching to multi-media press and the film community world wide. GM&E promotes clients 7 days a week and through it’s organic marketing successes has gained repeated and ongoing business.

An example of client results:

Women in Film International Shorts Program – marketing success.
The Evolution of Andrew Andrews – repeated business – full house for festival screening and  festival award.
Prince of Swine – SOLD OUT screenings on 4 out of 7 Los Angeles screenings.
Infection: The Invasion Begins – DVD SOLD OUT first week on Amazon.
9909 movie: Won two festival awards in NYC and reviewed in Variety.
Angie Stone – Grammy nominated singer – successfully promoted world tour through social networks.
SEO and bookmarking and network success proven by Google searches. Search for the above clients and Ginger Liu.

Ginger Media & Entertainment also promotes Atlanta fashion sensation, PZI Jeans, in the USA and UK through social media – 7 days a week.

Ginger Media & Entertainment was also the social media marketing director and consultant for LPA movingPictures and London Photographic Association – setting up of networks, attracting more than 1600 Twitter fans in half of 2010 and more than 1000 Facebook business fans, promoting and networking to filmmakers and photographers in London.

Ginger Liu is currently in London consulting filmmakers and promoting artists for photo documentary project on London’s East End cinema and filmmakers. The start of 2011 sees Ginger Media & Entertainment promoting a Spanish, French and Italian independent film production from February, a Hollywood independent production eco-sci-fi feature, and Ginger Liu will be covering the Academy Awards in February.

Ginger Liu has a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Media Practice (film, photography, media) from the prestigious University of Westminster in London.

For client and press list

Facebook – 5000 fans

Twitter – 1500 fans

Linkedin – 1200 fans

Ginger Media & Entertainment

Ginger Liu Photography

“10 Most Expensive Mistakes Filmmakers Make: No Social Media Plan and No PR Strategy.”

No Social Media?
“Sales agents and distributors I meet in Cannes and Berlin are incresingly impressed by a filmmaker that can come to them with a social media following. The reason is really simple: If you have people interested in your work, it makes it easier for the distributor to sell them your film.”

No PR?
“Once a filmmaker understands that the fun part of the filmmaking process is the actual shoot, the marketing and selling of the film kicks in.”


Ginger Liu is a Digital Marketing Consultant for Independent Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Directors and Producers; Entertainment, Art and Media Clients. She consults on a one-on-one or group basis around the world and advices on how best to promote on a grass roots level, reach an audience and maintain it. Set up and maintain Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, You Tube, Film Networks, Blogs, Copy and User Content, Website Promotion, Press Contacts, Festivals and Screenings, Creative Consultant, Film Research and Design.

Promotion is Queen.


How to Make Love to a Woman
Stefano Boscutti “Don Simpson Experience”
Fanpires in Venice

How To Make Love To A Woman

PZI Jeans
Prince of Swine
Good Film LLC
Infection: The Invasion Begins
London Photographic Association
LPA Moving Pictures
Angie Stone (Grammy nominated singer)
ITS Management
NorthWest 10
Cause Entertainment
9.9.09 MOVIE
Xeneth Entertainment UK

London Photographers Association social media program in

The London Photographers Association social media initiatives received a special mention in, and

“Interesting initiative for members of the London Photographic Association (LPA): existing members who bring in new paying recruits to the organisation will receive promotion by the LPA through social networks.

This will include: Member’s bio and link to your LPA portfolio posted on LinkedIn LPA discussion page; One week of Twitter updates with links to your LPA folio; One week of Facebook posts with images from portfolio and a link to your LPA portfolio page. Could this kind of promotion package be adopted by other member organisations or indeed members clubs on news sites or is there a danger in allowing a third-party to part-manage your professional profile on social networks?” Get a News Job.

“Interesting initiative for members of the London Photographic Association (LPA): existing members who bring in new paying recruits to the organisation will receive promotion by the LPA through social networks.

This will include:

  • Member’s biog and link to your LPA portfolio posted on LinkedIn LPA discussion page;
  • One week of Twitter updates with links to your LPA folio;
  • One week of Facebook posts with images from portfolio and a link to your LPA portfolio page.

Could this kind of promotion package be adopted by other member organisations or indeed members clubs on news sites or is there a danger in allowing a third-party to part-manage your professional profile on social networks?” Laura Oliver:

Ginger Liu  is the Social Media Director for the London Photographers Association. Her digital marketing company, Ginger Media & Entertainment has been working with the LPA since January to promote the  LPA brand and website through social media. Members of the LPA receive social media marketing assistance, exposure and promotion throughout LPA’s social networks with additional PR through the media and art world.

LPA post members work on social network sites:




Membership of the LPA includes the opportunity to be part of extensive and online publicity. This can tie in with individual members’ exhibitions, gallery openings, competition wins and special events. We can help generate online PR with the press by maintaining relationships with multi-media journalists, bloggers and publications.

Ginger Media and Entertainment represents the new school of public relations and PR and their expertise can really help you as individual members. The company is renowned as one of the leading social media marketing and digital PR companies in the USA and UK. It combines online PR, social media marketing and SEO with traditional methods of publicity and event organising.

Ginger Media and Entertainment’s owner, Ginger Liu, has one of the largest networks in the entertainment, media and art industries and has been interviewed on US radio thanks to her definitive role in social media marketing. Her combined experiences as a London-educated photographer, film and media professional and Hollywood-based social media marketing director make her a key influence in the PR world.

Our partnership with Ginger is unique for a photography and film membership association and is another demonstration of our forward-thinking dedication to raising the profiles of our members. Please help us make a success of this venture by keeping your online profiles full and updated, letting us know what you’re up to (no story is too small – after all, Twitter communicates in just 140 characters!) and linking to the LPA whenever you can.

LPA Referral Incentives Program:

Existing members who refer new LPA paid members will receive
personal LPA portfolio exposure through social network sites.

Photographers need exposure. Photographers need LPA.

Social Media Networks


Websites are no longer the online marketing tool for your business. Social networking, through blogs and network hubs like Facebook, have taken over the world in connecting people. And it’s no longer the sport of the young or tech nerds, businesses have found it the most effective, cost effective, and modern way to communicate their business to people of all ages. This is the digital age. Do you want to stay connected?

PR web marketing, social networking experts, and professional bloggers are essential in making sure that articles about your business are search engine optimized, have links back to your website, and are given as much exposure online through social network hubs, web magazines and blogs. Think of it as PR for your business.

Successful and long-term blogging can be directed to bring in tremendous business. By posting articles about your business or posting articles that even just mention your business in passing, you gain customers because your business name or product is linked back to your website, and in turn lifts you up the ranks. The more buzz your business receives, the higher the ranking on search engines like Google.

The power of blogs gets your business noticed by promoting your new services, products, and website through professionally written blog posts, articles, interviews, and other promotional and marketing services through hubs like Facebook. Invites through Facebook can be directed to a certain demographic about your business activities and is the most popular way to organize and publicize a marketing event around your business.

Like any marketing campaign, your blog content should be updated at least once a week, sometimes every day. Not many business owners can keep up with this task. Bloggers have expertise in writing for an audience and can supplement the business owner’s personal blog posts or provide 100% of the content as ghostwriters. After all, a blog is about connecting and communicating with your readers. A blog about your business sets you apart and gives your business a human face. A conversational and user-friendly blog that describes your services, shares stories about who you are, and will encourage readers and potential customers to your site. Blogs are set up so that readers/customers can make a comment about a post, thus you will know first hand how your business is doing and what your customers need. Conversation builds trust.

Social networking hubs: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, and around 40 others. Applications and plug-ins are available so that social networking sites are updated every time a new blog post is published. Think of this as a press release. A blog post is published about your business, it is then sent out to your readers and potential customers. Each post is linked back to your website. What this means is that your URL is posted on every blog post. Customers from all over the world can click on your URL and be linked back to your website.


Ginger Media & Entertainment provides PR web marketing, development, and project management services to the art, media, and entertainment industries, and social networking services, blog and article content to business and editorial websites.