“224 LA” by Ginger Liu Photography

My first LA project is “Extinction.” This is an ongoing photography project covering animals close to extinction. My project will take me across the globe. From tigers to polar bears as well as documenting the people who protect wildlife and environments.

My second photojournalism project in Los Angeles will document the diverse people who speak more than 200 different languages and dialects in this great cityMy work will consist of portraiture, documentary, film and text.

So, whatever language, dialect you speak – contact me -this is a long project. Called “224.”

That number will no doubt change.

‎”According to Professor Vyacheslav Ivanov of UCLA, there are at least 224 identified languages in Los Angeles County.

This does not include differing dialects. Professor Ivanov estimates that publications are locally produced in about 180 of
these languages. ”