Remembrance Day

Field of Remembrance in Princess Street Gardens, EdinburghPhotograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

My grandfather fought in WW1. My uncles fought in WW2. My father was at University during WW2 in Shanghai during the Japanese invasion until he and my aunt escaped. My mother was a child in Liverpool when WW2 broke out and was evacuated to Wales during the “phony war.” She returned to the city when the Germans bombed the city. My grandfather refused to run and hide in the shelter in the garden or the underground and would sit in the living room while the bombs dropped. The Germans always missed his house.

Today we remember those who fought for our freedom.

From British terrorism to Occupy Wall Street – Happy Guy Fawkes Day

From a symbol of British terrorism and one of the best celebrations of the year to the movie “V For Vendetta” and Occupy Wall Street.

Guy Fawkes will always be remembered for the Gunpowder Plot and the Brits have been celebrating its failure since 1605.

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

If you are in England this weekend make sure you enjoy a wonderful night of bonfires, fire works and hot food. It’s a magical night.

Happy Guy Fawkes night!

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