Facebook demands Government ID before shutting user down

I’ve already sent you information of what has been going on between Facebook and myself. They suspended my personal account without explanation and when I contacted them they demanded a copy of my Government ID to reinstate the page. I refused to give them my ID and demanded an explanation as to why they needed it. Facebook team member, Carmen, emailed me numerous times. She has never given me her last name.

What kind of corporation is represented by employees with no last name?

What kind of corporation refuses to give reasons why they shut their customers down?

What kind of corporation asks for Government ID’s? What if I was from the UK? They don’t have ID cards.

What kind of corporation refuses absolutely to answer any questions as to why I was shut down and why they would need my Government ID?

This email was sent to me:  “Hi, We apologize, but the only way we will be able to verify ownership of this account is if you reply to this email with an attachment of scanned, government-issued photo identification confirming your full name and date of birth. If you do not have access to a scanner, a digital image of your photo ID will be accepted as well. Rest assured that we will permanently delete your ID from our servers once we have used it to verify the authenticity of your account. Again, please note that we will not be able to process your request unless you send in proper identification. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thanks, Carmen User Operations Facebook.”

When I complained about sending my ID card and asked for an explanation, Carmen then sent me this email: “Hi Ginger, Unfortunately, your account has been permanently disabled for violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. We will not be able to reactivate it for any reason, nor will we provide further information about your violation or the systems we have in place. This decision is final and cannot be appealed. Thanks, Carmen User Operations Facebook.”

The fact is, I asked them repeatedly to explain to me why my account had been disabled. They refused on each count and instead sent me generic emails. I still do not know why they shut me down. I feel like I’ve been dealing with the FBI. They refuse to answer questions yet ask me for my Government ID. I still do not know Carmen’s last name.

I used my personal account for 3 years. I loved it. It has more than 4000 friends/fans on the page and my photographs of my family and events in LA. The account was shut down. I filled out the form on their website to contact someone in their office about my account. They eventually emailed me. They gave no explanation as to why my account was closed down. Instead Carmen repeatedly asked me for my Government ID. I want to remind you that Facebook is not a bank, nor do they charge for their service, yet they demanded my Government ID. They also refused to give me an explanation as to why they needed my ID. And today, they shut me down completely. I have no idea what I have done. I have been given no chance for recourse. I have been given nothing by a social network which I loved and used 7 days a week.

The Facebook website does not ask for USA Government ID to prove the identity of account holders, instead it asks for username, password and a secret question/answer. This information would have been proof enough to identify me but they did not ask me for this information. So why does it state the above on their website? My online bank requires a username and password. If I’ve forgotten this information I answer a secret question/answer. The bank does not ask me to scan and email my USA Government ID. Why is a social network demanding their users to send this legal and private information as proof of ownership? I could Photoshop my scan and email them a fantasy. But a password and question/answer combination is something only I and Facebook know -this is certain to identify me. I sent them this logic but instead they refused to answer me. I practically begged them to tell me what I’ve done to have my account suspended because I haven’t a clue what I’ve done. I practically begged them to reinstate the account because it is full of 3 years of memories. They refused to talk to me, period.

Oh, and did I tell you that the business/fan page connected to my personal account, is still live but I have no access to it. This page has my photographs, links to my work, details on who I am and I have absolutely no access to it. This is the USA, right?

And before you start pointing the finger at me and thinking that surely I must have done something wrong to have my account suspended. Well think again. I am the innocent user Facebook has suspended for no reason. You see, another  user can file a complaint about anyone and this complaint is filed with Facebook. They then suspend the account but don’t tell you what the complaint is about. Did I post an alarming image, news article, You Tube video, political statement? Who knows. But it takes just one user to complain about another user and this is what happens. Is this fair? No it isn’t because Facebook refuses to get into any dialogue and discuss the issue at hand. My personal account is no more. I have no idea why this has happened and when I complained I was asked for my Government ID. Yes, folks Facebook is a Communist country and other users can complain about you and have you suspended without explanation. The old days of Communist China also come to mind.

What can be done?

September 2010:

I am happy to say that my Facebook page was reinstated after about one month, for which I am very grateful to Carmen for. I begged and then I received a nice email from her and I thank Facebook again for allowing me access to my page. I am a big fan and user.

Ginger Liu.


Update: 2013 –

I have another issue with Facebook now – my Fan/Business page. Since August 2012, when I reported a spammer, I’ve not been given access to my own Fan page. I have filled out tickets and they’ve just ignored me -so Ginger Liu Photography is a live Fan/Business page that I own – my business – but I have no access to it. You’ll notice how long ago the post have been on there. Facebook suck big time.

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  1. Five minutes ago, my friend just found out that her account was disabled as well. Did you ever find a solution to this problem without having to provide a government issued ID?

    • I was down for around a month. I emailed again and begged them to reinstate my page and they did, for which I am grateful. My Facebook friends had wondered why I’d disappeared.

      • How did you contact them?? They have shut me down and I am loosing literally thousands due to being in the event industry and majority of venue owners/promoters being on facebook and I cant access my business page either!!!

        PLEASE HELP!!


      • I originally filled in the form on the Facebook site. Following that I received a generic email. When I didn’t hear anything I replied to that email…and again…and again until a “person” emailed me with a generic email telling me that I had obviously done a long list of bad things – none of which I could recall ever doing and actually never did. I sent more emails to this “person” and “she” said I would have to email my government ID. This is when I got really mad. I asked how this could prove it was me? I could fake my ID. My bank doesn’t ask me to email my ID so why should Facebook. This went back and forth then I never heard from them again for a month and I emailed again and begged them to open my account. I received another generic email asking me for my ID. I’d had my personal account for years and almost 5000 friends and all my family and friend photos – I’d never done anything wrong and no one from Facebook ever told me what I had done wrong – they just gave me a list. They wouldn’t budge so I relented – I emailed my ID, deleted my # and they reinstated my account. And BTW, the name on the ID was not my name on my Facebook account so I still don’t get it and I told them this. The Id could have been photoshopped and how could they know that was my photo? I could also have photoshopped that. It was just the most stupid thing ever. I asked them what about people who aren’t from the US. Brits don’t have ID cards and they should not be asked to email their passports. Facebook isn’t a bank!!! All of these things can be forged and photoshopped. The only sure fire way of telling Facebook that this was my account was giving them my user/pass which no one else knows in the world and answers to my secret questions. The Id proves nothing. About eight months after that they shut me down again. I have no idea why. I’m reinstated again. All I asked them was to tell me exactly what I’ve done so that I can make sure I won’t do it again, whatever it was, and they would not. Let us all remember folks, this is a social network, not the communist party or a bank.

      • It’s interesting how this probably has escalated. Especially considering the Facebook IPO and huge amounts of money involved with that ….

        Where is the public media debate on this?
        Search online- if you haven’t actually had this issue, it doesn’t exist ….

      • Hi this has just happened to me also you just replied to their emails? But I have no ones name listed on them just FB team ? I have replied to them but nada this is not right though.

      • Hi Ginger,
        I got the same problem since yesterday, am tired of trying to email to FB, and I received the same email from FB as what you received they ask me to provied ID or passport copy as well. I really don’t get it what’s wrong with my account I don’t abuse with my account?

        Do you have any better suggestion that I can solve the issue, I did received email from fb team but there is no name nothing, I don’t know who to refer to next.

      • well..i am having same problem….can u plzz tell me that where did you complaint and got reply from an individual member(Carmen)of facebook and not from the facebook TEAM…as such……….
        with regards

      • I have another issue with Facebook now – my Fan/Business page. Since August 2012, when I reported a spammer, I’ve not been given access to my own Fan page. I have filled out tickets and they’ve just ignored me -so Ginger Liu Photography is a live Fan/Business page that I own – my business – but I have no access to it. You’ll notice how long ago the post have been on there. Facebook suck big time.

      • They have just blocked MY account been on it for over 3 years plus I will not give Id or use credit cards on the net (MY CHOICE) spent most of the night trying getting so wound up now I talk to my kids on it ….Play my games on it , am gutted . I used it for personal pleasure and bothered no one ……its just NOT fair …..Candy

      • My facebook account was deactivated 5 days ago and I am totally PISSED OFF! Already sent them my passport photo (however I erased important information e.g. passport number) and I am a little bit worried because I received no reply. I did not do anything wrong, however they suspected someone logged into my account. I don’t want to make a new profile because of all the information I have to retrieve (e.g. adding people, photos etc.) VERY ANNOYING! Now, I don’t know what is going on with my current profile. Facebook has all my information and I am feeling a bit vulnerable. HELP!

      • Ginger,

        Do you have the email address that Carmen emailed you from?
        This same thing has happened to me and I am loosing a lot of business and clients because of this. I cant find the form you are speaking of and would like to because I need access to my page.

      • Just a quick FYI for everyone. If you send a copy of your ID to Facebook and you wish to hide some of the information on the document, physically cover the information with dark tape before you scan it or take the photo. If you scan/take a photo of the document, then use something like a photo editor to block the information, that can be rendered out of the layers of the graphic in seconds through forensic tools. For more information search: “image photo redacting NSA sanitize” The best way to do it is take black tape and cover the parts you don’t want them to have. I can assure you that Facebook and something called “Open Source Intelligence” (OSI) are good “friends.” Mark’s not making all of his money from advertising–

      • In this manner … it just as easy to make a fake document … This requirement by Facebook for a Government ID is absurd … and should not be tolerated by it’s users … Just Say No!

      • According to the Facebook PR team:

        “When we detect that an account may be fake, we ask the owner to verify his or her identity. In very rare cases where no other form of verification is possible, we may ask the account owner to verify by providing a valid ID. We’ll never ask you to verify your account over email. Instead, you have to first go to http://www.facebook.com, enter your username and password, and then be told that your account is disabled and directed to a contact form in our Help Center (also on http://www.facebook.com) where you’re asked to provide the required info. We intentionally made the entire process on-site so that people have more confidence that it’s not a scam.”

        Instead, you have asked me to provide photo ID through email. Am I to presume this is a scam of some sort? you should have said that

      • i realize this was some time ago, do you still have the email addresses at FB from where they emailed you? i am having the same problem but have had absolutely no email contact from them. just a blocked/closed account. your help is appreciated.

      • The same thing has happened to me, but no one has contacted me. I have just written some major newspapers, because what has happened to so many people is absoluely terrible. I understand many of my friends are asking about what happened to me. It has upset me very much. Facebook is supposed to be a place where people can feel comfortable to connect with family and friends, and not a place where they can be, without warning, cut off from family and acquaintenances, leaving their account open and empty of one’s ability to even see it. I am going national with what is happening. A major cable company has informed me that hoards of people are experiencing the same thing. It’s like putting one on trial without telling them the charges!

      • ginger can you please tell me where to email. I also am in a similar situation as you, as I have been locked out of my account now for over two weeks, I have sent in my passport several times and changed my password but nothing. No response anywhere… How can I email someone and get a reply, I rely heavily on my facebook because it’s my social network with over 3.5k friends. This has been devestating to my business and personal life….


      • mate my problem is this, i deactivated my account but i forgot to disable my loggin approval, and by mistake i deleted all my recognizind devices and phone number, now when i want to reactivate again, facebook says: *You currently have no phones listed on your account. Please log in from a recognised device to regain access to your account.
        Once you regain access, we recommend adding a new phone or disabling the login approvals feature*

        please help me mate, what to do? :S

      • Ginger, which email address you used? can you give me the address or teach me the step? please help me, thank you

    • yes I wrote to face book about it ask why they need all my ID information and I was not going to give it out I got a nice letter back from them about what was the problem but how I got back on face book I had to look at photos of my friends I have on facebook and identify them with there name thank god I could do this Im now back on face book I hope this will help you
      all I can say to them is thank you for helping me get back on face book becaues this is how I keep in touch with my grandchildren so for this Im so thankful hope this will help your friend

      • Hi Heather what was the address you sent the letter too? Facebook has just shut my pages down and I dont know why.

      • Heather,

        How did you get to that point? I need to do something like that as I am STUCK and I need my FB

      • Heather, you are the only person I’ve heard who was able to get back on in this manner. Which form or link did you use to get help/contact them????


      • Facebook has already been found guilty of maintaining data on a User that it claimed to have already deleted ….

        And it is far from impossible for a good hacker to hack into such a data base … and with all that data in there for the taking, How long will it be before THAT happens … ?



      • It is important for folks to reflect on how much control of their affairs they are handing over to Facebook. Facebook makes all the rules. It’s ‘their way or the highway’ …

        And that’s outside the fact that they are profiting billions of dollars, mining your data and selling it to others, ongoing …

      • You are absolutely right! I have a very uneasy suspicion that facebook is trying to covertly collect peoples personal information. They are Nazis when it comes to using your real name. And if you have a real name that sounds fake then their system automatically declines you unless you show them ID. Ridiculous! I cant wait until facebook is exposed for what it really is and gets shut down permanently.

    • What about exposing facebook for the fraudulant capture of people’s GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID. It clearly says on mine to not copy it, yet when facebook deems your page ”questionable” they will DEMAND a copy of government issued ID with a photo in order to re-instate your facebook page. Even after compling, several hundred people have stated that they got a generated email stating their facebook page was closed, decision final, as the ID was not suffiecent evidence of proof of ID for the account. Where are these people’s government issued ID copies?? What is facebook doing with hundreds of photo copied passports, drivers licence? Why is that legal to even ask for it or ”else you get banned”?

  2. This just happened to me today…I used my FB account early this morning around 2am. I tried to log back in at 10am and poof I was deactivated. It also wants my government issued photo ID. This is ludacris. I wish there was some recourse…possibly a class action lawsuit…I used FB several times a day, and it’s how my family (who all live in various states) keep up with my family…all those pictures gone!

    • I was down for around a month. I emailed again and begged them to reinstate my page and they did, for which I am grateful. My Facebook friends had wondered why I’d disappeared for so long. I still refused to show Facebook my Govt. ID.

      • oh..:(…i’m kinda depressed.. my FB account was disabled and i can’t login anymore…PLEASE help me guys.. My account is very important to me…:'(..PLEASE HELP!:'(

      • Hi Ginger Facebook just recently did the same thing to me. they disabled my instagram also. Who can i contact to help me regain access to my accounts?

    • The same happened to me. I have been married 3 times and have not yet changed my ID to my current name. I have no smart phone, nor utilities in my name, nor does my library card have a photo. My marriage license has my spouse’s name and info on it as well. I refuse to send that.

      • I have another issue with Facebook now – my Fan/Business page. Since August 2012, when I reported a spammer, I’ve not been given access to my own Fan page. I have filled out tickets and they’ve just ignored me -so Ginger Liu Photography is a live Fan/Business page that I own – my business – but I have no access to it. You’ll notice how long ago the post have been on there. Facebook suck big time.

  3. I just had the same thing happen but did send my photo id. Afterwards I was worried that I messed up. I have tried to contact FaceBook to see if they really had this requirement but have not heard from Face Book yet. How did you reach them? I was reinstated the same day.

      • Hey Nabeel Khan, did you ever get back into your account?
        I just had mine shut down yesterday and I really need to get back onto it! I was in the middle of planning an event with some friends and it just suddenly disabled my account while I was on it! This is so frustrating! I’m not going to send any ID that’s just crazy! Face book shouldn’t be allowed to do that!

      • Hi I was reading all this and 3 days ago i was blocked out of my account, I assume i got Hacked so I change my paswords but I cant log in because they need to send me a code to my mobile (which I don’t have anymore) I send FB my passport picture, my question is how long till they replay or you get your account back? Thanks! marubmdq@gmail.com

      • The situation appears in many of these posts to be:
        “How much information can I feed to Facebook’s data mining operation? And How Fast?”

        How quickly can you give up your personal information for commercial use … ?

        4 Things to Know About CISPA
        “Essentially, this bill would preempt…other laws related to privacy,”
        And there’s no definition of what ‘national security’ even is …


      • This just happened to my daughter i am replying as a user who is her mother why I need to send this kind of information in…..Why would they not allow her to log in…i can still see her page from mine…..screw them….maybe she should start over…but all her pictures…she is a good kid

      • Dear All,
        I can’t reply you one by one, but just want to share with all, I submit my passport copy info by cover some other info which is they don’t need to know, within a week I get the answer from Facebook help centre, I get back my account.

        Hope this will helps all.

    • I sent my American passport ID page. I hear nothing. Did you have to go through the photo verification process with photos tagged by your friends? I have trouble verifying people on photos as I do not know them. People tag thousand pictures a day and I do not follow them. Now this device is making me vulnerable. Help me.

  4. I have the exact problem you mentioned. I live in the UK, my passport has expired a long time ago, I don’t drive, and as you say, there is no ID card system in UK. My account was disabled in September as FB claimed it was a fake account, I sent emails pleading my case but these were ignored. I only became aware of the option to send ID in December, so I sent a scan of my Birth Certificate (which in the UK is an approved form of ID) on the 16th – I got an email back confirming receipt but nothing since, tbh I would probably give up on my account but since I have photos and vids (which stupidly were not backed up) I keep hoping the powers that be will realise not all countries have ID cards. I will let you know if I ever get any joy, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • According to facebook your account can be disabled if you have people on there that aren’t real life friends. Do you personally know 4000+ people? They may have also blocked you because your name is ginger and they discriminate against unique names or names that mean something else.

  5. This a real story that happened to me on janauray 1st, 2011
    i had a fan page on facebook.com with 6 thousand friends following me or “liking” me
    This account i ha it for a period of one year , it was a non profit organization dedicated to help poor children on the streets
    we did not do nor engaged in any illegal activities, neither committed any action against facebook rules and regulations (that is a fact).
    on janauray 1st 2011 , facebook.com permanently deactivated our account for no reason what so ever.
    They never gave us a reason why our account has permanently terminated without no pre warning. We Only received a cold message saying that we should email them. We did, we send 20 different emails to 20 different addresses, on different occasions, on a period of one month total.
    It has been more than 3 months now , and we have Not received Nothing from facebook.com, not a single email or explanation , of why our non profit , poor children helping page was terminated abruptly terminated. All our efforts , time invested on that facebook page for one whole year , was totally a waste of valuable time.
    It is incredible how such a company like facebook has No , costumer service at all!
    They actually treat us human beings , the ones who keep that crappy website going on , like simple commodities or worthless things . I am outraged with facebook way of doing things , and how they think they can treat people like that and get away with it.
    No one should ever build a business or marketing strategy or data base on someone else’s property. Creating a numerous follower account on facebook is something that can end at any given time without no warnings! That means that all the effort put up to create a facebook page is totally useless, and time wasted! Since what happened to me can happened to anybody! Be very careful , and before opening a facebook page take also in consideration this 10 aspects

    1-) Facebook’s Terms Of Service are completely one-sided. Let’s start with the basics. Facebook’s Terms Of Service state that not only do they own your data (section 2.1), but if you don’t keep it up to date and accurate (section 4.6), they can terminate your account (section 14). You could argue that the terms are just protecting Facebook’s interests, and are not in practice enforced, but in the context of their other activities, this defense is pretty weak. As you’ll see, there’s no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt. Essentially, they see their customers as unpaid employees for crowd-sourcing ad-targeting dat

    2-) Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a documented history of unethical behavior (that is a fact). From the very beginning of Facebook’s existence, there are questions about Zuckerberg’s ethics. According to BusinessInsider.com, he used Facebook user data to guess email passwords and read personal email in order to discredit his rivals. These allegations, proven and dated, raise serious and troubling questions about the ethics of the CEO one of the world’s largest “social network”. They’re particularly compelling given that Facebook chose to fork over $65M to settle a related lawsuit alleging that Zuckerberg had actually stolen the idea for Facebook.

    3-) All of your private data , including: photos , text comments on walls or photos , videos , and name are recorded on Facebook.com servers , and sold to the highest bidder. It has been proven that Facebook not only sells users personal information to telemarketing companies thorough the United States but also in Latin America and Europe! There is no such thing as privacy in facebook, be very careful

    4-) With a huge probability that you might end up with your facebook account permanently terminated , and if a miracle happens , and facebook does answer your number 998 email, they will Not identify themselves on the email , the email reply will be send by a automated computer, and this shitty computer will disrespectfully ask you for a copy of your government ID.
    DO NOT Send a copy of your ID to no one!!!. That is the number one reason why people all over America and Europe get their identities stolen! If you Do send a copy of your personal ID , the person who receives it , will in fact duplicate it and can commit serious illegal activities with it!
    Word of advice , if you have a facebook account , the best thing you can do to save yourself serious trouble on the short or long term is to close that account right away.

    • Yes, good advice is GET OFF FACEBOOK and never view any facebook page. Also you need a new IP address and probably a new computer to be sure they are not STILL following your every move online. At the very least remove all browser cookies and run a spyware program. Better would be to format and re install your operating system from scratch after even visiting or viewing anyone’s facebook page. I have been denied use of my account by FB unless I submit a copy of “a government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or passport), which shows my full first and last name and date of birth”. This is a few weeks after I confirmed my account by giving my mobile phone number and then typing in the 4 digit code they sent to my phone. I can’t get text messages from Facebook for some reason, but I can get voice mail messages, and that is how I got the “secret” code to show my mobile number was real. As I said, now they want Gov issued Photo ID.
      Anyone who gives accurate information to FB is a fool. IMHO no site has the right to obtain, document and/or sell your personal information such as your birth-date, government registered name, photos, location or address, sexual practices or preferences, illnesses, diseases, age, political affiliations, membership activities, online interests, family members names, mobile phone number, land line phone number, city of residence, etc. That is just asking for identity theft. I mean, many sites …even banks have been hacked and user info stolen, so why would I want to give all my private personal information to FB?
      FB keep a dossier on all users, (and non users via your IP address) building a profile using tracking cookies that report everything you do and everywhere you go online. The cookies work in conjunction with every site that carries a “like” or “share” FB button, and almost every page has those FB buttons on them. Built into the FB button is a program that uses the FB cookies to report back to FB your FB ID, your IP address, your operating system, browser info, what you clicked on, how long you viewed each page, etc. In other words, facebook probably knows more about you than your closest relative does. They even use tracking cookies to track non-users that view any facebook page, even if they never log in. As soon as you click on a link to anything posted on FB, the cookies are planted on your computer’s browser. I started to clear my cookies after ever facebook visit, and also used one browser for FB and another browser for all other uses so facebook could not track my every move. I also pasted a link on my FB page about facebook spying…and as soon as I did that, they were asking me to verify my account.
      Now it has come out that facebook is tracking users even “AFTER” they delete their account. http://www.theverge.com/2011/11/2/2532778/facebook-privacy-cookies-cancelled-accounts-tracking
      My advise, never give real or accurate info to FB and never ever give them a copy of Government issued ID. I think what they are doing is illegal.

      • i agree in all accounts on what you said above! i was off facebook a few weeks for “lent fasting” and it’s like as soon as i announced that, facebook disabled my account and I too put in my mobile ph and the stupid code (which should be sufficient right?) but of course the are asking for my government issued – id to be uploaded. NO WAY! never in a million years would i be dumb enough to do that! i’ve written them but so far have heard nothing after about 3 wks! i’m glad i saved my photos onto my hard drive b/f uploading them to facebook but i’m annoyed because i miss my friends! so stupid!

  6. I just ran into this problem. I go through the verification to identify the words or letters, then after I do so, I get a message about having been compromised & to contact user operations. Then they ask me for a government photo ID. They don’t ask me my security questions or to identify photos of friends. Others I know & I in the past have had to do this. Now that’s not an option. I’ve emailed twice & have gotten no response (it’s only been a day). I’ve asked friends to watch my account & they say nothing unusual has happened with it. I travel & use my computer from different servers. Sometimes I use someone else’s computer, but not this time. I’ve been using my computer. Can’t understand why my security question or identifying photos of friends isn’t enough?

      • this has happened to me. i know that you can tell a police officer no when he asks to see your ID. unless you are being charged with a crime you do not even have to show a cop your ID, im really upset i had to show facebook mine, the first time i took paper and covered up everything except the state state seal and my name, they did not except it, so i sent it in again with only my number and address covered up, no reply,.i tried the link you posted above, the message came up that my page is not banned. its locked so would not let me proceed further,.i really came on this page to see if i could find a lawyer because i feel my rights have been violated and am ready to sue, i have spent a few thousand dollars on facebook credits to play games and what not. they have my credit card information and now they have my drivers license, i feel they sold me a car and took away the keys and if im not allowed to have my facebook then they should have to refund every cent i have spent.

  7. Hi Ginger Liu,

    Glad to hear you managed to get your account resolved.

    I have the exact same issue !!

    I did not falsify my real name, nor am i using duplicate accounts.

    I even tried to follow the recover account by using the sms feature which did not work.

    They now are asking for me to do the alternate no phone method by sending a picture of my identity card number. How can such a sensitive document be provided when email should already suffice to identify me ?

    May i know how i might get in touch with you as i need to know how you managed to contact them to resolve your issue.

  8. hey ginger liu ! can you pls tell me how you contacted carmen or any facebook team member ?? site or emaill ? thanks !!

  9. Dear Ginger,
    I came across this articel of yours while googeling my facebook problem. Someone broke into my account so I asked facebook to lock my account till we fiw the problem and they did so. Then I followed their steps and I recognized the photos of my friends and changed my password but then they asked my for a phot and since I am not a US citizen and dont live in the USA I dont know what to do. I wonder what did they answer you when you asked them how they would react if you were from the UK. I e-mailed them and now I am waiting for their answer. I hope to get my account back because I am having it for 4 years now and I have friends from all across the world on it. I really hope to get it back. Thanks for your answer.

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  11. I was wondering if it was just me! Had this happen about a month ago. Had my account four years with the name, developed a good network, was getting work from it. Same problem. I’m an Australian user.

    Not giving my ID!!! Not ever!!! It’s bad enough they have my network and data I have nothing!!

    Have you guys spoken to the EFF (electronic frontiers foundation)? I am going to speak to EFA (Australian equivalent)?

  12. Ok, so I had this same situation happen to me on a Friday afternoon at 11am. So I sent them a picture of my drivers license, I didn’t care…and today, Monday, 3 days later I got an email that I was reinstated!! I was so excited to have my Facebook back!! Just give it time and they’ll get you back up and running!!

  13. Hi Ginger,
    I’ve contacted facebook several times regarding my issue about reinstating my account. I’ve also emailed them and told them that I do not own a government ID but I did send them other types of ID that display my full name and DOB. Can you please tell me what form did you fill out to get in contact with an actual rep? Thanks

  14. Hi dear friend
    i googled my problem and found ur blog 🙂
    i dont know u but i want you to help me! i read you post https://gingerliu.wordpress.com/2010/08/08/facebook-demands-government-id-before-shut-down/

    im looking for the link which asks to send them a government card, i have done it before and it worked for me , but my friend has the same problem
    and i can not find the link anymore…
    its name was appeal-id card i think

    i will be so thankful if you email me the link

    Shayan from iran

  15. Heyyy! Today my account was just disabled for no reason. I was wondering..How do i get ahold of this lady who gave you your account back?

  16. plz help,,

    hi,i found this forum on googling about my problem.im having similar problem,i was asked to submit my photo id and i did.but i didnt got any reply after doing so.any chances of getting my account back.i badly want my account back
    please do reply me #sry for bad english

  17. My Facebook account has just been suspended and I have also been asked to send government ID which I don’t have as I live in the UK and don’t have a passport.
    Unlike the previous posts, I rarely use Facebook, I only have a few friends on it and only one photo. I really can’t understand why this has happened to an account that is hardly used. I am not that bothered about not being able to use Facebook any more but what I am worried about is what has happened to my account. Is someone out there using my ID? Also if I don’t do something about it what will happen to my account? Any advise would be gratefully recieved.

  18. I’m actually ready to send them the ID picture they want. But I live in Turkey and i’m turkish. so i just don’t know if my identity is okay for them or not.
    This disabling thing happened to me yesterday so i’ve e-mailed them yesterday and today.
    I wrote it in english and sent to info+jjvfcss@support.facebook.com with a digital picture of my identity. They didn’t answer yet is this normal? if so, when will they be able to answer? you guess

  19. What do we do if we don’t have a photo id or license I didn’t understand? I am really confused but really need to know.

  20. my Facebook account was disabled…:(..what am i supposed to do? i don’t have any government ID…PLEASE help me….my account is VERY IMPORTANT to me.. it’s LIKE MY LIFE!!:'( HELP…PLEASE

  21. I can’t find a way to communicate with fb about my account being disabled.
    Do you have an e mail address for a human being at the third reich?

    These clowns are never getting a Gov’t ID upload from me.

    Pissed in KS

  22. I am a well known author and My Facebook account and fanpage were disabled on Saturday morning saying that it was not an authentic account! The problem is that I use Facebook with my pen name which has a different surname to my legal name. Nevertheless I scanned my passport (wuth my legal name) and my paycheck from my publishers which has both my legal name and pen name on it. I have emailed it to them. This is so frustrating. I had so many fan writing to me and had so many good contacts regarding my work. Is there any phone number I can call? I don’t know how long it will take for them to get back to me. This is horrible.

  23. About Facebook demanding Government ID before shutting user down:

    The same thing happened to me last night July 14, 2011. So far they have taken my page down twice this week for the same issue.

    Anyone knows if thas is legal according to the US constitution or any other law protecting people.

    Normand Carriere

  24. hi gingerliu,
    I am from New-Zealand, yesterday I was on facebook and today it was disabled, I don’t know why. I have 68 friens from my hometown in germany and 2 photos of myself. They asked for ID but I don’t want to send them to them. I tried to open a new fb account but my e-mail-address is still the same and facebook doesn’t let me open another account. what can I possibly do? I would like to close my account myself but I can’t get into it.

  25. i have had pretty much this exact same problem with facebook. although there is one thing that deviates from your unfortunate circumstance…

    someone hacked my previous facebook accounts (not a random hacking, but for personal reasons), and so i ditched it. just left it to rot. they also messed around with my previous yahoo and deviantart.com accounts…..so in turn i made new ones.

    now facebook is telling me i have commited identity theft (on myself?)

    failing to look into logs of both accounts, to see when one was created in the same time that the first (mysteriously) stopped, just before filled with vulgar content, such as a display picture of a grumpy looking mushroom resembling a man’s “you-know”, and a my entire photo gallery erased, and replaced with the gallery “me”, filled with pictures of fat men.

    i have so far had no reply back from the facebook team, are you SURE this isn’t someone who put up a dumby facebook page and facebook e-mail so they could get IDs/passports? seems awefully suspicious.

  26. My FB account got locked because FB asked me to enter a new email for security reasons.

    After enter the new email address, FB automatically select this new email address as the primary email. I didn’t want this backup email to be used as the primary email. So I tried to remove this newly added email from my account. At that moment, my FB account was locked!!! It said my account may have been compromised! It forced me to upload a government issued ID!

    I don’t want to upload my ID online to someone I don’t know! How do I get my FB account unlocked?

  27. I’m going through the same thing with my page. I refuse to send them my photo ID. That’s a violation of privacy. Facebook is just an internet social network, not the CIA.

    They’ve left my page up, but I don’t have access to it. So I can’t deactivate it. I asked them several times to delete it from Facebook entirely. They refused.

    I tried calling their Corporate Office, but they won’t let you talk to a live person.

    So today I told them if my page is still up in 24 hours, I’ll contact the media.

  28. I don’t want my Facebook account reinstated. I just want the damn thing shut down! They can keep their social network and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I don’t need my photo ID for online banking or purchases and I’ll be damned if I’ll give it to a social networking site! They “claim” my account was compromised. Whatever. It was rarely used and they can have it back!

  29. Where to report to Facebook??!! FB also request for my ID… This is someone’s private info and I refuse to give it to them T.T

  30. I am facing the same problem, my account in facebook is been hacked, i somehow tried to restore my account by following the process of choosing 3 friends and sent the codes immediately, it sent that i have confirmed my identity and i have to wait for 24 hours as a process. I did wait for 24 hours but again i was not able to regain my account. now my account shows various changes as all my friends have been removed from my list and my profile is been forming a different image, i might end in crashing by someone. i request if someone can help asap. I have followed a set of rules again in order to prove my identity as requested i have uploaded my assport and vis copy and still it says that a person will verify and get back to the account soon, where do i contact…. My account is facing trmendous changes as to resulting in harassing and more which i cannot explain in the common site and discussion…. please if someone can act really quick

  31. ughh i am going through this right now! I can not get ahold of an actual human on facebook and i do not have an I.D. I have moved to Daytona from Washington so facebook suspended me because i am on an unknown computer. Please somebody help me! I’m not good with this technical stuff.

  32. lol,, i have this fake account and i post all sorts of shit even to people i dont even know, and fazebook never even bothered to giv any sht about it…
    my middle finga up in thier asses ,,, facebook is a scam , i said it in 2005 and i say it again, fuck em , fuk zukerborg and the jooz who have your ID. fukemall

  33. where do I fill in this form requesting help??

    both my email and facebook account was hacked so i use the cant access my email option. I managed to assign my new email to my facebook account. they say i could log in within 24 hours. i tried but then i couldn’t!

    Facebook sent me updates to my new email, but when i try logging in using my new email Facebok says ‘We’re sorry. The email you used to start the account recovery process is already in use. Please restart the process with a new email address.’

    i need help =(

  34. please facebook Im just an old lady on the pension this is my only way of keeping in touch with my grand chrildren why have you shut me out of face book please put it back on for me
    thank you Heather

  35. dear Gingerliu,

    HI. What’s Carmen’s email address? I have been disabled and want to ask them to enable me. I don’t have access to a scanner, but even if i did, wouldn’t be keen to share such confidential info.


  36. HI,
    I’m having the same problem. What’s carmen’s email address? i don’t have a scanner (or even an id to scan). I”d like to ask to request being enabled.


  37. FB its actually acting as bully towards its users. There is no legal right behind the fact of requesting any type of official I.D’s from anyone, regardless where you are from. This is personal and confidential information a user should never be required to provide to as proof. It is not required as a form of opening a FB account or validation process at sign up. Millions of users apply nicks as their usernames without this necessarily being considered a fake account. No one neither should be obligated to use a real name and last name as long the account its not used and has been reported and proved to be a spammer,hacker,bully or just a actual fake or to impersonate someone else. There are many other ways FB can actually use to verify users account without asking personal sensitive information such as passports,I’D, birth certificates, etc.
    People should take this matter very seriously, the more people write about this, the earlier FB empire will fall!!!!

  38. 2 nites ago I was on my facebook on the same computer at the same house in the same room on the same bed. THEN I slept. Next day I went to log on again as previously shown. this time i was locked out. i tried from 2 of my recognized deviced and one other and they still didnt send me the code i always get on my mobile. I wrote to the facebook 3 or 4 different forms and the response was they wanted my ID. I’m frustrated pissed and at my witts end this time I cannot get on. I purposly requested i recieve a code on my phone if i am jogging from a new device. I did. I entered the code that came on my cell as it always has. but nothing. I don;t recieve any codes.

  39. that is what is happening to me Facebook won’t let me log in it requires I’d from passports and birth certificates what do I do I think someone hacked my account and changed the settings and locked my account I’m scared please help me :$

  40. It sounds to me like your FaceBook account was compromised, meaning someone got a-hold of your password and did some things with it that were bad enough to get the account shut down.

    This would explain why they wanted proof of who you said you were, because when FaceBook accounts are compromised, often the emails that go with the accounts are compromised, as well. –This is because often it turns out that a person uses the same password.

    Try to not allow it to freak you out. Online places are never a sure thing.

    PS: You were smart to not send them your ID. They were way out of line, asking for it. They should have just told you that the account has been too compromised to trust that you are who you say you are and suggested you open a new account. If you do open a new account, be sure to pick a very confusing password that is no used for anything else online.

  41. This same thing happened to me yesterday and I was sent an email requesting photo ID.. I refused and asked for my account to be deleted… Do they shut it down or just keep it up? I am confused as to why they keep it up if they feel it is a fake? And, does it usually take a month for someone to get back… So unnerving……….. I am receiving emails that stuff is being posted. UGH

  42. Just wondering how long it takes them to delete an account. I am not going to send my ID. NO WAY but the page is still up and people are posting on my wall as I am still receiving updates via email. This is so unnerving. Thanks for any help

  43. I guess I am the latest victim here. I logged into my Facebook account in bed on my mobile the first thing in the morning. Then I did it on my PC before breakfast. Then I logged again through mobile while I was waiting at the bus stop. Now when I tried logging in during my free time in office, suddenly I got a message stating that my account has been suspended and that they needed my ID. I gave the ID nevertheless even though my friends advised me against it. It’s been two hours now and my account is still in the suspended mode. I wonder what they will do with my government ID. Sell it to some third party? Who knows? Anyway, let me wait. It looks like it’s going to take a long long time before it is reactivated. How long did it take for you Ginger for it to reactivate without giving the ID?

  44. hello, my facebook is asking for ID. i am not going to upload a picture of my id because its not a banking industry or anything like it. i am extremly unhappy that fb has suddendlt decieded to do this. i would jus like my facebook account back as i had many friends on there and it was a very good way to keep in contact with all of them. please help me. and provide a link to help with the form filling in. i have sent an email to logins@facebook.com but only recieved computerised emails back. i would just like my facebook back and do not think it is necessary to send them a copy of my id to prove who i am. i am extremly unhappy with the way facebook has acted towards me. please help. thank you

  45. Here’s an interesting one:

    Disabled for a ‘fake name’.
    Received email from Facebook person named ‘Holly’ requiring me to submit proof of my identity – marriage licence, birth certificate, work ID – My reply was polite, but strongly-worded – in short, I’ll be damned if I’m going prove my existence to a site that doesn’t require proof of identity upon singing up. So I thought that was the end of the matter, but within 10 minutes I received the following email:

    ”It appears that this problem with your account has been resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience, and enjoy the site. If you have any further questions, please visit our Help Center.
    The Facebook Team”

    But my account is STILL disabled!

  46. Here’s an interesting one:

    Disabled for a ‘fake name’.
    Received email from Facebook person named ‘Holly’ requiring me to submit proof of my identity – marriage licence, birth certifitate, work ID – My reply was polite, but strongly-worded – in short, I’ll be damned if I’m going prove my existence to a site that doesn’t require proof of identity upon singing up. I thought that was the end of the matter, but within 10 minutes I received the following email:

    ”It appears that this problem with your account has been resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience, and enjoy the site. If you have any further questions, please visit our Help Center.
    The Facebook Team”

    But my account is STILL disabled!

  47. Facebook just locked me out of my account the other day. It said I should access my account from my regular computer, which is what I was doing, but doesn’t make sense since everyone accesses facebook from anywhere they want. It asked me to type in the special words on screen, i did. Then it asked for my passport. Hell no! It didn’t ask me to identify friends or for my secret question.

    I have been emailing them back and forth to ask why they are blocking my account and asking me for personal information that was not requested when i first signed up. I have asked them to reinstate my login and password because the argument that they don’t know if I’m me is illogical since none of my friends have made any complaint, I use the same login and password and I am using the same computer I did when I signed up.

    It looks to be an information scam by facebook where they are likely selling user information to people who want identities with government issued id’s attached. Facebook knows no one would give this information on sign up, so they are collecting it by holding people hostage. Where can we file a public complaint?

  48. When I attempted to sign on to my Facebook account yesterday, I was informed now requires a US Government Issued ID of me … to confirm my identity …

    Kinda brings to mind the question:
    Who’s checking, and why?

    There’ve certainly been no complaints about my activity. (Mostly inactivity)

    This new outlandish invasion of privacy development is a shame.
    The possibilities for doing good with social networking is clear.

    But the power to do ill in that environment …
    Seems it would be irresistible to the big money at play.

    Facebook’s value is in it’s data mining potential,
    and they are just about to ‘go public’
    as one of the most valuable companies in the world currently ….

    Information on 800 million lives and relationships, ready to be manipulated for commercial purposes ….

  49. Will Facebook be the new MySpace?

    Hopefully. There’s something fishy about this company and how fast they’ve risen.

    I wouldn’t trust ’em with a single thing. Liars and overhyped frauds.

  50. Same thing happened to me nearly a month ago , I have filed a number of complaints, and filled out every single form I could get my hands on and still facebook is asking me for an ID even after I have made it clear a dozen times that I do not intend to share this sort of information on the internet, but that I was willing to provide them with names of people on my friends list who will confirm that I am the owner of the account!
    Finally this guy called Karim (no last name) writes back :


    Thanks for your response. We understand your caution. If you don’t want to reopen this account, there’s no need to respond to this email. If you’d like to continue with the account verification process, please send us the proper identification.

    If you would feel more comfortable uploading your government-issued ID through the Help Center, please fill out the following form:


    Please note that we will permanently delete our record of your identification from our servers once we use it to confirm your identity.

    The ID you attach:

    – Must be government-issued (ex: passport, driver’s license)
    – Must be in color
    – Must clearly show your full name, date of birth, and photo

    If possible, please save this file as a JPEG. Black out any personal information that isn’t needed to verify your identity (ex: address, license number).

    After you submit your ID, please respond directly to this email so we can review your documents and assist you further. Let us know if you have any further questions.


    User Operations

    This reply has made it clear to me that :
    1- I have no choice.
    2- I do not have any rights.
    3-That I do not deserve an explanation.
    4-That this is how facebook treats it’s users. I spent years trusting this company with very personal information because like everyone else I believed that that was their concern, to protect the privacy of their users. Boy was I mislead! Look at facebook, it is not even taking the time to explain.

    I don’t know what to do, but one things for sure I am not sending them my ID! Especially with no explanation!

    • The only thing more outrageous than Facebook demanding a Government issued ID, is that there has not been a large scale public protest of these policies. There is hardly any mention of it on the internet. Very little mention of it in the news …

      And this article makes it sound like you have a choice in the matter,
      and they are doing you an honor in making this demand …


      This site has some interesting details:



      As one commentator noted on TechCrunch’s post on the new system:

      “I don’t know how I feel about Facebook asking me to upload a copy of my government issued ID, especially the part about “we’ll permanently delete your documents. When have they ever permanently deleted anything?”

      To that point: Facebook was in late 2011 audited by the Irish government over an Austrian student’s complaints that Facebook did not delete enormous amounts of his data even after he clicked “delete” on his account. The student obtained 1,200 pages worth of his personal data from Facebook by request, including wall posts, photos, messages comments and other data he thought had been deleted. The Irish government did not find Facebook in violation of its laws and Facebook escaped a fine, but it agreed to make changes to its policies in the European Union to allow users more granular control over deleting content.

      Late updates: A reader pointed out to TPM that it is illegal to copy a military or Department of Defense-issued identification card in most cases (except for health insurance purposes), punishable by fines or imprisonment.

      Meanwhile, it’s also worth pointing out that Facebook has requested copies of government-issued IDs in the past for users who have had their accounts automatically deactivated under suspicion that they were fraudulent or spammers. Facebook in late 2010 admitted that a bug caused some accounts to be deemed likely fakes when in fact they were real.

      Google also requests a copy of a government-issued ID for users attempting to reactivate Google Accounts that the company has suspended.

  51. how to get my account back pls help
    its one month they wont allow me to logging
    its says:
    “Upload alternate IDs
    If you don’t have a government-issued ID, you can upload two alternate IDs. Together, these IDs should show your name, birthday and photo.
    Some acceptable alternate IDs:

    Utility bill
    Company or school ID
    Library or sports club card
    Birth certificate
    Social security card
    Bank statement

    • Hi,

      The experiences that you folks have been having with your FB accounts are a very good reason to not do business on Facebook as an individual.

      You do have the option of having a FB “Page”, which are designed for business purposes.
      Such as, the BBC site.

      The ‘Pages’ do not create a personal profile and all the interlinks that are involved with personal pages on Facebook. It’s pretty much a back and forth between the page, and each person coming there.

      But you can be anything you like in that situation. No invasive personal information.

      Instead though for business purposes-
      I’d suggest maybe LinkIn.com (so far), or something like that.

      And I recommend that no one give Facebook the info that they are now asking from a growing number of their accounts …

      You have the option to create another personal account, using a different email address and name.
      Tell your friends about it. And that will last until whenever Facebook starts asking for the same ID nonsense … At which time- you start again from the top of this paragraph …

      In the end-
      Don’t expect what you have put on Facebook to last forever.

      Back up important information from it on your own, if you want/need to have it in the future.

      Facebook can do pretty much anything they want to do, with what you’ve put there …

      They can turn it off tomorrow, if it pleases them.
      Nothing you can do to stop that.

      Keep spreading the word of this outrageous invasion of privacy by Facebook in demanding Gov ID.
      It it doesn’t hurt their business bottom line profit, they won’t care …

      I find very little mention of our specific situation in a Google search …
      That’s not good for people in our situation.

      Good luck to all of us!

      • but i’ve been very popular on previous account that has been disabled by fucking facebook total 3900 friends 😦

      • ” but i’ve been very popular on previous account that has been disabled by fucking facebook total 3900 friends 😦 ”

        That’s certainly a drag. I had a lot of stuff that I didn’t want to lose either, but it was all in Facebook World- and I had no rights concerning it’s access …

        With that much activity, you might want to put up your own website? Then get another different Facebook account, and reconnect with the contacts you remember? Then spread the word about the website through that account …

        Your website is something you have control over. Just use FB for getting attention to it.

        Facebook is fundamentally a data mining operation. That is the value of their business.
        All the accounts on it, are simply product for them.

        Since they largely make up their own rules … they are not reliable for your business, as a personal account- unless you’re willing to provide them a look at your private information, which they outrageously demand to continue access- once you’ve established your account identity there.

        Some people just give it to them. Shocking.
        And there has been no uprising of protest over the policy …

        Think about it.
        You don’t have to give all that intrusive information when you originally sign up.
        Signing up is easy as pie.

        Only later do they demand the Government ID, to continue what you have already successfully established …

        Sneaky creepy way to get that info …

  52. I was randomly locked out my account, I model etc and apparently I’m a fake profile. I’ve uploaded my IDtwice to the website I still haven’t heardanything. I have so much on my other account I need hope I may get it back.
    Did you ever retrieve your account?

  53. hi everyone, i am facing the same problem, i did send my driving licence to them, BUT my account is use for my online business, so the name is not my real name and real birthday, i am wondering even if they look on my id, but the name and birthday arent same, that means, i will totally remove from their server? my customers are waiting for my reply!!!
    and i wondering how long it takes for fb to reply my msg!
    my business is important because my customers will feel that they are cheated if they cant see my profile!

    anyone can teach me how to do=(

  54. I’m having the same problem please help. Whenever i try to log in it says “sorry your account is temporarily unavailabe, log in from a computer & follow the instruction given.” it’s been a month now when i try to log in they ask for my photo ID.
    Please help, i have no idea why my facebook is been blocked.


  56. i just got this when i tried to sign up with a new account to contact friends/family. Hi Renee,
    The phone number # has been deleted from your profile due to the following reason: the mobile phone number is registered and verified by another Facebook user. If you changed your mobile number or switched mobile service providers, please visit Facebook to add your number again.
    The Facebook Team

    WTH? so now my mobile number is so no longer associated with my REAL account and so i deleted that new account in hopes that i can still get the old account back. i keep sending them messages and get NO response! i don’t think i’m going back on facebook at this point at all. and when you sign up for a new account it asks you to declare “under perjury” that you are the person that you are. facebook is on the way out my friends! i’m on twitter now and actually liking it better!

    let me know (since this is the best forum i’ve seen on the subject) if there is anyone personally at FB i can contact because it’s been months and i’ve only gotten one form letter email response. nothing personal sent to me! and i’ve had a fB account since 2007! i use my professional acting name (not famous) but the only ID i have for that is my screen actor’s guild card which i did upload to them with the numbers blanked out but still have heard NOTHING! this is beyond ridiculous! if anyone has any further advice for me, let me know. otherwise i guess i just further screwed myself by making a new account and associating my cell number w/it!

  57. finally got my account back after about 2 months. i submitted my union card with the numbers scratched off since that’s my acting name. so dumb i had to do that though. would never give them my drivers license or any of that hoo haa.

  58. They did this to me and I told them I was gonna sue them because obviously what they are doing is wrong…..an they reactivated my account with in 5 min…

  59. The UK does have I.D cards… it’s called I.D cards, passports, driving license (provisional and full for motorbikes, HGVs, cars and more)… every country has I.D cards

  60. Thanks guys! I totally dig this discussion. It’s happening to me too, but in Canada. Started in the beginning of April, 2012. I used to share my mobile # with my Facebook friends, when I decided to take it off, Facebook stopped sending me the security verification codes I receive on the mobile whenever I sign on. Sent an email tonight, hopefully I get a human soon.

  61. Hey,….i cofirm my account by mobile cofrimation code..then why fb ask identify photo of friends..and their is no any other verification method is available..plz sir help me wat is do..

  62. Guys my account is disabled don;t know why but can you help me out i have filled that form 10 times nothing happened yet can any one give me Facebook admin id or that camen’s id.please i will be forever in your debt.

  63. i was on facebook and get some new photos for my facebook and it said i need a text code i donot text and i donot give my mobile phone number out and all i know it said my account no good how can i get it back

  64. yes hi my name is amber and I need your help please!!! I’ve been locked out of my account and the codes were sent to my old phone that I don’t have. where do I send you my picture I.d.? this is an emergency. please help me fix this.

  65. So… i guess… im the absolute latest victim? totally sucks… and seriously i was an idiot, sent them a picture of my passport, tho all the important info was cut out just the bare necessities, and they are still askin for another picture of my passport.

    Not even sure what im supposed to do… totally torn bout givin them another pic of my ID but seriously thats my account… lotta stuff i need it for… been emailing and yelling at people thru those forms but hasnt really gotten me much more than just some more automated responses.

    I would send like a school ID and birth certificate but i shifted from the US to India and goin to school here so i dunno if they would accept that since it would look weird an american citizen with like ID that is indian… not gettin what i should do. I was kinda thinkin bout TPin mark zuckerbergs house… we are allowed to shit on him here right? cuz i dont think i have seen a bigger douche… anyways,.. just thot id share some of my sentiments… great way to vent.. thanks guys ❤

  66. i thought i was only one had trouble with facebook i was middle of up loading my photo on other saturday and poof and i try get my old account back also it been 2 time these happending what hell facebook want my governmetn id and i told facebook that i donot have mobile phone and they closed my old facebook account an now i had reopen a new account i think facebook is getting out of hand getting people personal id or mobile phone number or code i thought it for u not anyonelse

  67. i have just been locked out of my facebook,unsure of why i am not a bit sad about it ,excpet for the fact noone seems to like to get back to anyone these days sending my id was very painful but i guess now i just wait but how long is this game going to take longer then any app i have played on there but i guess myspace is were my heart has always been


  69. dear sir , iam using my fb account and my friend want’s his new fb account he said too me for new account and i did it so email req so i gave my email id that’s why i can’t use my fb account sir plese help me

  70. i just want to get my acount back but they wont give it to me because they need an indentity of me so they want an ID what if i dont have an ID they should give me my account back

  71. Leave Facebook. Join Diaspora. It’s twitter, facebook & more, all your data is private and its not located on a central server. Be brave, do it!

    Facebook has this coming since they started out. Feeding the CIA with data (they’re shareholders!) and forcing you to divulge your info! Bah!

  72. Hello, I woke up this morning and got on my FB only to see that unweeded an ID. I don’t have one. My parents are too lazy to drive me anywhere to even get one. In the past my account has been deactivated, hacked, phished, and now this?!?! I have nothing to prove who I am right now. I’ve done nothing wrong. I can’t even contact them to see what’s going on, like they’ll tell me anyways. FB has gone WAY to far on this now. I can’t even give my cell number for a code. I’ve been through so much on my account I feel like they’re picking on me. I never knew a site that has been so stubborn, especially of that person can’t prove who they are.

  73. can someone help me, I provided my ID and still cant get into my account it just keeps sending me to my security question and it was changed

  74. Hi, my account was locked and demanded a photo of my ID when I attempted to log on. I sent the photo despite my suspicions then facebook emailed me saying I needed to submit it again. My account is still locked and no one from facebook has contacted me or even given me a reason why! I have searched all over the internet and filled out many forms. Please, is there a legit email that I can use to contact an actual facebook team member? The automated message responses are no help as there is no help for my problem In the help center.

    Please email me with ANY info at: AnthonyDominguez360@gmail.com

    • This is illegal for them to do.. and I told them I was going to sue them if they didn’t fix this.. and they did in a couple of min after that e mail .. I e mailed the automatic response address and they fixed it real quick!!

  75. My account was disabled last Friday, I sent them my Drivers License and waitied for a reply, all i got was a generic email from fakeaccountlock@support.facebook.com and i keep emailing them and each time i upload my photo id with no reply yet. I even filled out that form everyone keeps referring to for disabled accounts and when I get to the end it tells me im not qualified for this form with my type of account because I have not been disabled. Ive changed my password and no matter what I do i cant sign in it just keeps saying “thank you for submitting a photo id someone will verify it and contact you shortly through the email you have linked to your account” well 5 days now no reply to any of those emails. does anyone have a different email for facebook support aside from the one im listing?
    Ive never posted anything pornographic, ive never threatened anyone, I have no idea why my account was locked for verifacation.

    • I keep wondering if one of their programmers plays the same game I do and is knocking people out that can beat them? Im at a loss…

  76. I keep getting shut down for either asking people to be friends& I don’t ask anybody to be friends. Know its saying I’m spacing I’m not. I get people saying they accept your my friend request then their on my friend list changed my password several times verizoon said I’ve been hacked.I want to know who is making false allocations about me.do they have to prove their allegations or go by hear say.I want to know who is lying about Mr

  77. I have just been hit with the same thing, Facebook asking for government id or 2 utility bill’s etc etc, i have refused this request from them and am now unable to log in at all, my friend’s and family have told me that i have completely disappeared from facebook, what a great social networking site that, BIG BROTHER.

  78. I have been locked out of Facebook. No reasons given. I also have a business page. I can’t have access to that either. They have my photo ID and they say they are waiting to respond. I had an old page never used could not figure how to delete it. Tried three times!
    That page is up I don’t have access to it, it does not have the same email address. Can’t reach anyone at facebook. Can you offer any help?
    Thank you,

  79. Hi there, I know this is an old blog post but I just found this. I have been experiencing this problem with Facebook for more than 2 months now. I have filled out numerous forms, sent emails, etc to no luck. I have just filled in the form linked above and been sent a generic email with all the same info about sending ID, which I shall not be doing. Firstly, it is wrong and should be illegal. Secondly, I am only 17 years old and still a minor, and it is illegal for them to get any ID off me. Lastly, I don’t have any ID. I live in Australia, so I don’t have a driver’s license (Must be 18), or passport or bill or anything that they state is “acceptable”. Thankyou to everyone who has posted comments, they have helped me a lot. I shall report back if anything happens. Thankyou.

  80. Please help me get back my account. God knows there wasn’t anything wrong that I did or posted in there. I just need my account back. I already uploaded my Government-issued ID and there’s no reply. Why oh why. 😦 Gingerliu, please help me. 😦

  81. same thing happened to me, I even opened a new account and they disabled it the same day… it is illegal for them to have a digital copy of the drivers license or passport… I dont know what to do… are they discriminating against us for some reason since all users dont have to provide this id?

  82. facebook needs a competitor without all the spam like myspace… that would solve the problem if they had to compete for advertisers

  83. People! It’s time to take a look around! People are frantic because they’ve temporarily lost access to a social networking site! That’s point number one: this isn’t your online bank info or social security info. It’s just social networking. Maybe it’s okay to go sit under a tree and read a book and take a break from posting the minutiae of our mundane lives constantly. Something to think about…
    Point two is far more important: people have been speculating at least since the 1980’s that corporations would eventually become our future nation states; countries, in effect. And here, kiddies, we see starting to happen: Yes, Facebook does have it’s own laws, and it is NOT a democracy. Yes, they can demand government issued ID at the border. Yes, they can confiscate your photos and then deport you. No, you do not have a right to a trial or to a lawyer or to see the evidence against you, yadda-yadda-yadda on and on it goes…just like so many foreign countries. And, quite interestingly, at at least a few previous posters have referred to Facebook’s actions as “communist”. Here’s the rub: communism didn’t produce any of Facebook’s policies – CAPITALISM DID!!! For all you folks who want government to disappear here’s a look at the future. If Zark Muckerberg wants to see your ID as you enter Facebook-land, you’re gonna show him. And he ain’t no communist.
    What it comes down to is this: the one vote you have in Facebook-land is to pack-up, leave the country and take your tourist dollars with you. Call your friends. Write them a letter. Meet them for lunch. Stop giving Muckerberg all those advertising/data mining $$$.
    Read under a tree…

    • These problems can easily be resolved but they won’t because people want everyone else to do things and they like to whine when their expectations are not met. The government will eventually seize control of the Internet by the peoples acquiescence, once in control you will all be begging a whole lot more, but thats not the issue. I really is one of instant gratification and begging, lots of begging. there is an answer. STOP working under their system. Stop contracting with government, stop being dependent. It is discrimination to only accept proprietary forms of Identification.So hold them accountable. There are plenty of ways to do that, companies shun law suits involving discrimination and the discrimination is always backed by good solid evidence on your side. If say 240,000 people did this there would be change of attitude. You issue a notice of intent give them 14 days to respond, maybe another in good faith and then default them. Your case being that you were discriminated against by facebook. State your claim and throw some good cases in to back you up, I mean what if you use facebook religiously, WOW now theres a case!

  84. Hi, my facebook was unaccessible to me today after I had already been on there. I only message family(12-17) people, but I am a christian and feel that my timeline posts with verses of scripture may have caused a problem. They are not hateful!!! Anyway I have no mobile phone and also refuse to photocopy my driver’s license to some unknown person/persons! I noticed on the driver’s license page they spelled license wrong which really got up a red flag. I have done nothing wrong. I reported my account as hacked because the last few times I was in there some things had been changed. I write and use only my initials and last name. I will close out the account myself if I ever get access to it that’s a fact!

  85. I have to be honest. I never liked facebook from the start. I mean really I do not care what my friends are eating for lunch or what they are doing every second. I always found a system like this to be a bit invasive on privacy. With that said it does serve a purpose to keep in touch with friends and family and locking down my page with the privacy settings to accomplish seemed reasonable enough to join up. So about four days into my account after tweaking it, uploading pictures, you know the usual.

    I get your account needs to be verified, please use your mobile phone number. Well im broke right now and actively looking for a job so I had cut off my cell service and replaced it with a much cheaper home phone from vonage. I mean no job so why do I need a cell phone, I can attend to that once I am employed again. I digress. So I click on the “I need help” option below that, click on the I dont have a mobile phone and to upload my ID. I fill that out, select the upload button for a picture I took of my passport and drivers licence, cutting out the address, and numbers leaving only my picture, name and birthdate visible as it suggests on the facebook website. And here is where the frustration comes in (okay it came in the moment my account needed to be verified by a mobile phone number but well you get it), I click the send button, the page blinks and remains where I started. I get no confimation that the information was sent to facebook, no error message that I may have not entered some pertitent information. just nothing.

    I was able to find a form to fill out about the verification process and emailed a copy of the above mentioned documents. It has been a few days, no confirmation response has been received. I get things take time. But here is my concern, Facebook is suppose to be advanced, high tech (cough BS cough), There are sure a lot of customer service items missing here i.e. automated response that they have received your information and will get back to you in X amount of time etc. However, I do not think this is an oversite, but rather done on purpose. As for facebook using your information from your photo id, that may happen, they may not destroy it as they promise, but I think merely askign for it will get them in trouble. Do not be surprised Justice Department, States attorney generals and lawyers start sueing facebook over this. Oh and if you have stock in facebook, be very very careful, as in my opinion such lawsuits are not a matter of if but WHEN they happen and we all know what that type of stuff does to stock prices.

    I would think Facebook is now a public company and they are going to have to like it or not be receptive to public scrutiny and it would be wise for them to get ahead of this and sooner rather than later. Also, I would start contacting businesses that invested in facebook letting their public relations department know that you will no longer buy their products until facebook fixes this issue.

    Okay my rant is over, and no I still do not have access to my facebook account, but I get to see all those emails that people are posting to my site. joys. Oh well, I will give it a month if it isnt resolved from that point I will request it be shutdown and my page removed.

    Good luck to all.

  86. Hi i know this is an old post, but i just got locked out of my account due to having an apostrophe in front of my name, yet they even asked for my gov ID, granted they know i live in China.

    Do i have to constantly bump up my request to restore my account? at the moment i only see the message as I log in: “Form Submitted
    Thanks for providing this information. You should receive an email from us soon. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience.”

  87. Did you know Facebook is now limiting the reach of your posts and updates, demanding payment in exchange for communicating with all of your friends and fans?

    When Facebook began to struggle after going public this past May, they launched a
    desperate crusade for revenue that has ultimately placed the burden on users by severely limiting your interactions unless you pay a premium.

    Facebook quietly introduced a new “Promoted Posts” feature that forces you to pay money to reach upwards of 80% of your friends and fans, effectively censoring you by limiting the prominence of your posts if you pay nothing.1 Users are asked to pay around $7.00 to have posts appear to friends and fans as they once did, and larger pages like ours, with roughly 2 million fans, are required to pay a jaw-dropping $4,000 per post to reach our full audience.2

    If Facebook keeps this up, your timeline may soon be dominated by only major corporations willing to spend the cash. Sign our petition calling on Facebook to keep the social network truly free and change their Pay-to-Promote policy that unfairly limits users speech.


  88. Hey Ginger, my name is Don. This is an old post so I really hope you see this. I changed my phone number and can’t recieve a security check text Facebook sends me. I, Too, was asked to reply to an email with a photo ID with the important info blocked out and I did but I havent received any response for over 3 weeks! I have tried emailing Facebook numerous times and because you have to put in your email I merely get an automated response stating that I have to send in a picture of my photo ID again and again, most likely because Facebook recognizes my email address. I really would like to get back into my Facebook but fear I will be locked out permanently. How did you get a hold of “Carmen” and can you please help me get back into my Facebook. I can’t find anything on the Internet about how to deal with this situation except for your page do your help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

    Thank you,

    Don Anderson

    • Hello Don,

      It can take weeks for them to reply. I had to wait a month. Keep filing tickets – they should eventually get back to you.

      Having said that, that was for my personal account. I have a business account and that’s been down since August because I reported a hacker and now I don’t have access to my business account and I have filed numerous tickets. So that’s three months down. They are crap.

  89. thats not facebook, they are not to ask for personal info of such, the next time this happens dont even beg, report this incident to your BBB and ic3.gov

  90. Yes, facebook is doing the same to me in regards to demanding ID. There is clearly something wrong with a company that acts in such a manner. Since I have friends in real life, I really don’t need facebook anymore (not that I ever did). I think this is just the beginning of the end for facebook; arrogance always happens before a fall… have a good day and adios facebook…

  91. Hey everyone I dont know if yall still get on here but this just happened to me it says log on from my computer to regain access well I try and it will not work. So I too submitted my Id. And have wrote them a million times today even contacted them on twitter and the people who work for them on twitter. This is very devastating I have two little girls and I have 1700 pictures of them birth and up to 2 and that is the only place I have these pictures. I thought they would be safe being on Facebook but now I am just completely lost because I am still waiting and I have done everything they asked.

    • Well, it’s been over 3 months. I’ve sent in my ID a few times in response to their email and have emailed Facebook at every possible extension I can find and have been sending an email to disabled@facebook.com as well as going on their page to report a big every week and still no response. I started a new Facebook. Lost all my photos and everything but it doesn’t look like there is anything anybody can do and I’ve pretty much given up. I would stop using Facebook altogether however everyone I know uses it as their main tool for communication so I’m pretty much on their or out of the loop. If you figure out how to beat this please let us all know.

      • Hi Don: Exactly the same happened to me. I sent ID , no response. I did the same . I opened a new account. I sent Emails every day, they did not responde once….

  92. Hi! Same thing happened to me, Facebook locked my account, asking for ID, I sent my ID to them reluctantly though, nothig happened so far.I didn’t do anything illegal or impersonate another person nor I have more than one account as they accused me. I am very disappointed, and frustrated. I don’t know what to do. It is inpossible to contact them, and they are not responding. Please help! What should I do?

  93. This JUST happened to me and I don’t know how long after sending my id it’s going to take. Its got all my childrens pictures and I’m becoming nervous I may never get my account back. How can I get ahold of someone!? PLEASE HELP ME!

  94. Hi Ginger liu… i was disabled from facebook about a month ago, i have tried several times to log in, but nothing, i have just been onto facebook, and filled in that form, but it said ” this email address does not belong to any disabled account”, but when i try to log in with the same email address, it says that my account is temporarily locked(disabled) please help me…. i WILL NOT SENT MY ID!

  95. After reading your post, I went and deleted my facebook account. I’m not going to be a part of any nazi, fascist tools like facebook. I didn’t know facebook had become the new stasi police. Fuck em.

  96. This is happening to me right now. I submitted my Drivers License and I hope I get my account back but what I’m really worried about is who did this! Can someone really just “Report” me and my account be disabled?
    What I’m going to do after I get my account fixed is delete a bunch of people. Doing a facebook cleanse! I can’t believe someone can report me once and I get in trouble for something that wasn’t proven wrong or right.

  97. This is an email that I’ve just sent to Facebook, after they locked my account last night. I’m absolutely flabbergasted and can’t understand why it’s been closed. Gingerliu, can you tell me if you took this further with the authorities? I can’t believe it’s legit.

    To The Facebook Team

    Thank you for your email, but I have NO intention of divulging my government-issued photo ID to Facebook – you aren’t my Bank, you are a social networking site. You have my email address, my password, my date of birth etc etc, why are you asking for photo ID? I have a handful of friends on Facebook, and I have a page with a link to my website, but I don’t even have a big following and I’m only connected to a few friends!

    I have NEVER done anything on Facebook that is questionable practice, so why have you locked my account? I would like a reason for your request and I would either like you to reinstate my account ASAP, or I would like the whole account, including my Art4Asha page, deactivated ASAP.

    I will be taking my experience to the UK press and I will make sure that I inform as many people as possible about your Big Brother behaviour if I do not receive an immediate explanation for this outrageous behaviour and your preposterous request. Who really controls Facebook? The FBI?

    Yours faithfully,

    Bridgit Beynon

  98. This has happened to me 2 days in a row, yesterday they ask for my password to sign in. Then it said an email would be sent, no email being sent. Today I get the ID request, also on the wed site they spelled “license”. Before reading your comments I scanned my license and sent it. I was told they needed more info. So I went on to the link you gave us and fill it out, when I hit send I was told there wasn’t an issue the page isn’t deactivated.
    So now my driver license is out there.

  99. I have ask a friend who is in TV news if he can find out what’s going on. When I went to the link you put up I filled it out and it said my account wasn’t in question. I’m very worried I just sent my ID to a hacker.

  100. This same thing just happened to me with the same email sent by Facebook. I can’t get ANYONE from Facebook to explain WHY they shut my account. Please tell me the email you used to reach Carmen. I haven’t been able to email or call anyone. This is ridiculous. Thanks, Ilicia

  101. Here is what happened to me just recently and what I have been sending the media:

    I wanted to share with you what has happened to me regarding my personal and business page on Facebook.

    On late Saturday (January 19, 2013) afternoon, I was trying to play Words With Friends from my iPhone and kept receiving a pop-up window saying I needed to login into Facebook to continue. So I went to Facebook and got a blue screen. It told me “Logged in as SXXXX LXXXX. Continue?” So I clicked on continue and told me the “Single log-in is unavailable. Please submit login in information.” I tried and tried and tried and tried and it wouldn’t let me in.

    So I started researching (from my phone) and found out that people were having issues logging in. I got home and tried from my husband’s phone. I still could get in. I kept getting lead to the “Facebook Checkpoint” (www.facebook.com/checkpoint) where the message was “You should receive an email from us soon. We appreciate your patience as we complete this process.” Then after receiving that message and I guess from trying too many times, I was then locked out of Facebook and couldn’t access it mobile. I had to connect to a computer and reset my password. I don’t have internet access at home and so I had to wait until the next day to either go to my shop (15 miles away) or get a wi-fi connection (from our local grocery store). I live in a rural area.

    So I kept refreshing my email and checking my email address (and spam folder) for the address I associated with my Facebook. I then tried using the Facebook Pages app, Words with Friend, Spotify, Draw Something, SongPop, AP News, and many other apps on my phone that I linked to Facebook and could not have access to. Now I’m getting more upset!

    I wanted to update my business page throughout the weekend because we got new jewelry in and other Valentine’s Day items. I wanted to showcase it. I can’t post anything to either my business page or my personal page.

    So the next day (Sunday, January 20, 2013), I did go to the grocery store, reset the password and kept trying and trying to gain access. Then I started doing research online. I went through the ENTIRE Facebook (Online Help Center) suggestions of trying to access: Password reset (4 times), delete app and restore (twice) and would still get directed to “Facebook Checkpoint” with that stupid message.

    From all the articles I have read, including lots of technology blogs, one of four things may have happened: (1) Someone tried to hack my account, (2) Someone complained to Facebook about my online activity, (3) I am too popular because one blog I read said the popular people were having to go through this because of Facebook’s “new ID verification program”, or (4) I clicked on a link or posted something Facebook found inappropriate and against their Terms of Service (maybe it was that Al-Jazeera article I shared regarding the #IdleNoMore movement).

    I’ve called their phone number (650-543-4800 – Palo Alto, CA) and was given options. Press 1 for Customer Support: “Thank we do not offer phone support at this time. Please looked on our Online help center and fill out the appropriate contact form for your questions.” Press 2 for Law Enforcement. Press 3 for Business Development and Advertising: “We ask all parties sending inquiries regarding business needs to send an email to partners@fb.com.” Press 4 for Marketing. Press 5 for Press. Press 6 for Employment Verification. Press 7 for All Other Support Needs (see answer for option 1).

    I did try filling out a form requesting reinstatement of an Facebook shut down page, but got a message saying my personal page was not shut down for that reason.

    Finally yesterday (Monday, January 21, 2013) at 1:52 a.m., I received an email from “The Facebook Team” (email address: info+rqjsaqq.aeau4sfklof2y@support.facebook.com) with the subject “Re: Confirm Your Identity.” The email requests that I submit a color image of my government-issued photo ID confirming my full name and date of birth. It gives me a link to another “Facebook Checkpoint.” From there, is a page requesting the upload and a link to the Facebook ID Policy. I read the ID policy, but never got anymore details as to WHY it has to be done this way.

    I sent a reply email back requesting a phone call. I also asked if this was the only way to get back online. I also asked for a reason why I was targeted for the process. I haven’t received a response.

    So yesterday (Monday, January 21, 2013), about 4:00 p.m., I came to the shop, did a malware, virus scan (although it would be highly unlikely since I am on a Mac) and then tried to access Facebook. I once again did a password reset. I tried logging in and then was sent to the Facebook Checkpoint asking for an ID. I did take a picture of my ID, covered up my address, License Number, weight, and license classification. All I showed by my name and DOB. After uploading, I was given the “You should receive a message from us soon….” screen message.

    I haven’t received an email and have gone on now 4 days without Facebook and app/programs access. I didn’t realize how my small business has come to rely on Facebook. I also didn’t realize how Facebook has taken over A LOT of your online presence. I would think that a multi-million dollar global company should have phone support. I also think that the ID upload may go against some Homeland Security laws about identity. And I also wonder a lot about my own identity. Even though I may have covered up some information on the photo, how can I be reassured that my own identity is protected?

    And why me?!? I have 600+ friends and I can tell you how I know these people personally. I have close to 800 followers on my business page. I’m no WHERE near popular as some florists, floral companies, celebrities, etc. I just want this cleared up… and not getting help from anywhere.


  102. I’m having the exact same problems with my Facebook acct. do you have an email for Carmen at all? I can’t find any contact info anywhere for someone at fb. Thanks, marco

  103. I don’t know what to do I was young when I set up my Facebook account so I put a false age, (I did have my parents permission, although.) and I still do not have my ID right now! What am I supposed to do?!?!?

  104. I had the exact same e-mail and I think there is something wrong with Facebook!! I hadn’t tried to reply the e-mail because I was mad when I gt the e-mail and I deleted it!! Now I want it back because I want to at least try asking them why they send me that e-mail!!

  105. Hi Ginger,
    I have also been blocked from my Facebook account for no reason and have emailed them numerous times and keep receiving generic email replies. What was the email address you were contacting Carmen thru as I would like to try and get onto them ASAP.
    Regards Kylie

  106. The most annoying part about Facebook is no customer service. It takes FOREVER for a reply, and when you finally get one it is a “generic” one. I do NOT know what I did wrong if anything for them to ask me for my government issued ID. It is very frustrating I am mainly on there daily for the games and I am going through gaming detox right now :). What will be the next thing they ask for? If they can keep cookies from a closed account forever, wouldn’t they keep the id picture as well??

  107. Thanks for all the helpful tips!! I sent them my id–with most details blacked out, submitted a few forms, and nothing happened. I then took the advice of someone on here, and mentioned I would take legal action, and viola, 10 minutes later my account is back up. They said it was suspended accidently…

    • What email address did you reply to?

      I just did the same thing and I will see what the response is.
      I told them I will see them in FEDERAL COURT for VIOLATING my right to FREEDOM & accepting MY GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID with no further communication.


  108. I can’t email them because my account is not disable. I email my photo id many times in the past week and have not heard from them, help???

  109. Just an FYI on Facebook requiring your govt issued ID. I recently received the same notice and refuse to comply. I did however type a letter, took a picture of it and sent it via there ID verification dialogue box since it will not accept word formats and there is really no way to get in contact with them. I received an email back asking for ID to verify who I am. I replied stating that I could easily send an ID with a random picture and they would have no idea otherwise whose face it was. I suggested they ask me questions pertaining to my profile which would better identify me than anything else. In addition, Facebook survives off of advertising based on people like you and I viewing those said advertisements, if we are not on facebook, we are not seeing the advertisements! Maybe we should let the companies who pay for the advertisements know of this unscrupulous practice that Facebook is engaging in that undermines the intention of the paying advertisers. If I lose my facebook page I really dont care that much, but it is more a matter of principle now than anything.

  110. Everyone needs to STOP giving them your ID!!! This only perpetuates this practice and increases there data mining abilities! Erin, do you have any idea what they can do with your ID? Do you really know who your ID went to? Identity theft is rampant these days, trust me, you do not want to have your identity stolen. Everyone should collectively send them replies conveying their outrage at this practice.

  111. I was asked to send in my ID on February 24th. I was skeptical and wanted to research it a bit. When I tried returning to my fb today it says my email is not associated with an account on FB… I have tried everything!!!! It wont even let me fill out any of their forms because it keeps repeating that I need to first sign in and when I try it says my email address is invalid. It’s running me in circles!!!!! Please help!!!

  112. After being asked for my ID on the 24th of January and not sending it right away my account has completely disappeared!! It tells me my email is not associated with any fb account

  113. can i get a email of the facebook executive i need to speak to them directly…
    i submitted my identity yet my account isnt re-activated…

  114. Hi there,
    I know this sounds crazy but could you please send me Carmen’s e-mail? I have sent in my ID and still not have heard back after over a week….Please Help! It has been since October of 2012 that I have been locked out. Thank you SO much. Sincerely, Eliza

  115. on my fb account someone named konig is reporting me for being underaged and is trying to hack into my account and is going to tell facebook that my account is hers and she wants to shut it down i have tried everything even security passcodes but i am still scared i dont want to lose my account i love facebook i dont want to get kicked off

  116. Hi Ginger,

    I read your post and I have to say that it seems like begging Facebook would be the only way to get your account back. Mine was suspended for suspicious activity, and having received emails from Facebook’s ‘fakeaccount’ automated system, it seems like it’s for exactly that reason. Not sure why it happened, but I read about how it could be their internal system’s glitch just being ban happy.

    It’s been 2 weeks since i’ve emailed them so I’m going to go ahead and keep emailing them until I get some notice. It’s not that I can’t part with my account, but after having over 2000 photos posted that date back to my high school days, I really don’t want to have to make a new account and lose all those precious memories.


    • Ok Hopefully This Email CleArs This Up Once And For All. It’s Very Simple For What Ever Their Reasons Are It’s Their And Were On It Fort Free.
      Give TheM What They Want. Copy Your Id Email It To TheM And Within 2 To 4 Weeks Tops You’llHaveYour Accoun Reopened. It’s ReallyThat Simple. No ComplainIng About Why Or Privacy Rights…Plain And Simple If You Don’t Agree WithThere Rules Don’t Use Facebook. My AccountWas Suspended And I Sent Them My Id And About 3 1/2 Weeks LaterIWas Back On. AndYou Only Have To Email TheM Once. Your Wasting Your Time if You KEep Emailing TheM. Sorry To Be Blunt About All This But It’s Just How It Is. No Use In ComplainIng About It It’s Not Gonna Get Any Of Us Anywhere. And This Is A General Reply It’s Not Directed At Any ONe Person

  117. Facebook Community asked to upload my Id Proof and I end up uploading my picture my mistake. Now when I want to upload my Id m unable to see any upload option.
    Please help me what to do now ?

  118. When you understand that a Facebook user is a commodity and not a customer, it’s just a little bit easier to take. The companies they sell your info to are the customers.

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    from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog?

    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking
    about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Many thanks

  120. I am failin to enter my acc y? Its my real acc the third security question is evn refusing to identify my fone number so wat should i do nd i use an email adress for login nd the gov issue id nd all that i can give a pic what so evr bt i dont drive to giv my licenc nd other questions i cant answer them otherwise i no my username password correctly nd its my real acc please and if u dont want then u can kip ur acc ok.i dont want.

  121. Perhaps you were too popular. 4000 friends is a lot. Not at all a good reason, however, to close your account. And also a good reason to keep looking forward to the “next thing” which I’m sure shall supersede Facebook. Social networking has only gotten so far. Facebook solves a lot of the problems but also creates a load more. Facebook is currently demanding my “government-issued ID” because I want to truncate my middle name to a letter instead of a name. Well, sorry Faceboogle, I’ve got a couple of middle names and have experimented with different formulations of initials to see what I like best. Easier (and preferable) just to start again with a brand new account and name which is NOT validated at the point of creation. They only get edgy when you’ve been THINKING about different ways to represent yourself. Funny that!

  122. shawntel doiron

    — May 21, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    http://facebooksecuritycodesolved.blogspot.ca/2011_12_01_archive.html this is what i did and it works hope it helps


    IT WORKS GUYS!! now I have this message:

    Please come back in 23 Hours and 44 Minutes.

    You’ve successfully confirmed your identity. For your security, you must wait before you can access your account.

    Please come back in 23 Hours and 44 Minutes by logging in using your new email and password.

    put your email in the login / don’t put password, put I forgot my password, then put I don’t have any access to all (phone / emails and others) then they ask you to provide something you have access to : make a new email or an email that’s not associated with FB / then they will ask u to asnwer ur secret question / then it’s solved 😀

  123. i am from india. and my account is suspended.every time it asks me to identify. F.b. is place to meet new people around and i dont recognize everyone of it. i tried all methods but its not working. Even the pictures they show are to the point. i am fed up. i tried to make another account but same thing happened. wtf i should do.
    I am innocent user
    then why they block my accounts

  124. My problem is I have a famous name: Ricky Martin, so their system does not think it’s my “real name” and that my account is “fake.” This is why I usually use R. Alan Martin, but with Facebook I was using my real name, but that’s not good enough for Facebook. Sometimes I hate my real name, but now Facebook is making sure that they rub salt in the wounds by doing this to me.

    I’m now in Facebook purgatory — they’ve found a new way to torture you. If their system decides that you are “not a real person” then your account is held in limbo until you can identify a set of tagged photos from your friends. Well, some of the tagged photos include bottles of shampoo, trees, flowers, posters, dogs, cats, etc. One time I think I got it right, then it said I took too long. If you have 200 friends, identifying all of the photos presented is all but impossible–hell I don’t know what shampoo they use! 😦

    Then I made a new account using my university email address. Big mistake! Now I was GUILTY of something in the Facebook Court of Opinion! They shut that account down in minutes.

    I did find a link to report that I couldn’t get into my account and they responded with a nice email requesting my ID, so I sent it yesterday morning, but it’s been 24 hours and no reply. In my email I confessed my sin of creating a second account because I thought the other was hacked and begged their forgiveness.

    I also gave Facebook my number to text me or call me. No calls and no text.

    I will let everyone know what happens next and how long it takes, if ever, to restore my account. If it ever comes back, you’ll see my account active at:


    Please Mark Zuckerberg I beg of you to open the gates of Facebook Heaven to this poor miserable sinner. I repent of whatever I did wrong.

    Ricky Martin
    (My Real Name)

      • Thanks for the reply. If you want to hear something really strange, the singer’s name is really Enrique Martín Morales, yet Facebook allows him to have the “official” Ricky Martin page. Yet my real name is Ricky Martin and they hold my account. If the singer were required to produce ID with his real legal name in a form “acceptable” to Facebook, he couldn’t do it. He has the offical page and I’m locked out for being a “fake.” WTF

      • Just to get back to everyone, after sending Facebook my ID yesterday morning with my full name their reply was from fakeaccountlock@support.facebook.com :

        We can’t give you access to this account or take any other action on it because you haven’t provided an acceptable ID that matches the information listed on the account.

        This account will remain locked as a security precaution. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but this decision is final.

        User Operations

        They are still torturing me with this friend photograph identification thing. Someone told me that Facebook’s use of this procedure violates “Website Accessibility” under Title II of the Americans With Disability Act (ADA). So I sent them two IDs this time and I let them know that I’m not too happy with the photo thing due to a vision impairment. I’m going to file the ADA complaint on Facebook this weekend and document the method used to ID the photos by making a video and the time allowed to do it. When they get my ADA complaint through the federal government, at least they’ll know my real name is “Ricky Martin.”

        I’ll keep you posted. But the turn-around time ID sent to denial was about 34 hours.

        Here it sits:


  125. Happy July 4th everyone! Today is a national day of protest against the National Security Agency and sites like Facebook that support the rape of our personal datat without warrant in violation of the Fourth Ammendment.

    The protest is called RESTORE the FOURTH and it is supported by sites and companies like WordPress that respect your privacy. A clear message needs to be sent to Mark Zuckerberg that his association with the NSA. This is from a recent story on Facebook:

    “The border between protecting private data and collecting it is narrow, and, as it turns out, easily punctured. Last month, the New York Times revealed that in 2010, Max Kelly, the man in charge of protecting the personal data of Facebook’s 1.1 billion users, left his job and moved into a post at another major US organization involved in data analysis: the National Security Agency, the branch of the Defense Department responsible for collecting and analyzing digital transmissions.”

    Please join the protest against Facebook and the National Security Agency! Facebook is an NSA “front company.”

  126. Ok this has just happened to me, I don’t know why, did not do anything wrong, and they Lock it, so I have tried everything to get back on, have contacted them a few times and just like alot of you, they want Government Id or other documents, this is so not right on any level they look at it, I bet they wouldn’t just hand over their Id’s or anything, come on we know better, the last on I sent I am begging for just my pictures they can have their Facebbok and their page, I lost my Father 2 years ago and alot of my family pictures are on there,I want my pics, thats all I want,… I have to report enough to the Government and State but now this is crazy, why don’t they ask for this when you first start an account?????? you know why, no body would bother with Facebook then…..This has me so ticked off,… and they want us to copy Government IDs on a scanner !!! Someone higher up needs to get ahold of this and run with it….Put a stop to this, do we have no rights and privacy any more ?? Facebook needs to stop this themselves !!!

  127. This is a great page to know that I am not the only one. It is a long time since the posts was originally made, I can see that. I have just been locked out in the same way from one day to the next. .Things have changed though…
    There is no way to e-mail Facebook at all now.
    The stupid pictures as supposed to recognize are mostly tagged pictures, of remote friends – and some of them not even accurate. It’s impossible
    The page to upload your picture ID is difficult to find, but I eventually found it and uploaded my UK driving licence.
    Nearly a week and they have not got back to me.
    My cell-phone connection is not enough proof of identity.
    I used my right name on FB, always have done for many years.
    I do not spam or send inappropriate messages.
    Maybe my mistake is to accept friends who ask but then there’s little or no contact, but I always feel that as a retired therapist, they may need my advice from time to times. These are the friends that I wouldn’t recognize.
    My bank would be a laughing stock if it used such ridiculous ID checks, and would soon be deserted by its customers.
    There is no redress by the look of it. If Facebook crashes (business-wise) it would not surprise me.
    Frankly to say I am appalled by this is an understatement.

  128. Had this happen to me just this afternoon – account suspected of being “fake” and not letting me log in. I think the culprit must have been a BandCamp app I was trying to import into my artist page on FB. I did give them my mobile number for a supposed “verification code” which, of course, hasn’t arrived yet. A few attempts at logging in later, it now says my account was “compromised” and that in order to “secure it”, guess what – AGAIN I have to provide that famous ID. Sent them a message through one of their forms asking whether I was in fact considered a “perpetrator” or a victim and could they please just delete my account, but even for that they STILL want the ID, LOL. It’s getting creepier and more exasperating by the minute. No way they’re getting any more personal details – I’m permanently done with them. Anyone knows what happens to an account “in limbo” if you just abandon it to its fate? Will it get automatically purged/deleted after a while? Many thanks for the detailed article, at least it’s some kind of relief to know you’re not the only one such weird stuff happens to. 🙂

    • Well, my question about what happens to locked and not “verified” FB accounts was answered when a couple of days ago I tried to log in again, mostly out of curiosity, and then I was informed my account had been terminated due to breach of their policies. I hadn’t felt comfortable about sending any of the certifications they demanded, and after a number of unsuccessful attempts to reach a real person (oh the irony) on FB, I had finally given up and forgotten about the whole thing. They didn’t explain what exactly I had done wrong, just listed their standard reasons for closing accounts. Although this didn’t answer any of my questions, at least it was a kind of closure and a partial relief. So, bye bye FB and good riddance. A company that demands government certification even for your shoe size but whose employees, if they ever deign reply, apparently won’t even give you their full name, is at least disrespectful and hypocritical, not to mention suspect. in a way, I’m glad this happened and I’m out of there. 🙂

  129. few daily before only i created my fb account and now they have disabled it and asking me to upload some government prrofs..
    Really facebook is becoming disgusting day by day.
    There is a need of something better than facebook

  130. Hi ginger and all-a real life enemy reported me as a fake name holder,they asked me to update my name,again i told the same deep.de jat,then they told me that your name wasn’t approved by our system then they asked me upload the copy of ID with photo,i uploaded and everytime i find a msg-“some errors occured,your ID:COULD NOT VALIDATE THE ATTACHEMENT-i have tried it several times but result is same.help me i can’t live without facebook,mail me deepsinghjat@Gmail.com thanks and regards

  131. I just uploaded my photo id in the ‘secure’ email? There isn’t a secure email address for them, it’s only a reply to the original email they sent asking for my ID or two forms of ID like my SSN, registered mail, library card, etc.. Since I have previously been a victim of identity theft I spoke to a lawyer before uploading the document. I was told to inform them that they had 7 business days to restore access to my (not suspended or disabled) account or I would be filing a civil complaint and ensuing lawsuit against Facebook. There were no “reports of abuse” against me, nor had I broken any FB laws. This began more than a month ago when I was led to believe, by FB, that I had been the victim of a hack. I was allowed to identify my tagged friends and re-enter fb-land after changing my password. I only use my laptop to access my account and it used to be a recognised browser until that day. As a retired FF/EMT-P/SAR tech I use FB to catch up with my friends in my old departments and family that I normally would not be able to get on the phone. Needless to say I am being forced to purchase a cell phone (hate those things) and then upon being restored access to my fb account I will be deleting it forever.

    • if ur ccount has been hacked then il u some tips try it that will work.first go to facebook main page and there will be written forgot password click that and give ur email id and they ll send u a code to ur gmail account write tht code then u can change ur password.

  132. I ran across your post and I have a similar experience with facebook, except it wasnt my personal account. I had a primary email address to login to my band page, and for convenience, I also made my personal account the moderator or the page.
    some time after I had replaced my cell phone, I reinstalled an app called “pagemanager”, the same app i used on my old phone. When I tried to sign it, it said thay it didn’t recognize the device, so I went to the same computer that I created the account with and it said my account is temporarily locked. It gave me the option to verify my device but kept being stuck in this same loop. I was able to reset my password bit when I tried to login with the new password, it still said my account was locked and that I need to contact facebook support to unlock my my account.
    I followed the link and told facebook my problem and they replied that they locked my account because their systems detected that my account was hacked and that i will need to provide a government issued id, or a utility bill to unlock my my account. Mind you, I am the ONLY person who’s posted on this page ever, and as a computer tech, am also very careful about internet and website security. Ironically, despite the account being locked, I could actually still login with my personal account and post because it is the moderator.
    I replied to facebook assuring them that this is either and error, or if my account is really hacked, it’s been hacked by facebook. I told them that since I never provided a photo id when I created the, providing one now is irrelevant. They told me I could also unlock my account on my own by trying to login with the same devices I have logged in with in the past. This method only brought me through the same redundant robotic loop having photo id requested.
    I have have deactivated my personal facebook account and will no longer be a part of that community. 2 days later, my friends called asking if I deleted the page because it’s now gone.
    Mark Zuckerberg has been quoted saying that Facebook users are idiots for trusting him…
    Facebook has become a tool and it’s only going to get worse… mark my words.

    I recommend EVERYONE download their facebook information, delete everything, change your username, deactivate your facebook and use a different form of interaction to communicate with people.
    Stop depending on Facebook while you still can. CALL your friends and family. EMAIL them.. or, just go VISIT them.

    The more society uses services like Facebook, the more dependent of Facebook they become just to be a part of society.
    it’s like going to someone’s party who you don’t know, but inviting all your friends and family, and meeting a few new ones..
    but when Facebook doesn’t like something about you,, you will be forced outside in the cold while all your friends and family will still mingle, dependent of the warm house of status updates, food pics and relationship statuses…
    LIKE this comment and Facebook will donate a blanket to people they have locked out and requested a photo id from.. lol

    mark zuckerberg and his staff of bots can all eat a bowl of nutz!

  133. I have had the SAME THING….

    *You currently have no phones listed on your account. Please log in from a recognised device to regain access to your account.
    Once you regain access, we recommend adding a new phone or disabling the login approvals feature*

    I am so upset because like many others it has contacts, photos and links i’ve now lost for no apparent reason other than some ‘gliche’ in the facebook rules… which there are many settings to understand anyway…

    I feel so angry with Facebook but I feel like theres no where for me to really complain… now I see that its happen to many people its quite sad.. Someone should either set up another similar site, safer and easier to use (not that FB is not easy).. and someone who doesn’t secretly work with gov agencies…
    Everyone should boycott Facebook… just create a better safer site.

    Anyway Ive been trying to message fb for ages and I am not going to send my passport over for a stupid site like this.. esp when I hear all the rumours of what they do with the info.. no no. Plus… I don’t even use my real name and age etc on these sites, I make up a psuedo name anyway so how the HELL are they going to verify me… WHAT!? fb are ridiculous and should revise there policies. They are not working for their customers, I don’t know who they truly work for but the service is terrible. Awful.

    If begging worked than its worth a try… but i’m sure they smart up to that too… but good luck.

  134. I feel scared because now I don’t even know who has by personal identification and there is absolutely no customer service attached with Facebook. I really have to spend every day sending e-mail begging them to let me back in – when I have done NOTHING to begin with????

  135. I got suspended my facebook account last night…I think we should find a better social media to join…and forget facebook forever..They don’t treat us as well as their customers..

  136. please i sent my mobile number which is +252907738813 and you didnt send me code numbers ,if you can send my email pls help me ,further more i sent iDs of bank and university ,so pls allow me to pas securities after login.thnks waiting u

  137. I had have a phone that I cannot get on face book my name is mark phillip bryan I was born on 11 05 1974 my email markvoltagerat@yahoo.com my password is markpbryan my phone number is 18763674568 I an lock out of face book I am using a blackberry torch I love my page I please need acess I do not need a nother fb account I sometimes forget my password please help me

  138. I too am having same problems… No idea they disabled me… I was on Facebook and all of a sudden I was shit down … Big red letters .. Session expired! Resign … I tried and password did not work… Since. Been locked for almost a month now….. Sending reports daily( can’t reach thru phone… Body 24 hours a day). Asking for goverment id … I goggled they’re reply address and it does not exist. Don’t know what else I can do… I need this for my icloud and Apple ID … Among other accounts! Any suggestions? I find this appalling and want to get to the bottom of it. I create sign in seals for extra protection 3 times… Haven’t seen them once… Don’t know who to contact! ?

  139. My facebook was deactivated today cause this morning i used it and nothing was wrong with it, and now its asking for my government id, or it will be disabled ! i also just contacted them but they aren’t replying yet i beg them to give me my facebook back, because i really dont care about anything else other then contacting my family members in another country, they’re probably worried right now, teh only reason i logged into facebook right now was to talk to them but then it asked me to give tehm my info and government id . i’m worried too!

  140. How long did it take to approve the is? I uploaded mine this morning but am still locked out! Ridiculous, why do they take do long to respond.

  141. my facebook account has been locked..bt didn’t no why..and asking me to give a government id proof..this id is my nick name id..so how can i give a goverment id proof..plz help me…and unblocked my account becoz it has many memories to touch my soul…plz solve the problem…i m very thankful to u…

  142. my facebook account has been locked..bt didn’t no why..and asking me to give a government id proof..this id is my nick name id..so how can i give a goverment id proof..plz help me…and unblocked my account becoz it has many memories to touch my soul…plz solve the problem…i m very thankful to u…

  143. sadly this still goes on. i lost mine yesterday. for using a nick name for 4 years. ( i don’t believe in using my real name on the net ) so yes i did it. i violated the TOS, but all my friends on facebook know me directly by my real name, and IRL. we just don’t use it on facebook. even if i bent backwards for facebook with their ID demand, i am sure, i would lose my internet name. so i think i am going to just let it go. 4 years of lost pictures and things liked. you don’t know how much you use something or love it till its gone. good bye facebook, may you have a very long and exciting life.

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