Brits Strike Over Jobs


After the French strike over job losses in order to send a message to their government, British workers were out in force today to demand that they be put first over foreign workers.

How is America acting? Why are the American people just sitting and waiting when the government and fat cat Wall Street business men and women stole their homes and jobs from underneath them. What are you doing about your country? What are you waiting for? When will YOU be the change?

Obama’s Most Expensive Inauguration


President Barack Obama’s inauguration on Tuesday will be the most expensive in American history. The $150 million price tag dwarfs those of President’s Bush and President Clinton inauguration’s combined budgets. I know what you are thinking. How can such a phenomenal price tag be justified during a depression? Well it is precisely because of Obama’s star phenomena that an estimated two million people or more are descending on Washington DC, thus hiking up the cost for adequate security, transport, and Portacabins. The federal government budgeted $49 million for the inauguration, this is in line with previous inaugurations. But Virginia and Maryland have asked for more emergency funding, as has Washington DC’s transport authority. And just before President Bush left office, he declared that an “emergency exists in the District of Columbia. Well, hell yeh! Two million freezing cold men and women lining up to use the facilities is my kind of state of 

I would suggest celebrating at home.

Hilary Clinton: I won’t be happy until there’s a democrat woman in the White House

Many women I’ve spoken to felt cheated after Hilary Clinton was defeated. After another man pipped her to the post, I find it difficult to show the same elation I would have felt if Mrs. Clinton was in office. I think Obama is a breath of fresh air and brings a lot of youth and excitement to this country and I hope that he can change the world but he’s still just a man. A man in a man’s world. How different the world might be if a woman was at the helm of it’s most powerful country.

Vivian Gornick makes this point in the LA Times today:,0,4592196.story?track=ntothtml

Women are still judged by their appearance and not their intellect and Clinton suffered a lot under the media.

I look forward to  a woman in the White House. We are the majority after all.