Sexism on Twitter

But why are boys and men (who are naturally misoginists and not real lovely and amazing boys and men) allowed to threaten women with rape? Why? Death. Rape. Posting addresses of women to rape. Why are they getting away with this? This is not free speech. This is hate speech and violence which is illegal in the “real” world. This must stop. And the social media bullshit about free speech and letting hate speech go on is nonsense because it is not men on the whole who get this abuse. And I’m sick of the posts from misogninists – (I won’t ever call them men from now on because they are not, they are misoginisists) who still go on about how much they hate women, feminism, etc. Why do you hate us so much? You accuse feminists of hating men. By definition we don’t hate men. Why do you hate us so much? You are missing out on great friendships, mothers, sisters, daughters. You hate us so much, why? This is 2013 in the west. And I have to pinch myself that I’m not a teenager in the 80’s and being upset by how I’ve been treated by some men at work and at play. But of Hollywood can’t get into the 21st century when it comes to women then how can you expect these misgoninists who are masturbating at home in front of a Hollywood film or a magazine that treats women as tits and ass, wife, girlfriend, prostitute, lover, mother?

Effective Community Management Strategies for Independent Film and Festivals


Ginger Media & Entertainment has put together social media marketing strategies for independent film and film festival clients since 2009. Community management and engagement from qualified and informed managers is as vital as face-to-face kick ass customer service. Remember that!

Social networks must contain well-written and snappy content that uses keywords, great copywriting skills and links to the brand. Posts to Facebook and Twitter have their own network codes (which I will discuss) and must occur on a regular basis. Community Management ensures the most effective delivery of content, monitor’s social media campaigns and daily network activities that support the objectives of the client.

By nurturing lasting communities that are kept engaged through meaningful content, customers and fans will be retained for future events and campaigns.


Content on Facebook must be well written, conversational, snappy and informative. All posts must contain a link to the subject matter: website URL or photograph.

Key points to remember:

  • Identify key influencers and engage in cross promotion and encourage guest posts.
  • Daily monitor of content for engagement and participate in key conversations with social channels.
  • Track and analyze performance metrics.
  • Engage with Fans. Ask questions to encourage answers. Draw them in to the Conversation: have they seen the film, what do they think of the issues, the festival, etc. Always answer any comments directed at client with the best Customer Service.


Miami International Film Festival 2012 Facebook page doesn’t go overboard with written content but it does post regularly information on festival news, festival film reviews and YouTube trailers.

Superior content can be found on Tribeca Film Festival Facebook site, which contains snappy conversational written content; links to films; questions about the filmmakers and films to keep fans engaged and encourage conversations. Here the Community Manager knows about the films and has read reviews and interviews with the cast and crews. This knowledge is used for content. It isn’t always necessary to see every film, knowledge can be found on IMDB and individual movie websites or in reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The key to this Facebook site is the film knowledge of the CM, questions, engagement and links to photographs and trailers.

Film Independent’s Facebook posts are sales driven rather than conversational. By using great copywriting skills fans are encouraged to attend events, sign up for competitions or buy tickets. FI uses What, Where, Why, Who and When in their posts with links to their website.

Fantastic Facebook content combines the conversational knowledge of Tribeca Film Festival with the sales copy of Film Independent.


One of Twitter’s microblogging services success in business is due to its engagibility of headline grabbing posts, which utilize keywords and links.

Posts should be easy to read, informative and conversational otherwise post tend to look like spam, i.e. not human. Copywriting skills are needed to attract followers. Ask questions, entice and promote.

Twitter is a great tool to present real time information and encourage fans and conversation especially when using it as a competition hub. Here we post competitions for tickets or goodies:

  • Tweet competitions – Q&A – Tweet the right answer for a free ticket or t-shirt

These competitions can be started in advance or on the day of a screening to increase ticket sales.

Keywords are used in all content pertaining to the client. Keywords attract fans and press who are interested in film.

Use hash tags (#) to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. These help your keywords to come up in Searches and to encourage unique followers.

Use RT to encourage followers to Retweet the post.

Twitter Examples:

PublishersWkly Publishers Weekly

Trailer for Martin Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’ (based on ‘Invention of Hugo Cabret’) unveiled during showings of Harry Potter

The above post is clear and concise in its information and uses active language. Readers are drawn to two big names of cinema and enticed by a trailer and further information from an article:


Martin Scorsese


Harry Potter

Link to the article and trailer


Today is your last chance to get tickets for the Crowborough Photowalk: £2.50 (£3 on the day) Sat 16 Jul Pls RT

This post uses sales techniques to get people to buy: Today, Last Chance:


Last Chance


Crowborough Photowalk



Link to website



LAFilmFest LA Film Festival

Nice reflection on 20th Anniversary of BOYZ N THE HOOD from @nprnews Watch our LAFF’11 video here:

Posts to this site are informative, chatty and use an active voice. If you’re a film fan you can just feel the excitement in each post. RT posts to other Tweeters and is personable about certain events at LAFF. In other words, this is a real person who is excited about film and LAFF:

Nice reflection – personal

20th Anniversary

Boyz N The Hood

Link to NPR Twitter post

Watch our video


And just because it works, here is another LAFF post with a hash tag example:

LAFilmFest LA Film Festival

Premier sponsor of today’s Awards Brunch for the #LAFilmFest winners is @Dove! Who do you think has “Best Hair”?

Premier sponsor – Who

Today – When

Awards Brunch – What

Winner – RT @Dove

Best hair? – question to encourage followers to click on the link

For Community Management purposes, an organized structure around these two sites is needed. But don’t be limited to Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to post information and links on other networks such as Linkedin, Myspace, Google+, etc. Research your customers and find the best way to connect.

Sign up on Ping and enter all your networks, blogs and bookmarking sites and Ping your post to all your sites. It saves a little time.

Ginger Liu is the Managing Director of Ginger Media & Entertainment: Digital Media & Strategy/PR & Founder of GLIU Photography: Fine Art. Documentary.

Social Media Marketing/PR Consultant to clients across the globe.


Ginger Liu is a Film Reporter for the Examiner and was a Film Reviewer for IndieWire’s The Playlist and Film & TV Columnist and Reviewer for Regent Media’s Gay Wired.

Ginger Media & Entertainment’s 2010 Success in Marketing Film Online through Social Media


Hollywood based Ginger Media & Entertainment is a successful social media marketing and online PR boutique company for independent film, DVD and art, boasting clients in Hollywood, NYC, London, Australia and Canada.

GM&E head, Ginger Liu, is a social media guru who has been at the forefront of the social media revolution. In late 2009 she was interviewed on national syndicated radio about her role in marketing independent films online. With one of the largest networks in the business, Ginger Liu lives and breaths the film industry in Hollywood and networks on a daily basis. As an entertainment journalist, she reports on movie box office, film festivals and screenings, including the Academy Awards. She has worked as an associate producer at a Hollywood production company, as a stills and event photographer, unit publicist and script reader. 

Ginger Liu consults on a regular basis to clients in the USA and UK. GM&E sets up social networks, posts 7 days a week, bookmarks and uses SEO and comments on forums and blogs to promote clients. The boutique specializes in independent film and budgets and uses organic one-on-one marketing through Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin with positive results combined with email marketing, press releases, content editing, pitching to multi-media press and the film community world wide. GM&E promotes clients 7 days a week and through it’s organic marketing successes has gained repeated and ongoing business.

An example of client results:

Women in Film International Shorts Program – marketing success.
The Evolution of Andrew Andrews – repeated business – full house for festival screening and  festival award.
Prince of Swine – SOLD OUT screenings on 4 out of 7 Los Angeles screenings.
Infection: The Invasion Begins – DVD SOLD OUT first week on Amazon.
9909 movie: Won two festival awards in NYC and reviewed in Variety.
Angie Stone – Grammy nominated singer – successfully promoted world tour through social networks.
SEO and bookmarking and network success proven by Google searches. Search for the above clients and Ginger Liu.

Ginger Media & Entertainment also promotes Atlanta fashion sensation, PZI Jeans, in the USA and UK through social media – 7 days a week.

Ginger Media & Entertainment was also the social media marketing director and consultant for LPA movingPictures and London Photographic Association – setting up of networks, attracting more than 1600 Twitter fans in half of 2010 and more than 1000 Facebook business fans, promoting and networking to filmmakers and photographers in London.

Ginger Liu is currently in London consulting filmmakers and promoting artists for photo documentary project on London’s East End cinema and filmmakers. The start of 2011 sees Ginger Media & Entertainment promoting a Spanish, French and Italian independent film production from February, a Hollywood independent production eco-sci-fi feature, and Ginger Liu will be covering the Academy Awards in February.

Ginger Liu has a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Media Practice (film, photography, media) from the prestigious University of Westminster in London.

For client and press list

Facebook – 5000 fans

Twitter – 1500 fans

Linkedin – 1200 fans

Ginger Media & Entertainment

Ginger Liu Photography

Facebook demands Government ID before shutting user down

I’ve already sent you information of what has been going on between Facebook and myself. They suspended my personal account without explanation and when I contacted them they demanded a copy of my Government ID to reinstate the page. I refused to give them my ID and demanded an explanation as to why they needed it. Facebook team member, Carmen, emailed me numerous times. She has never given me her last name.

What kind of corporation is represented by employees with no last name?

What kind of corporation refuses to give reasons why they shut their customers down?

What kind of corporation asks for Government ID’s? What if I was from the UK? They don’t have ID cards.

What kind of corporation refuses absolutely to answer any questions as to why I was shut down and why they would need my Government ID?

This email was sent to me:  “Hi, We apologize, but the only way we will be able to verify ownership of this account is if you reply to this email with an attachment of scanned, government-issued photo identification confirming your full name and date of birth. If you do not have access to a scanner, a digital image of your photo ID will be accepted as well. Rest assured that we will permanently delete your ID from our servers once we have used it to verify the authenticity of your account. Again, please note that we will not be able to process your request unless you send in proper identification. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thanks, Carmen User Operations Facebook.”

When I complained about sending my ID card and asked for an explanation, Carmen then sent me this email: “Hi Ginger, Unfortunately, your account has been permanently disabled for violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. We will not be able to reactivate it for any reason, nor will we provide further information about your violation or the systems we have in place. This decision is final and cannot be appealed. Thanks, Carmen User Operations Facebook.”

The fact is, I asked them repeatedly to explain to me why my account had been disabled. They refused on each count and instead sent me generic emails. I still do not know why they shut me down. I feel like I’ve been dealing with the FBI. They refuse to answer questions yet ask me for my Government ID. I still do not know Carmen’s last name.

I used my personal account for 3 years. I loved it. It has more than 4000 friends/fans on the page and my photographs of my family and events in LA. The account was shut down. I filled out the form on their website to contact someone in their office about my account. They eventually emailed me. They gave no explanation as to why my account was closed down. Instead Carmen repeatedly asked me for my Government ID. I want to remind you that Facebook is not a bank, nor do they charge for their service, yet they demanded my Government ID. They also refused to give me an explanation as to why they needed my ID. And today, they shut me down completely. I have no idea what I have done. I have been given no chance for recourse. I have been given nothing by a social network which I loved and used 7 days a week.

The Facebook website does not ask for USA Government ID to prove the identity of account holders, instead it asks for username, password and a secret question/answer. This information would have been proof enough to identify me but they did not ask me for this information. So why does it state the above on their website? My online bank requires a username and password. If I’ve forgotten this information I answer a secret question/answer. The bank does not ask me to scan and email my USA Government ID. Why is a social network demanding their users to send this legal and private information as proof of ownership? I could Photoshop my scan and email them a fantasy. But a password and question/answer combination is something only I and Facebook know -this is certain to identify me. I sent them this logic but instead they refused to answer me. I practically begged them to tell me what I’ve done to have my account suspended because I haven’t a clue what I’ve done. I practically begged them to reinstate the account because it is full of 3 years of memories. They refused to talk to me, period.

Oh, and did I tell you that the business/fan page connected to my personal account, is still live but I have no access to it. This page has my photographs, links to my work, details on who I am and I have absolutely no access to it. This is the USA, right?

And before you start pointing the finger at me and thinking that surely I must have done something wrong to have my account suspended. Well think again. I am the innocent user Facebook has suspended for no reason. You see, another  user can file a complaint about anyone and this complaint is filed with Facebook. They then suspend the account but don’t tell you what the complaint is about. Did I post an alarming image, news article, You Tube video, political statement? Who knows. But it takes just one user to complain about another user and this is what happens. Is this fair? No it isn’t because Facebook refuses to get into any dialogue and discuss the issue at hand. My personal account is no more. I have no idea why this has happened and when I complained I was asked for my Government ID. Yes, folks Facebook is a Communist country and other users can complain about you and have you suspended without explanation. The old days of Communist China also come to mind.

What can be done?

September 2010:

I am happy to say that my Facebook page was reinstated after about one month, for which I am very grateful to Carmen for. I begged and then I received a nice email from her and I thank Facebook again for allowing me access to my page. I am a big fan and user.

Ginger Liu.


Update: 2013 –

I have another issue with Facebook now – my Fan/Business page. Since August 2012, when I reported a spammer, I’ve not been given access to my own Fan page. I have filled out tickets and they’ve just ignored me -so Ginger Liu Photography is a live Fan/Business page that I own – my business – but I have no access to it. You’ll notice how long ago the post have been on there. Facebook suck big time.

Oscars, Cher, Facebook in Hollywood News

Cher will star in her first movie role in a decade, as she is set to join Christina Aguilera in Burlesque. No prizes as to what the film is about. Aguilera plays an ambitious small town girl who is introduced to the titillating neo-burlesque scene in LA’s very own Sunset Boulevard. Cher plays Tess, the club owner and former dancer who struggles to make ends meet. No news as to which direction the tone of the film will take. I, for one hope that we see real burlesque performances full of comedy and outrageous costumes, and not the general misconception surrounding this great art form. Please, it’s not about stripping.


Cher’s last film was Tea with Mussolini (1999) and Burlesque will mark the first time Cher has sung on screen.


I can’t think of anything as tedious and un-sexy as a film about the formation of Facebook. What’s even more remarkable is that David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club, Seven) will direct the story of Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg’s 2004 Facebook creation. Will this be sexy, murder mystery where the creators of Myspace and Friendster use any means possible to stop Zuckerberg’s brilliant plan for world domination? I think not.


The big news in Hollywood this week is that the Academy Awards have expanded the Best Picture category from five to ten nominees. The 82nd Annual Academy Awards hopes that having ten nominees will allow voters to recognize movies that are often recognized in lesser categories. The last time the Academy ran ten Best Picture nominees was in 1943 when Casablanca won.


Does this mean that the Academy sees a higher standard of the art form flocking our screens? I certainly think so. The last few years has produced some of the best movies in decades with positive nods to lesser Hollywood-machine genre films with stories that have delighted filmgoers from around the world.

Zero Tolerance for Kick a Ginger Day


I’m a redhead and growing up at school in England is tough for a “ginger.” We suffer relentless name calling and teasing that pours into adult life with repeated shouts of “Fergie.” I learned to be tough at school. Facebook’s Kick a Ginger Day should not have been allowed publication.

All bullying is wrong. Yes, I do have a sense of humor but there are plenty of
children out there who suffer daily at the hands of school bullies. There should be zero tolerance.