Facebook – the new existential question

Being on Facebook is a little comfort for those who don’t feel they exist. It’s like a star who has to be in the news – have their 15 minutes – in order to feel that they exist in the world. Facebook is a little like that. Say hi to people we do and don’t really know. We exist…or do we? It’s a little like being up in the sky on a spaceship. What comfort would they have that they exist, that they are wanted, missed, loved…start typing…say hello, we are here……….. Is this the new existential question? “I am on Facebook, therefore I am.”

Happy Easter everyone!

Isn’t this supposed to be a holiday weekend where I do nothing except stuff myself with chocolate eggs? As a kid I think I enjoyed Easter more because on Sunday morning at the breakfast table there was always an egg tray of six Cadbury’s Cream eggs and a large Cadbury hollow egg plus a bag of mini eggs from the Swiss – Suchard or Lindt – now you’re talking. Why does good chocolate make you go “ohhhhhhhhhh.” Heaven. And then because it was the Easter holidays and no school for two weeks, I’d be eating chocolate at breakfast, noon and night and it didn’t matter.

Diane Arbus exhibition at the Jewish Museum

iane Arbus is one of the most prolific photographers of the 20th century and a new exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New Yorkfeatures one of her most famous images of “Jewish giant” Eddie Carmel. Arbus wasn’t afraid to follow her own creative path and produce the work that interested her.

Masterpieces & Curiosities:

Diane Arbus’s Jewish Giant

April 11 – August 3, 2014

New York’s Jewish Museum.