Prince of Swine screenings in Hollywood sold out on last day. Ginger Media & Entertainment Social Media Marketing and PR does it again!

All four screenings of Prince of Swine were sold out at Laemmle Sunset 5 yesterday.

Prince of Swine is a wild and revolutionary new comedy, a metaphor for the state of the country, and a rowdy send up of everything from the new feminism to Wall Street to the American religion of celebrity.

“Toma, who stars, wrote, directed and produced Prince of Swine, has a good film on his hands. He makes excellent use of Los Angeles as his backdrop, filming surprisingly stylized and haunting scenes. Shots of Hollywood Boulevard haven’t looked this cool since Pretty Woman. Toma easily captures the vibe of what it’s like to be a girl in this town, especially a girl who wants to be famous, by any means necessary.

All in all, Prince of Swine is a well-made satire that’s easily enjoyed, provided you’re not expecting Citizen Kane.” Ebony March. Campus Circle.

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Sex and the City 2, The Losers and male orgasims

Look here male journalists!

When are you going to get it that ONE film about women –“Sex and the City 2” -is not a film for ALL women? That’s 51% of the population! And less of the misogyny when YOU DO dismiss “Sex and the City 2.” I read it every day from male journalists -the same male journalists who orgasm over comic book hero movies. Yet you will notice very little, if any, negative press about the later movie genre. I’m not saying that comic book hero movies are bad. I love some of them but if I stated that in this article that would refer that “Sex and the City 2” is bad. I haven’t seen it, I don’t know.

When 70% of journalists are male, they write about the films they want to see and from a male perspective. Any film about women which doesn’t consist of said women taking off their clothes and being under the age of 25, is hurled at as some gross “chick flick.”

What male journalists fail to acknowledge is that “Sex and the City 2” is as much about Hollywood fantasy as “Iron Man.” Yet male journalists write about the former as if it is a true depiction of all women in the western world. They dismiss the movie because they don’t see that women AND men could ever be enthralled by high fashion in New York City; presuming we’d much rather see two men shoot each other. One genre isn’t better than the other.  All I am asking for is a little fairness in journalism.

Why can’t male journalists write about what “Sex and the City 2” really is -a fantasy movie which alot of people will enjoy -despite the fact it has no guns and no comic book heroes?

Have I seen the first “Sex and the City?” Only on DVD. The film is a fantasy about four fortunate women who live it up in New York City. It’s pure escapism, just like “Iron Man.” Both movies have no bearing on my life and no similarities. When Carrie Bradshaw gushes at a new dress or a pair of shoes, this is dismissed by male journalists as the shallowness of money grubbing western women. When male movie characters gush over a new gun, no one blinks an eye and nothing is written about it. Take a look at the poster art for “The Losers,” starring Zoe Saldana. Instead of pontificating on the state of  white middle-class women in America, isn’t it time that something was said about the total and absolute love of violence and the gun in this country?

Prince of Swine is a politically irreverent courtroom comedy that puts feminism on trial.

The Inside Hollywood Examiner

Ginger Media & Entertainment

Prince of Swine: women on top

Mark Toma

This Memorial Weekend “Prince of Swine” promises to reignite the battle of the sexes and asks the question: “is feminism dead?” Written, directed and produced by Mark Toma, “Prince of Swine is a politically irreverent courtroom comedy that puts feminism on trial.”

Starring Nell Ruttledge, Mark Toma, John Klemantaski and Angel Marin.

“Prince of Swine” opens at Laemmle Sunset 5 in west Hollywood on Memorial Weekend.

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