Star Wars in 3D?

With Avatar global 3D successes, Star Wars creator, George Lucas is after his slice of the pie.

Judging by the 100 or so comments in this weeks Guardian article, no one wants to see Star Wars reissued in 3D so that’s why it will be marketed at the kids.

I for one loved the first three and lost all my respect after those turkey prequels. It was like finding out Father Christmas was dad.

London Photographic Association teams with Ginger Media & Entertainment social media and PR

Exclusive: the LPA is the first online photography and film association with social media marketing and online PR

The London Photographic Association is proud to announce that it has become the first online photography and film membership organisation to offer social media marketing and PR to its members. We’re working with Ginger Media and Entertainment to provide members with the best possible opportunities in social media marketing and online PR – at no extra cost.

Ginger Media and Entertainment represents the new school of public relations and PR and their expertise can really help you as individual members. The company is renowned as one of the leading social media marketing and digital PR companies in the USA and UK. It combines online PR, social media marketing and SEO with traditional methods of publicity and event organising.

Ginger Media and Entertainment’s owner, Ginger Liu, has one of the largest networks in the entertainment, media and art industries and has been interviewed on US radio thanks to her definitive role in social media marketing. Her combined experiences as a London-educated photographer, film and media professional and Hollywood-based social media marketing director make her a key influence in the PR world.

Our partnership with Ginger is unique for a photography and film membership association and is another demonstration of our forward-thinking dedication to raising the profiles of our members. Please help us make a success of this venture by keeping your online profiles full and updated, letting us know what you’re up to (no story is too small – after all, Twitter communicates in just 140 characters!) and linking to the LPA whenever you can.

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Graduate of the top Film, Media, Digital Imagery, Art and Photography University in Europe at the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster, the foremost media education centre in Europe: The University of Westminster, London UK: BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice.

London Photographic Association

The London Photographic Association welcomes members from all over the world.

The London Photographic Association (LPA) was formed in 2001.

We assist and advise our international membership on how to market themselves through the web, which is vital to the success of commercial and fine art photographers in today’s market. We also mentor our members on a one to one basis giving portfolio and editing advice. Photography competitions and exhibitions are run throughout the year giving photographers added exposure and pr opportunities. The LPA’s commission exchange initiative is a resource for art buyers and commissioners of photography. LPA’s fine art photographers also promote themselves and sell photographic prints through Gallery 1839.

LPA members range from students to world class and world famous photographers.
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