Japan earthquake disaster doesn’t bode well for California

What’s going on in Japan has had me glued to my TV. We’re used to seeing mother nature destroy second and third world countries. The fact that a rich and earthquake ready country like Japan can be destroyed as badly as anything like a world war, is rather shocking. It basically says that San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, will not be able to cope when the big one happens.

I watch the TV and I wish I could do something. I wish I was there interviewing and taking pictures. I imagine what it would be like if it happened here. The Japanese are so gracious and so civilized. No looting, fighting, screaming. They queue for food. That would not happen in LA. Anyone with a gun would kill for food.

My sister visited me today. We ate cake. We laughed. Life does go on.

Extinction by GLIU Photography

“EXtinction.” We are all animals. Anyone who has pets knows the special connection we have and how amazing and individual every animal is. We were born with a certain intelligence and we can either destroy or respect. It is scary to read that 99% of African animals have been wiped out in just one generation. The prospect isn’t good. The rarer these animals get the more valuable they become and there will always be men who want to kill them for money or for sport. Judging by the amount of news reporting of these animals and the human population explosion, these animals will be extinct in the wild and will only exist in zoos. For the first time in my life I agree with zoos. Where once I saw them as prisons, now they are sacred arks and possibley the only safe haven for these rare species.