Gay hate email from teacher Robert Peverley

I received a hate email from teacher Robert Peverely in response to one on my blog entries from May of this year. This man is a teacher of young children. Be very afraid.

“Gay people are defined by what they get up to between the sheets?
By labeling yourself as “gay” you set yourself up to be defined by what you are doing between the sheets.

I don’t define myself as “heterosexual” – especially to my children (or anyone else’s)
Keep your sexuality to yourself, and especially keep your sexuality and everyone else’s away from my elementary school children.

The best way to create “hate” for your sexuality is to push it all over other people. I don’t want to share my sexual interest with you and I have no interest in yours.

Enough said.”
Robert Peverley

My blog link: “Gay education at school is a good thing”

I think Robert Peverley protests too much. Throwing his hetrosexuality in my face.

What a Brit won’t say in America

I love California (I was born in LA) but as a Brit there are a few things I refuse to say:

1) Happy Holidays.    Look, it’s Christmas, alright?! I’m not on vacation in the Bahamas, it’s Christmas. Happy Christmas.
2) Soccer.     Look, it’s football, alright?! My hispanic friends and I know what to call the greatest game in the world. Football.
3) Awesome.   Look, it’s fabulous, amazing, brilliant, great, alright?!  As I don’t have an American accent, it just doesn’t sound right and anyway, it feels a little bit hippy. Fabulous.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon disappoints

I mentioned a few weeks ago what a mistake it was for the Twilight filmmakers to follow author Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon novel too closely and for losing their minds for having Edward go awol for much of the Twilight sequel: The Twilight Saga: New Moon. I mean, hello? Why was Twilight such a huge success? Exactly. So here you go, the LA Times says the movie suffers because of the lack of Edward and his full on love for Bella. What a shocker. Christ, I’m not even a teenage gal but this is what the gals want so what were the money grubbing filmmakers thinking?
Not that this will effect ticket sales. The Twilight Saga: New Moon has sold the highest pre sales tickets in American history. Teenage heart throbs only come once in a generation, so please, put Edward in the picture.

It is also sad to hear from Indiewire that the gals and women who backed Twilight will be left in the cold once more as another movie for the boys gets churned out. It happens all the time of course but this time it makes no sense when female fans proved to be the force behind Twilight’s success. And with Mr. Pattinson as THE heartthrob phenomena of more than a decade (he’s the real deal. e.g. John Travolta and Grease), producers choose to ignore and milk it. But none of this matters. These films are huge and the next one will be huge -the fan base is there, the PR is massive. Us gals get let down again -it’s like another bad date.