Barbie Doll in Hollywood Movie


After the recent success of live action toy franchises to hit the big screen it comes as no surprise to hear that Mattel’s Barbie doll is getting the Hollywood treatment.

As a child I couldn’t see the point of Barbie when my brother had much more fun toys to play with like Action Man and racing cars. I ditched the doll and played with the boys.

It’s too early to say which direction Universal will take on one the most famous dolls in the world. My hope for a black comedy starring Anna Faris in the role of the blonde who has every thing is rather doubtful.

Check out Aqua’s Barbie Girl and Julie Brown’s Cause I’m a Blonde from Earth Girls Are Easy.

Stanley Tucci joins Burlesque cast

Stanley Tucci

Burlesque adds Stanley Tucci to the cast that see Cher’s return to the big screen in more than a decade. She stars alongside Christina Aguilera in a neo-burlesque musical directed by Steve Antin.

Tucci is riding high from the successes of Julie and Julia and The Devil Wears Prada.

Aguilera plays a small town girl and knock-out singer who is taken under the wing of the manager of a burlesque club, played by Cher.

The movie is due for release in November 09.

Social Media Marketing for Independent Film by Ginger Liu

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The sheer size of Los Angeles is enough to make any foreigner’s head spin. Doing research before you go is essential. The Los Angeles ExpatInfoDesk Guide provides practical information on relocating to LA, invaluable facts that you need to know before you go and how to navigate the city when you get here. Used as a reference guide, the Los Angeles Expat Guide, provides real insider information to expat living. Written by an British expatriate and packed with essential information such as obtaining a visa, importing your own car, driving in LA, public transport, the city’s best schools, medical facilities, accommodation, how to rent or buy a house, banking, shopping, the city’s wealth of restaurants, bars, sports facilities, entertainment, and much more, this guide promises to become indispensable to any newcomer to Los Angeles.

Ginger Liu is a British expat who has lived in Los Angeles for more than two years. Her family, on her father’s side, comes from a long line of expatriates. Her Chinese grandfather was an expatriate in the UK and later in the USA at the turn of the 20th century. Her grandmother was a British expat living in the USA and later in China. Ginger Liu’s father and aunt left China after 1946 and they too became expatriates living in the UK and USA respectively. In the 1960’s Ginger’s family became expatriates after moving to the USA for a few years. Encouraged by her father’s internationalism and her mother’s tenacity, she studied media at University in London, backpacking across the USA in her summer holidays. After her father passed away, she traveled the world and throughout China, and decided to relocate to the USA. Ginger is a freelance writer in LA. Her articles on film, TV, music, art, travel, lifestyle, and food have appeared in numerous LA based web magazines. She is an entertainment columnist for Regent Media and a blogger for Pocket Change LA. Ginger Liu is also a LA event photographer and occasionally covers Hollywood red carpet events. Her blog, LA From The Apartment the Size of My Ass, is packed with entertainment news and interviews.

Evil Auntie and the Bay Area Web Pioneers

Evil Auntie is a comedy cooking series cooked up by Bay Area multi-media pioneers, Robin Elaine McCain and Leslie Strait, and is a 2009 Webby Awards Official Honoree.

Evil Auntie is lovingly based on one of McCain’s aunts and each month the eccentric Evil Auntie shares insightful cooking tips and instruction on food and life. The character’s comparisons with America’s national cook, Julia Childs, have not been lost on McCain and Strait. Their blog, Channeling Julia, provides insightful information on everything food related from correct cooking temperatures to cooking utensils.

Streit and McCain co-produced the first ever web series in 1996, the award winning Internet site, VD2001. Their production company, Cinematiks, is currently producing The Elly Glass Project, a documentary about pioneer architect Henry P. Glass and his wife Elly.