Travel: Los Angeles

Author: Ginger Liu

Extract from The Expat Info Desk Guide To Los Angeles:

“There are more than 140 languages spoken in Los Angeles making this busy American city a potential expat’s dream. Expatriates from across the globe, and other US cities, flock to this Western city in their droves. Many come looking for glory in the entertainment capital of the world; most don’t find their pot of gold or fifteen minutes of fame and head on back to their homes. Others are seduced by LA’s Mediterranean climate and famous beaches. For expatriates living in LA, like any cosmopolitan city, a little bit of home comes with you and perhaps nowhere else in the world is this more apparent than the city’s influx of ethnic enclaves, such as Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Koreatown, Thaitown, West Hollywood’s Russian population, and Santa Monica’s British and Australasian population. Los Angeles’ Latin American influence is omnipresent. The city has the largest population of Latin American outside of Latin America. LA also has one of the largest LGBT populations in the country.”

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