100 videoartists tell a century


The Project 100×100=900 celebrates the anniversary of 2013, conventionally considered the 50th year of videoart. One hundred videoartists from around the world are invited to participate and will produce a video artwork inspired by one of the previous 100 years., with an international exhibit will follow.


I spoke to Enrico Tomaselli, 100×100=900 Project Director.


  1. What is the 9 Hundred project?


100×100=900 Project is a special program launched by ‘Magmart | video under volcano’, international videoart festival, to celebrate the 50th of videoart. The birth of this art is conventionally established on 1963, when artist Nam June Paik realized and exhitibed a video installation in Germany.


  1. How did you choose the 100 videoartists?


The videoartists have been choose between the selected artists of the previous edition of Magmart. Some of them has been choose just by their artistic approach, the ‘profoundness’ that can be seen in the artworks… Other have been chosen to include the max diversity of cultures and ‘techniques’.


  1. Could the artist choose their year?


I matched artists and years randomly. In this way the work will be more ‘intriguing’ and bracing for artists.


  1. How has videoart evolved in the last 50 years?


There are two fundamental turning points in this evolution and one follows the other. Along its first phase videoart work mainly on videotape. It was very close to experimental cinema; the first turning point is the arise of digital videocameras that allowed a wide diffusion of production means and opened new perspectives. New approach to art by video followed, such as video dance, video poetry and videomapping.


  1. Who are your inspirations, past and present?


My personal ‘guru’ is unquestionably Bill Viola. I see in his video artworks an extraordinary talent to blend video technic and ‘pictorial’ representation.


  1. When and where do you hope to show the work?


We are currently established a partnership program, but we have always achieved some agreements that allow to show the project in Italy, Argentina, China, United States, Greece, Russia, Spain, Peru, Colombia, Cyprus and Armenia. We are waiting to end other agreements for Iran, Brazil, India, United Kingdom and Germany and we are always open to find new collaborations. The full list is periodically uploaded on project website. All the shows will have place between April and December this year.


  1. I’m sure it’s difficult to pick a handful of videoart work that represents the vision of the 9hundred project but in the limited space we have and if you had a gun to your head…


The idea base of the project is that to evolve it is necessary to understand what  past must be once and for all archived. In this sense, to call 100 videoartists to interpret anyone a year of the past century. Besides to constitute a really global narration of 1900s, represent an attempt to process the past, not by coincidence to artists and not by coincidence videoartists. The moving image (cinema, television, web) is one of characterising elements of 1900s.


  1. What is the future of videoart?


Videoart has a great and relevant future and art has been so intimately close to languages of contemporary, at their ‘grammar and syntax’. And the progressive switchover to digital of any expressive form by images, render always more subtle the wall that separate the artistic use of medium by all other uses. In this sense, videoart can reasonably be considered like any art form more inner at XXI century.


  1. How can videoart fans access the work and learn more about the 9hundred project?


We are planning a wide range of shows around the world. We’ll publish on our website the calendar of shows and will signal the artists that will go at each screening too. When the public show program ends all the videos will be available on the website. In the next month, we’ll publish a catalogue, purchasable in digital and printed format. Currently it is possible to contribute at 100×100=900 project, at http://www.kapipal.com/9hundred_project


Enrico Tomaselli

Magmart Festival Art Director





Interview by Ginger Liu