17 Again heads this weekends new releases


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New Releases:

Opening this Friday and expecting to give Hannah Montana a dent in market share is

“17 Again” staring Zac Efron. A down on luck middle-aged man is transformed back to the age of 17 and given a second chance to follow his dreams as a school basketball star. What he doesn’t count on is his middle-aged look on life and that the wrong choices he made in life may have been right.

Jason Statham reprises his lovable hit man role in “Crank High Voltage.” Chev Chelios (Statham) is kidnapped by a Chinese mobster. When he wakes up three months later he discovers a battery-operated ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity has replaced his heart. Mexican gangsters and Chinese Triads chase Chev across Los Angeles while he desperately tries to reconnect (no pun intended) with his girlfriend Eva.

British mini-series “State of Play” gets the Hollywood treatment in Kevin Macdonald’s stateside version starring Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, and Rachel McAdams. Affleck plays an honorable U.S. Congressman with a promising future until his assistant/mistress is murdered. Crowe plays a ruthless D.C. reporter who is also a long time friend of the Congressman. He and his partner (McAdams) try to uncover the killer’s identity and end up uncovering more than they bargained for.

Expect a lot of tears and joy in “Every Little Step.” Adam Del Deo and James D. Stern’s documentary of the Broadway revival of “A Chorus Line” features behind the scenes interviews and footage of the audition process.

Bridget Jones’ Star Renee Zellweger Asked to Hand Over Diary


Oscar winner and Bridget Jones’ Diary star, Renee Zellweger, was asked to hand over her real life diary by attorney Allen Michel. Michel represents an insurer that has paid nearly $6 million for a 7-week delay in shooting during the filming of 2005’s “Cinderalla Man” in Toronto, when leading man Russell Crowe dislocated his shoulder.  Renee’s agent negotiated a $3 million payment for the Bridget Jones’ Diary star because of the delay. Michel told a judge in Los Angeles on Friday that he wants Renee to hand over her diary, give a deposition and provide any other substantiating documents to explain her actions during that time. The insurer is denying liability for the money paid to Renee, who isn’t named as a party to the lawsuit. One can only hope that Renee’s diary is as entertaining as her celluloid doppelganger and entries include nods to overeating, unrequited love and petty jealousies.