Margaret Thatcher: Women at the Top: A Far Greater Achievement

Margaret Thatcher and Benazir Bhutto

It is a great achievement for the USA to elect a mixed-race President. But on the world stage it is a far greater achievement for the United Kingdom to have elected a woman as Prime Minister. In a time when women were still not equal, Margaret Thatcher led one of the oldest and sexist democracies in Europe. The USA is a relatively new country and we expect new ideas from this great nation. So it is a far greater achievement for a woman to land the top job. Women have only been accepted as real equals as recently as African Americans. I am happy for change but I wasn’t celebrating. Obama is still a man.

Obama’s skin color makes no difference to half the world. But to have a woman in charge, that truly would be amazing. Men of all colors still rule women around the world. Women are denied education, are tortured, are slaves, are NOT equal. A woman in charge of today’s richest nation would be a real achievement. Let’s not forget Queen Elizabeth I, who once ruled the richest nation in a world of men. But she wasn’t elected. Obama has no fear of being taken seriously abroad because the world is not all white. But if a woman was in his place, how would foreign leaders treat her when their own women are second class citizens? Men of all colors in all parts of the world rule over women.

I will rejoice for our equality if and when the USA elects a woman to the White House because on the world stage that will truly be an achievement.