Racist abuse against the British on St. Patrick’s Day

This is what racism looks like. This is a message an Irish American, Mare Mayer, sent to me after I remarked on a hate link against the British which she posted on Facebook. I’m actually part Irish and my remark about stop hating the British for the potato famine of 200 years ago was meant to stop this stupid racist hatred. Instead I’m sent a hate email.

I don’t like to generalize. In fact I find it hard to do because I have traveled the world and lived in many countries but for as long as I have lived in the USA, every Irish American I have met has been nothing but hateful and racist against me because of my nationality. And every time it happens, I don’t see it coming.

I love the Irish and I still do but Irish Americans are starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Here’s what Irish American, Mare Mayer, emailed to me. She has also been reported  for racial abuse:

“I am first generation Irish American. That woman in the photo is my mother who immigrated her to the US. I have dual citizenship in Ireland. My grandfather fought in the Easter Rebellion to get the English filth out of Ireland.  If you see me anywhere in town, do me a huge favor CROSS THE STREET AND DON’T TALK TO ME. You are not someone I want to know. Now why don’t YOU get over, it, you insensitive bitch.”

The only racism I have ever suffered in this world is from Irish Americans. I feel sad about it because whenever I have suffered racism it never affects my next encounter with an Irish American. I’m always open arms and I share my Irish heritage and hope for some kind of bond but I never get it. I always get the above. I feel sorry for them. The irony in this is that my great grandparents no doubt left Ireland and the potato famine to live in Liverpool -my mother’s family are Liverpool Irish. But racist Mare Mayer chickened out after sending me a hate email and removed herself from my friends. I am unable to return her email. Racists like Mare Mayer will continue to live in hate and will bring up their children to hate the “English filth.”  And the cycle of racism continues. Thankfully, I don’t hold on to ignorant grudges. I love the Irish, I love the English, I love the Americans, I love the Chinese, I love the Germans, I love the Japanese.

Irish Americans -Stop the hate.

I’m quarter Irish but as soon as I open my mouth, Irish Americans hear my English accent and they start their hateful diatribe about the potato famine of 200 years. It’s so stupid. Why bring up hate from so long ago? Racism is evil.

My grandfather was gassed in WWI. Do I hate the Germans? No.

My mother was evacuated from her home in Liverpool in WWII and the city was destroyed. Do I hate the Germans? No.

My father was beaten and kept under supervision in Shanghai. Do I hate the Japanese? No.

My mother’s family come from Cork. Do I hate the Irish? No…only those who hate me for being English.

One thought on “Racist abuse against the British on St. Patrick’s Day

  1. There is nothing as hypocritical as the Irish who live over in Britain and who moan about how much they hate Britian and how great Eire is. Well, there is an easy solution to that – GO HOME! It is only a short sea-crossing to “dear ould Oirland” and you would be doing us a favour. The crime figures would drop dramatically I can tell you!

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