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Graduate of the top Film, Media, Digital Imagery, Art and Photography University in Europe at the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster, the foremost media education centre in Europe: The University of Westminster, London UK: BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice.

Ginger Liu is a Hollywood based film publicist, digital marketing director, digital journalist, author, photographer, filmmaker and media maven. She is the owner of boutique digital marketing company, Ginger Media & Entertainment, with clients from USA, UK, Australia and Canada. She is also the owner of Ginger Liu Photography. Her images and articles have been published in film, music, entertainment and art magazine in the USA and UK and she is the entertainment columnist for Inside Hollywood Examiner and Regent Media.

Ginger is also the Digital Marketing Director of the London Photographic Association and LPA movingPictures. Her images have appeared on MTV and have been exhibited at DRKRM Gallery and New Puppy Gallery in Los Angeles. She is the Silver Winner of the London Photographic Association Portraiture ‘The Nude 2’ competition.

“You’re Practically A Man” by Ginger Liu – part of DRKRM Gallery Last Picture Show ‘09 Year-End Group Exhibition

DRKRM Gallery

Ginger Liu

London Photographic Association

Ginger Liu Photography


Ginger Liu Photo Blog: Ginger Photography

Ginger Liu Photography

Saatchi Online


ginger LIU

My Art Space



I am an Internationalist like my father and his father before him.

Ginger Liu is a Professional Photographer and a follower of Avante-Garde.

Specializing in Events; Documentary; Photojournalism; Fine Art; Travel; and Portraiture. Experienced retouch artist and Photoshop post production.

Photo Editing and Retouching.

My event photography around Hollywood encompasses: Red Carpet; Entertainment; Live Shows; Musicians; and Burlesque.

I work with music PR firms in London, NYC, and LA, in providing publicity shots and web presence for international clients: CD release parties, red carpet, editorial.


Event Types:

Banquet / Dinner
Private Party
Corporate Event
PR / Marketing Event
Lecture / Speaker
Stage Performance

Photography Education:

BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice: University of Westminster, London. UK. (Photography, Film, Media).

Post Graduate Photography Classes: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. UK.

BTEC Photography: Southport College of Art and Design, Lancashire. UK.

Photoshop Classes: City College. San Francisco, California. USA.

I have traveled throughout the world and lived in 3 countries…so far…

Nikon Equipment

MAC OS X 10.5.5

Photoshop CS4


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