Ginger Liu: Social Media Expert



Ginger Liu is an experienced social media expert, PR/web marketing specialist, journalist, and photojournalist. Specializing in, but not limited to, entertainment: music, film, art; travel, start-ups.


·          Manage key areas on the web and interactive marketing team, including search engine marketing (SEM)/search engine optimization (SEO), social networking campaign and online community development and execution, interactive marketing campaign support, and web and campaign analytics management.

·          Oversees several SEM/SEO programs, including organic search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, affiliate marketing, social networking PPC (i.e., Facebook), contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, online press releases, online competitive market analysis, and campaign analytics.

·          Serves as SEM/SEO channel lead with full responsibility in creating SEO/SEM strategies and working with and advising campaign integrators on SEM/SEO campaign elements that support and maximize overall integrated marketing campaign results.

·          Develops, implements, and manages search engine marketing campaigns and associated budgets in support of marketing goals and strategies, including keyword mining, writing PPC ad copy, and working with campaign integrators to ensure PPC copy is cohesive with campaign objectives.

·          SMO: Generate publicity through social media, online communities and community websites. Adding RSS feeds, social news buttons, blogging, and incorporating third-party community functionalities like images and videos. Viral marketing through networking in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites.

·          Recommends and deploy an appropriate mix of communications strategies and tactics with blogs, social media networks, social bookmarking, discussion groups and forums to drive brand awareness, engagement, and traffic to Access Group website/landing pages/social media pages in support of the overall digital/web/social networking strategy and goals set by management.

·          Develops a set of best practices and devise recommended rules of engagement for the use of social media; document the process, obtain feedback and disseminate across key stakeholder groups.

·          Advises campaign integrators and web channel lead on methods to optimize campaign landing pages and web site pages to enhance search engine rankings (organic and PPC).

·          Conducts analysis of web/campaign metrics to identify and derive key insights regarding key online customer trends and behavior and recommends strategies to maximize integrated marketing campaign results.

·          Prepares optimization reports and bid recommendations based upon key campaign metrics, including click thru rates, conversion rates, cost-per-click, and ROI.

·          Effectively manages and optimizes PPC campaigns on time and within budget on major search engines and social media sites, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook.

·          Generates website/campaign dashboard and analyzes web effectiveness, PPC, and online campaign performance metrics.

·          Responsible for the creation of content and implementation of a social media strategy, including content development in the forms of text, video and audio to be shared via blogs, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

·          Social Media Specialist who will drive traffic via content aggregators (e.g. Digg, Fark) as well as social networking channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). Responsible for formalizing social media optimization (SMO) strategies and tactics. Extend and maintain brand awareness across a variety of social media platforms.

·          Analyze website traffic and provide well-defined technical, design, content and optimization strategies for SMO improvement that maximizes ROI.

·          Work directly with site visitors, company team, consultants and industry leaders to create unique content including text stories, podcasts and videos.

·          Editor of all content, mixing self-created content, contributed content and borrowed content to achieve consistent tone of voice and regular entries within various social media vehicles.

·          Monitor community activity for appropriate online behavior as well as observing and reporting common behavior patterns.

·          Social Media Expert with professional experience implementing brand awareness on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Vimeo, YouTube, Blogging, and bringing new channels to the table.

·          Experienced multimedia skills, both in content creation (video, photography, audio) and editing/content creation software.

·          In-depth knowledge of and interest in SMO and online media; up-to-date with latest industry trends, technology and changes.

E-pitching technologies like MMNR’s, PR Trak, ProfNet, Bacon’s Media Resource, PR Newswire, Multi-Vu, ARA Content, E-Watch, Omniture, and MediaATLAS.

Experience with SMO of multimedia content including video, images, mp3s, etc.

·          BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice – University of Westminster, London UK.

·          7+ years of search engine marketing, social networking, interactive marketing, and web/campaign analytics experience. Excellent writing skills, marketing savvy, and working knowledge of social media and social networking sites, tools, and applications. Strong knowledge of user-generated content, web video, and viral marketing on the web.

·          Experienced with social media sites and how to use them to drive brand awareness, engagement, and traffic to a website/landing pages/social media pages.

·          5+ years experience as an international Journalist and Photojournalist with understanding of the interplay between online/social media and traditional media. Editorial and contributor journalist for numerous publications. Press releases, blog posts, newsletters, special reports, Op-Eds, columns, photojournalism. Blogs: “LA From the Apartment the Size of My Ass,” “I Really Want To Direct.”

·          5+ years marketing and sales experience. Entrepreneur: Owner of Ginger Media & Entertainment and Ginger Liu Photography.

·          10+ years multi-media/communications job experience in USA, Europe, worldwide. I have lived and worked in London, Berlin, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

·          I am the Inside Hollywood reporter for The Examiner, Expert Celebrity/Luxury blogger for Pocket Change LA, writer/photographer for LA.COM, Beatcrave, LA2DAY, and my work has been published around the world –experienced in entertainment features, interviews, reviews, bio, and blogs.

Photo Editing and Retouching.

Ginger Liu web presence:

Please check out my Linkedin profile for full resume details, as well as links to my websites and blogs:

You will find clips of my work here:

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Technoratti, Flikr, LinkedIn, Digg,, WordPress, Wink, Icerocket, Flock, Odeo, and around 40 others.


Infection: The Invasion Begins (DVD)
London Photographic Association
LPA Moving Pictures
Angie Stone (Grammy nominated singer)
ITS Management
NorthWest 10

Good Film LLC

Cause Entertainment
9.9.09 MOVIE
Xeneth Entertainment UK
Charlie Fernandes

7th Annual Conscious Life Expo, Conference, and Exhibition 2009: PR/marketing, press releases, editorial

Lee Joseph Publicity

Big Machine Media: International musicians: PR/marketing: interviews, editorial, photos

Factor Media Group: Production company, projects: Press release for new feature: The Bridge

Era of Angels: Clairvoyant readings: PR/marketing, social media marketing

TV/TV: Publicity photography: image featured on MTV

Shanghai Restoration Project: Editorial, Interview

Jack Savoretti: Editorial, PR/marketing, photography

Fever Blister: PR/marketing, fliers 30,000 copy/content articles of every European hotel, including local town and city descriptions: restaurants, culture, transport, tourist spots, and tips. Deadline of 150 pages of 150-250 words in 3-day turnover, including Excel spreadsheet update and research.

Bobby Field and The Bridge: Editorial: Interview and photography

The Riches, Season 2. TVM Productions: Quinn’s Journal Entry

Corporate: California Culinary Academy: Managing Editor of Newsletter, Press Releases, Constant Contact, Managed and Moderated Online Communities and Creative Content, Advertising Space for Job Portal, user trainer, reports, teaching manuals.

Culture Vulture

Inside Hollywood reporter for The Examiner

Trendhunter Magazine Adventure Travel: Photography, Writer UK, global photo tours: Hollywood Photo Tour Guide

Pocket Change LA: Newsletters: Luxury, Celebrity, Real Estate, Food, and Featured Blogger Contributing art writer and photographer

LA.COM: feature writer, photographer

Beatcrave: Interviewer, Feature Writer, Photographer: Music

LA2DAY: Feature Writer: Food and Dining, Health, Nightlife

LA From The Apartment The Size Of My Ass: Travel, Food and Dining, Internet, Content Management

Fused Magazine


NOAH: Canadian electronic musician

Patrick Wolf: London avante garde musician

Michael Sarysz: Actor and DJ, NBC’s Momma’s Boys

Fever Blister – PR, Fliers, Portraits

TV/TV – Interview, Photography, PR

Bobby Field – Interview, Photography, PR

DJ Lee


Chef Omri Aflalo of Citrus at Social – Interview, Photography, PR

Walter Meego – Interview, Photography, PR

Spork Sisters – Interview, Photography, PR

Monday Night Tease

Jamie Jo – Photography, PR

David Lynch Founation

Other work:

·          2008: Omniquest Media/Entertainment: Associate Producer, Production Management, Talent and Literary Management: Development, Executive Assistant and Office Manager. Script development. Script coverage, pitching, treatments, managed numerous feature, documentary, TV, and Web projects. Budgeting, contracts, trained interns, research, organized international festival booking, finance. Experienced in all aspects of packaging projects: script, legal, business plan, budget proposal, crew, shooting script, scheduling, and casting.

2008: Factor Media: Independent Development Consultant, Production Management, Finance, Research, Creative Consultant.

·          12/02 – 02/07: Volunteer for various non-profit organizations: A.V.P. Volunteer to assist victims of hate crimes. Assisted in promotions, fundraising research, and event organizing, for LGBT community in San Francisco and Chicago for annual Pride and weekly arts and media events. Anti-Violence Project Counsellor: on call for more than 100 weeks as an advocate to victims of hate crimes and domestic abuse.

·          10/2000 – 10/02: Onetel: Network Engineer (NOC): Operator for the UK’s 3rd largest telecommunications and online networks company. Managed and tech supported accounts in UK and Europe. Responsible for routine testing and escalation of telecommunication and network errors.

·          1/2000 – 1-/2000: English Tutor in Berlin – Self-employed: English tutor to Berlin business professionals.

·          2007: Glimmer Train: Finalist in the Fall Short Story Award for New Writers competition.

·          The International Documentary Association (IDA)

The International Travel Writers Alliance (ITWA)


·          BA (HON) Contemporary Media Practice: Media, Film, Photography: University of Westminster. UK

·          MFA Creative Writing: New College California. Completed one year – school closed down.

·          Journalism, Small Business Management, Sales and Marketing, Film: City College, San Francisco, CA

·          AA Creative Writing: Skelmersdale College, Lancashire, UK

·          BTEC National Diploma in Photography: Two-year technical degree. Southport College of Art & Design. UK.

·          PC, MAC, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Web/Blog Publishing, Breakdown Express, Side Express, SEO, In Entertainment, Website Development, Photoshop, HTML, Databases Software, Goldmine, Nexus Lexus, WWW, Outlook, Constant Contact, Google, Final Draft, PR Newswire, PR Web, QuickBooks, Final Cut Pro, WordPress management tools, ACT, Lotus 123, Peoplesoft.

Travels: China, USA, UK, France, Australia, Mexico, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, Ireland, so far.

Web Marketing through Social Networks.

Websites are no longer the online marketing tool for your business. Social networking, through blogs and network hubs like Facebook, have taken over the world in connecting people. And it’s no longer the sport of the young or tech nerds, businesses have found it the most effective, cost effective, and modern way to communicate their business to people of all ages. This is the digital age. Do you want to stay connected?

PR web marketing, social networking experts, and professional bloggers are essential in making sure that articles about your business are search engine optimized, have links back to your website, and are given as much exposure online through social network hubs, web magazines and blogs. Think of it as PR for your business.

Successful and long-term blogging can be directed to bring in tremendous business. By posting articles about your business or posting articles that even just mention your business in passing, you gain customers because your business name or product is linked back to your website, and in turn lifts you up the ranks. The more buzz your business receives, the higher the ranking on search engines like Google.

The power of blogs gets your business noticed by promoting your new services, products, and website through professionally written blog posts, articles, interviews, and other promotional and marketing services through hubs like Facebook. Invites through Facebook can be directed to a certain demographic about your business activities and is the most popular way to organize and publicize a marketing event around your business.

Like any marketing campaign, your blog content should be updated at least once a week, sometimes every day. Not many business owners can keep up with this task. Bloggers have expertise in writing for an audience and can supplement the business owner’s personal blog posts or provide 100% of the content as ghostwriters. After all, a blog is about connecting and communicating with your readers. A blog about your business sets you apart and gives your business a human face. A conversational and user-friendly blog that describes your services, shares stories about who you are, and will encourage readers and potential customers to your site. Blogs are set up so that readers/customers can make a comment about a post, thus you will know first hand how your business is doing and what your customers need. Conversation builds trust.

Social networking hubs: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, and around 40 others. Applications and plug-ins are available so that social networking sites are updated every time a new blog post is published. Think of this as a press release. A blog post is published about your business, it is then sent out to your readers and potential customers. Each post is linked back to your website. What this means is that your URL is posted on every blog post. Customers from all over the world can click on your URL and be linked back to your website.

Cost of social marketing services:

I.     Initial set-up of blog.

II.     Basic blog with author’s/business blog posts.

III.     Advanced blog with links to sites like Facebook. Google Adsense, photographs, You Tube.

IV.     Professional blogging services. Blog Content: posts and articles with SEO and links back to your website (PR).

Cost breakdown of blogging/content services:

I.     Ten blogs are posted about your business and services. Blogs include links back to your website using SEO, or Search Engine Optimization and relevant keywords.

II.     Twenty blogs are posted about your business and services with SEO, keywords, and links back to your website.

III.     Monthly package of fifteen blogs posted about your business with SEO, keywords, and links back to your website.

IV.     Full page invites to your services (press release) on Facebook, Myspace, etc.

V.     Social networking hubs: each blog post is updated on more than 40 hubs to increase traffic to your website.

For every business with a website, a successful blog is an essential social marketing and informational tool that separates new business from the old. Stay connected.

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