Ginger Liu Public Relations

Ginger Liu Public Relations

Ginger Media &  Entertainment

Reach your audience at a grass roots level in every town and city through social media. “Who’s your audience?” Indiewire.

Online, Print and Broadcast.

Aggressive marketing campaigns providing as much online, print and broadcast coverage as humanly possible.

Public Relations has evolved with its audience. Pitching and Marketing to Journalists, Bloggers and Editors has become a full time job in itself. There are hundreds of relevant online magazines and blogs to pitch. Being successful is knowing your contacts, approaching the right people and writing attention grabbing content.

Ginger Media & Entertainment: writing services, pitches, promoting and connections with online publication editors, bloggers and broadcast and print media in all English speaking territories.

Writing Services, Press Kits, Press Releases, Event Listings and Event Organization. Film promotions, website launch, talent exposure.

All stages of publicity: Development, Unit Publicist, Post Production, Release and Launch. Unit photography and promotion.


Fanpires in Venice
PZI Jeans
Prince of Swine
Good Film LLC
Infection: The Invasion Begins
London Photographic Association
LPA Moving Pictures
Angie Stone (Grammy nominated singer)
ITS Management
NorthWest 10
Cause Entertainment
9.9.09 MOVIE
Xeneth Entertainment UK
Charlie Fernandes

“Ginger is the best…she really elevated the visibility of 9909movie!!!”
Howard Wexler, Director, Producer

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