Gay education at school is a good thing

I don’t understand why, as a teacher, you would rather say nothing and just tolerate any bullying what’s so ever. It’s bad enough being bullied, but it’s even worse if you’re gay because that gay child is not going to tell his/her parents that they are gay. They are all alone. And this is why suicides are so much higher for gay youth. This is also why gay people go to extremes to hide their pain by being way over the top and why there are gay parades. It isn’t okay to be beaten up, it isn’t okay to be told you should have been drowned at birth, it isn’t okay to be called all the name under the sun, when society and the family doesn’t really support gay people. At the end of the day. We are just as boring as straight people. There are still people around, including the government, who think that you can be turned gay. They call it (Sarah Palin) a “choice.” Wow, who on earth in their right mind would choose this. But there you go, alot of people think that way because they have no idea what gay is all about. They can’t get past the sodomizing. They can’t get by the sex, period. Gay people are defined by what they get up to between the sheets. Hate crimes are tolerated by governments who see gay people as second class citizens. The famous Matthew Shepherd case is still being debated at the highest level with Republicans seeing a gay man being beaten to death because of his sexuality as not a brutal murder but a justified act because his murderers use the Gay Defense. What that means basically is that if you are straight you can murder a gay person and say that this gay person was coming on to you and you get off, Scot free. True, it happens. That is still a legal defense in this country. You can imagine Mrs. Shepherd, how she feels. She travels round the country trying to change these evil laws that basically tell everyone that a gay life means nothing. It was the same for blacks, back in the day. But by not doing anything and saying that this is what goes on in life, we must deal with it, then society does not evolve. I just want to be treated as good as the next person and I want others to be treated with the same respect. If we educate at schools, perhaps gay people will grow up with less emotional baggage and insecurities and they won’t feel the whole world and society hates them. This is why there are separate gay schools in NYC so gay kids can go to school and grow up feeling they are “normal” and good about themselves instead of feeling ashamed. At the Oscars this year, anti-gay activists lined outside to boycott the movie Milk. I was quite appalled about this and told someone I was. She replied that they were activists and so far right idiots who shouldn’t be listened to. And I agreed but then I thought, well these people kind of have to be admired because at least they are telling the truth about their hate. Most people who are intolerant of other people, won’t admit it because they are afraid of the law. I experienced it at work in gay friendly San Francisco. These are the people to watch out for because you work with them and have to deal with them.

One thought on “Gay education at school is a good thing

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