Music: Danger Radio at The Knitting Factory



When Danger Radio made it to the stage at The Knitting Factory to set up equipment, screaming girls elbowed and inched their way through the mosh pit to the front of the stage to shout a name or stretch out an arm. When singer Andrew De Torres made his entrance, the female throng went wild, and their first song, the classic pop “Party Foul” started the party.

Danger Radio is made up by: De Torres, Andy Brookins, Elan Wright, and Nico Hartikainen. Together they put on a well-polished and accomplished set. The band released their debut album, “Used and Abused,”  in July of this year and they’ve been on tour for much of the year. Danger Radio have found their niche in quirky little pop songs but it remains to be seen if their bland white-bread pop takes them to the next level.



gl/2008/12/16 gl/2008/12/16


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