Paula Dean and the rules of bigotry

I’m not condoning what Paula Dean said or whatever happened, blah, blah blah but things have not been very fair. For example. During the Japanese tsunami which killed hundreds of thousands of people, 50 Cent Tweeted that it was payback time for Pearl Harbor. Nothing was done about his remark which was also racist.

Tracy Jordan thinks it’s a funny routine to say that every father wishes their children were dead if they were born gay – paraphrasing. Did he lose his job? No. Apparently we didn’t get the joke. Ha, ha. But he was allowed to apologize by getting his PR company to sign him up for LGBT youth visits. He got to apologize and all was okay.

It’s just one rule for one and another rule for everyone else. Mel Gibson allegedly was not too nice to his women but this didn’t ruin his film career. It’s okay to beat your woman, apparently. However, a racist remark did kill -just a little bit- his film career.  Just saying.

It’s all over for Paula Dean but it appears other people can get away with the same kind of thing. I don’t even know who Paula Dean is. Whatever!

How to Blog WordPress Dashboard

The body goes here. I would suggest writing your blog on Word so that you can check for spelling and have the  content saved just in case you crash.

All content must have at least one Link to your website or social network and perhaps a link to a magazine, news article or website which hits on your content. Please look at online magazines, online newspaper and popular blogs for examples of how it’s done. You will notice that the title of the blog is just like a newspaper or magazine heading. The creation of your title automatically becomes your URL – this is why you must have keywords so that it is grabbed for SEO. Again, look at magazines and newspapers – keep the title short and to the point and right on the subject. Top Tens are very popular with readers as they know they are usually going to read a top ten list that hits the points and is easy to read and navigate.

The body of the blog is to be laid out just like any online magazine or newspaper  – paragraph breaks, images and videos. The bar above has basic document editing such as Bold, Italics and bullet points. On the right of text alignment  – left, center and right, you will notice two Link symbols. This is how we link your blog to another website. In order to do this you must highlight the area in your blog you wish to post the link – you can highlight a letter, word or paragraph. Highlight it then click the Link on the left. An Insert Link pop up box…pops up. You enter the web URL address in full and click Add Link. To change your mind – you can break the link by highlighting the link and then clicking the broken Link symbol.

It’s best to have an image with every post as we tend to bark at too much text. I’m going to publish this and then post a new blog with an image.

Before you click the Publish button on the right. Enter Tags below – this is for your SEO. Tags are keywords to do with your blog post. Click Add. If you don’t want to Publish just yet -perhaps you want to back up a few posts and publish them at different times, you can click on Save Draft on the top right. You can also click on Preview to see if your post is looking how you want it – paragraphs, images, links, etc. Below the Publish button is Categories. This is to sort/file your blog posts into relevant groups. For instance, you can Add New Category for one of your subjects. Whenever your blog post is about that subject you can click on that Category and after it is published it will be filled on your blog for readers to see all the blog posts to do with this particular subject.

Even after you’ve published a post, you can still go back to edit it in the Dashboard or delete it or hide it for future publishing.

Okay, Publish this and now I’m on to an imaged blog post.

From British terrorism to Occupy Wall Street – Happy Guy Fawkes Day

From a symbol of British terrorism and one of the best celebrations of the year to the movie “V For Vendetta” and Occupy Wall Street.

Guy Fawkes will always be remembered for the Gunpowder Plot and the Brits have been celebrating its failure since 1605.

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

If you are in England this weekend make sure you enjoy a wonderful night of bonfires, fire works and hot food. It’s a magical night.

Happy Guy Fawkes night!

GLIU Photography & Film

Effective Community Management Strategies for Independent Film and Festivals


Ginger Media & Entertainment has put together social media marketing strategies for independent film and film festival clients since 2009. Community management and engagement from qualified and informed managers is as vital as face-to-face kick ass customer service. Remember that!

Social networks must contain well-written and snappy content that uses keywords, great copywriting skills and links to the brand. Posts to Facebook and Twitter have their own network codes (which I will discuss) and must occur on a regular basis. Community Management ensures the most effective delivery of content, monitor’s social media campaigns and daily network activities that support the objectives of the client.

By nurturing lasting communities that are kept engaged through meaningful content, customers and fans will be retained for future events and campaigns.


Content on Facebook must be well written, conversational, snappy and informative. All posts must contain a link to the subject matter: website URL or photograph.

Key points to remember:

  • Identify key influencers and engage in cross promotion and encourage guest posts.
  • Daily monitor of content for engagement and participate in key conversations with social channels.
  • Track and analyze performance metrics.
  • Engage with Fans. Ask questions to encourage answers. Draw them in to the Conversation: have they seen the film, what do they think of the issues, the festival, etc. Always answer any comments directed at client with the best Customer Service.


Miami International Film Festival 2012 Facebook page doesn’t go overboard with written content but it does post regularly information on festival news, festival film reviews and YouTube trailers.

Superior content can be found on Tribeca Film Festival Facebook site, which contains snappy conversational written content; links to films; questions about the filmmakers and films to keep fans engaged and encourage conversations. Here the Community Manager knows about the films and has read reviews and interviews with the cast and crews. This knowledge is used for content. It isn’t always necessary to see every film, knowledge can be found on IMDB and individual movie websites or in reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The key to this Facebook site is the film knowledge of the CM, questions, engagement and links to photographs and trailers.

Film Independent’s Facebook posts are sales driven rather than conversational. By using great copywriting skills fans are encouraged to attend events, sign up for competitions or buy tickets. FI uses What, Where, Why, Who and When in their posts with links to their website.

Fantastic Facebook content combines the conversational knowledge of Tribeca Film Festival with the sales copy of Film Independent.


One of Twitter’s microblogging services success in business is due to its engagibility of headline grabbing posts, which utilize keywords and links.

Posts should be easy to read, informative and conversational otherwise post tend to look like spam, i.e. not human. Copywriting skills are needed to attract followers. Ask questions, entice and promote.

Twitter is a great tool to present real time information and encourage fans and conversation especially when using it as a competition hub. Here we post competitions for tickets or goodies:

  • Tweet competitions – Q&A – Tweet the right answer for a free ticket or t-shirt

These competitions can be started in advance or on the day of a screening to increase ticket sales.

Keywords are used in all content pertaining to the client. Keywords attract fans and press who are interested in film.

Use hash tags (#) to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. These help your keywords to come up in Searches and to encourage unique followers.

Use RT to encourage followers to Retweet the post.

Twitter Examples:

PublishersWkly Publishers Weekly

Trailer for Martin Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’ (based on ‘Invention of Hugo Cabret’) unveiled during showings of Harry Potter

The above post is clear and concise in its information and uses active language. Readers are drawn to two big names of cinema and enticed by a trailer and further information from an article:


Martin Scorsese


Harry Potter

Link to the article and trailer


Today is your last chance to get tickets for the Crowborough Photowalk: £2.50 (£3 on the day) Sat 16 Jul Pls RT

This post uses sales techniques to get people to buy: Today, Last Chance:


Last Chance


Crowborough Photowalk



Link to website



LAFilmFest LA Film Festival

Nice reflection on 20th Anniversary of BOYZ N THE HOOD from @nprnews Watch our LAFF’11 video here:

Posts to this site are informative, chatty and use an active voice. If you’re a film fan you can just feel the excitement in each post. RT posts to other Tweeters and is personable about certain events at LAFF. In other words, this is a real person who is excited about film and LAFF:

Nice reflection – personal

20th Anniversary

Boyz N The Hood

Link to NPR Twitter post

Watch our video


And just because it works, here is another LAFF post with a hash tag example:

LAFilmFest LA Film Festival

Premier sponsor of today’s Awards Brunch for the #LAFilmFest winners is @Dove! Who do you think has “Best Hair”?

Premier sponsor – Who

Today – When

Awards Brunch – What

Winner – RT @Dove

Best hair? – question to encourage followers to click on the link

For Community Management purposes, an organized structure around these two sites is needed. But don’t be limited to Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to post information and links on other networks such as Linkedin, Myspace, Google+, etc. Research your customers and find the best way to connect.

Sign up on Ping and enter all your networks, blogs and bookmarking sites and Ping your post to all your sites. It saves a little time.

Ginger Liu is the Managing Director of Ginger Media & Entertainment: Digital Media & Strategy/PR & Founder of GLIU Photography: Fine Art. Documentary.

Social Media Marketing/PR Consultant to clients across the globe.


Ginger Liu is a Film Reporter for the Examiner and was a Film Reviewer for IndieWire’s The Playlist and Film & TV Columnist and Reviewer for Regent Media’s Gay Wired.

Social Media Strategy: Bookmarking By Ginger Liu

Social Media Strategy – Bookmarking:

Sometimes called Social Bookmarking, this is a method for users to store, organize, manage and search Bookmarked URLs. Bookmarking sites are usually public and links you’ve posted with metadata to include keywords for ease of searches, have the potential to be clicked through and/or read by hundreds or thousands of users. Bookmarking sites contain either a broad subject matter or a specific subject that has a loyal following. Broad subject sites tend to follow the subject structure of an online magazine, e.g. Entertainment, Art, Politics or Lifestyle. Specific sites are by subject, i.e. Technical, and are subdivided into smaller subjects within the Technical framework.

Mashable lists over 50 bookmarking sites but I’ve listed some of the most popular:












Sign up with as many Bookmarking sites as you can, find friends and followers and start bookmarking.

Ginger Liu is the Managing Director of Ginger Media & Entertainment: Digital Media & Strategy/PR & Founder of GLIU Photography: Fine Art. Documentary.

She is a Social Media Marketing/PR Consultant to clients across the globe.

Ginger Liu is a Film Reporter for the Examiner and was a Film Reviewer for IndieWire’s The Playlist and Film & TV Columnist and Reviewer for Regent Media’s Gay Wired.