Paula Dean and the rules of bigotry

I’m not condoning what Paula Dean said or whatever happened, blah, blah blah but things have not been very fair. For example. During the Japanese tsunami which killed hundreds of thousands of people, 50 Cent Tweeted that it was payback time for Pearl Harbor. Nothing was done about his remark which was also racist.

Tracy Jordan thinks it’s a funny routine to say that every father wishes their children were dead if they were born gay – paraphrasing. Did he lose his job? No. Apparently we didn’t get the joke. Ha, ha. But he was allowed to apologize by getting his PR company to sign him up for LGBT youth visits. He got to apologize and all was okay.

It’s just one rule for one and another rule for everyone else. Mel Gibson allegedly was not too nice to his women but this didn’t ruin his film career. It’s okay to beat your woman, apparently. However, a racist remark did kill -just a little bit- his film career.  Just saying.

It’s all over for Paula Dean but it appears other people can get away with the same kind of thing. I don’t even know who Paula Dean is. Whatever!

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