Hi Film Fans,

I invite you to check out the new film social network site – Filmbuffet. It’s brand new – BETA. Be the first to try it out. We welcome fans to write content, start a group and build your own discussion pages. Make it your own.

Your film Blog, your Discussion page, your Group. This is your film network.

Sign up, it’s free, check it out for yourself. It’s cool.


The Buzz – start your own discussions.

Groups – start your own groups, be an expert.

Blog – want to write about the awards season?

My Collection – show off.

Members – tell your friends and make new ones.

Movies – search, score, comment or buy.

Review – write a review.

Discussion – start or comment on a thread.


Here’s my page – sign up!

Here’s the blurb:

Filmbuffet invites movie fans to continue their movie experience online. Think of us like your friendly neighborhood coffee shop.  Only instead of coffee, we’re serving up a mixture of good conversation, original reviews and the opportunity to make new friends with others who share your interest in film.  A place where you’re the star and your opinion matters.

As the first social networking and movie cataloging site of its kind dedicated to movie lovers, we invite you to build your own virtual movie collection to share with friends and other movie lovers. Discover the movies your friends and family members loved – or hated.  Influence other movie fans by rating and discussing movies.  Learn from other movie fans with similar tastes in film.

And if you’re dying to see a film featured in another member’s movie collection? You can also watch movie trailers or purchase DVDs and movie tickets from the Filmbuffet site.

Cheers everyone,

Ginger Liu

Film and TV columnist for Regent Media, reporter for Inside Hollywood Examiner and contributed to Playlist-Indiewire, LA2DAY, Yahoo, Pocketchange LA, LA.COM, IMDB, Film Community and MTV.  My coverage has appeared in Variety, Cinemablend, Moving Pictures, Fangoria, Yahoo. Owner of Ginger Media & Entertainment and GLIU Photography & Film.

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