Successful Community Management strategies for business


What is Community Management?

In its simplest form, as the name suggests, is a managed online community that is informed, engaged and conversant. The most successfully managed communities incorporate all three to ensure customer and fan loyalty and one that attracts coverage from influencers. Influential bloggers and journalists blog or Tweet about your brand. Influencers have access to a wider community and are akin to having a review in a newspaper.

Social networks must contain well-written and snappy content that uses keywords, great copywriting skills and links to the brand. Posts to Facebook and Twitter have their own network codes (which I will discuss) and must occur on a regular basis. Community Management ensures the most effective delivery of content, monitor’s social media campaigns and daily network activities that support the objectives of the business.

By nurturing lasting communities that are kept engaged through meaningful content, customers and fans will be retained for future business, events and campaigns.

Ginger Liu is the Managing Director of Ginger Media & Entertainment: Digital Media & Strategy/PR & Founder of GLIU Photography: Fine Art. Documentary.

Social Media Marketing/PR Consultant to clients across the globe.

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