UK media squashing British identity for love affair with US

I love the USA but why is the British media covering more on the USA elections than their own? There are numerous complaints about this on the BBC.

I complained about yet another American article in the Guardian. This is a British newspaper yet daily front page news is about the US elections. The US elections have no significance on UK life. I read the LA and NYC Times for US news and the Guardian for UK and world news but lately it’s all US news. It is obvious that the online addition is pandering to US readers. I’d like to see the NYC Times pandering to UK readers. That won’t happen. Have some self respect Guardian. I’ve read you for more than twenty years and lately I may as well read the American newspapers.

I complained last week about Halloween when front page news was about American pie. What about reporting on UK food for this celebration? I’ve watched more coverage on the US elections in the UK than in the US. The UK is not a state in the US.

Who cares in the UK who won seats in some small state in the US? Would Americans care less about who won elections in a town in the UK? Living in the US there’s very little news on UK elections. Returning to the UK and all I read about and watch on TV is the USA elections. What’s happened to my Britain? There’s plenty of world news. Report on this and stop losing British identity.