The Johanneans – China Through My Aunt by GLIU

St. Johns’ University in Shanghai – GLIU

GLIU is an award winning artist who has exhibited work in the US and UK. She is based in Los Angeles and London.

The Johanneans will be exhibited with video instillations, short film and travel memoir.

“After her father’s death in England, Ginger Liu left London and spent the next five years traveling across America in total confusion, searching for what she really wanted in life. After losing her job during the worse recession in modern times, Liu moves to Hollywood to fulfill her dreams of working in art and entertainment. Using her wits about her she starts her own business and struggles to keep a roof over her head. But the fulfillment of American dreams and the superficiality of Hollywood celebrity can’t dampen her need for what is missing in her life until her globe trotting aunt invites her to an alumni reunion at her late father’s University in Shanghai. The two embark on a journey across China and a quest for self-discovery that ultimately brings her closer to her family and teaches her how to let go." I was invited by my 85 year old aunt -a Professor of Ethnomusicology whose lifetime definitive work on Kunqu Chinese opera is kept in the Library of Congress -to a unique alumni world reunion of graduates (Johanneans) at St. Johns’ University in Shanghai; where for the first time since the communist take over in 1949, graduates from all over the world would meet on the grounds of the “Harvard of the East” for perhaps the last time. Both my late father and my aunt were graduates of the university. They were also the children of a Chinese father and an English mother whose work and studies in the early part of the 20th century took them across England, USA and China.”

GLIU MA Photojournalism 2011

All content © Ginger Liu Photography, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.
No form of reproduction, including copying or saving of digital image files, or the alteration or manipulation of said image files, is authorized unless written usage rights have been obtained and issued by Ginger Liu Photography

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