Eat, Pray, Love fails as a Hollywood movie

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety have reviewed Eat, Pray, Love, the new movie with Julia Roberts based on the highly acclaimed and successful memoir from Elizabeth Gilbert, as though they were expecting some religious truths and deep soul searching from a Hollywood production.

Is anyone surprised? This is a Hollywood movie. It isn’t going to dare get into religion and personal growth. An Indie production would have done this. Instead we have Hollywood keeping it far removed from the above and making it a romance novel. Why is anyone surprised? Don’t complain about it when we all know that this is a Hollywood version.

I have read the memoir and although I thought it to be overdosed on vanity and obsessed with ones owns feelings, as is the American way, I am looking forward to the movie because of Julia Roberts and her hunky male co-stars, which include  Javier Bardem, James Franco and Billy Crudup.

It is what it is – a Hollywood version of a memoir. Don’t expect anything less.

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