Angelina Jolie is action woman in Salt but what about Sigourney?

Has everyone at the LA Times forgotten that Sigourney Weaver ever existed? She has been interviewed many times before about her roles and how many of them were initially intended for men. Well I know how the PR on this film works and I guess they are going with “Angelina Jollie -the first ever female action hero.”

Which we all know isn’t true. Sigourney Weaver was at Comic-Con last year, she was voted the greatest female action hero of all time for her role as Ripley in the Alien franchise. But we all know this. Ah well, let the PR role.

Of course, what the LA Times is really getting at is the star power of Angelina Jollie in an action role. The trades say it better. Jollie is selling tickets as a bona fide action hero to rival the guys and she is the only woman to do this, hence her $20 million price tag.

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