Ginger Media & Entertainment does it again: The Evolution of Andrew Andrews boasts largest audience at Dances With Film Festival

The Evolution of Andrew Andrews wowed the crowd at The 13th Annual Dances with Films Festival in Los Angeles in June. No other film in their category sold as many seats at Laemmle Sunset 5 in West Hollywood.

The Evolution of Andrew Andrews is the brainchild of comedic duo Will Klipstine and Amy Mills under the duos Singing River Productions umbrella. Directed by Klipstine, this charming, odd-ball comedy looks at what it takes for a 30-year-old boy to grow up.

“The Evolution of Andrew Andrews is silly and gross, tender and sweet. A wonderful vehicle for Will Klipstine’s obvious comedic touch and featuring a truly marvelous performance from Amy Mills, The Evolution of Andrew Andrews is sure to be a crowd-pleaser throughout its festival run. If you get a chance, catch this indie jewel!

While the film’s gross-out humor may bring to mind any number of Sandler films, it is the marvelous chemistry between Klipstine and Mills that evokes memories of the underrated gem Lars and the Real Girl. As the human connection sparks between Andrew and Mills’ Olivia, The Evolution of Andrew Andrews evolves itself into an indie comedic gem sure to connect with festival and niche’ crowds.

The truly revelatory performance in The Evolution of Andrew Andrews belongs to Amy Mills, who co-wrote and co-produced the film and gives a genuinely funny and heartfelt performance that exudes a depth seldom seen in low-budget indie flicks. Mills is clearly an acting force to be reckoned with, and one can only hope her performance here continues to open cinematic doors. ”  Richard Propes. The Independent Critic.

The filmmakers are actively seeking distribution.


Ginger Media & Entertainment is a grassroots Digital Marketing Agency and represents the new school of public relations and PR with one of the largest networks in the entertainment, arts and media industries around the world.

Sometimes I’m hired for the long haul, other times I’m hired just to fill seats for one screening. “Prince of Swine” was sold out for their last 4 screenings in Hollywood. “The Evolution of Andrew Andrews” was a festival film and screened once in Hollywood. The film sold the most seats. “9909″ secured a distributor. “Infection: The Invasion Begins” DVD was sold out on Amazon. I am also the only company around who posts 7-days a week on Facebook and Twitter. I have one of the largest networks in the business and I’ve been interviewed on national radio about my role in promoting independent film through social media. I have clients across the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. There’s no fancy and expensive banners or Facebook ads or commercials. All promotion is done on a grassroots level though my large network, SEO and bookmarking and network marketing-which makes us perfect for independent film. On the traditional side, we pitch publications for column space, reviews, interviews, and write press releases.





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