LPA Moving Pictures innovative International Marketing Platform for Filmmakers goes live

LPA movingPictures, an innovative digital platform designed to market, promote and showcase the best works by independent filmmakers in a professional setting, launches on 12 May to coincide with the opening of this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

LPA movingPictures uses its dedicated digital gallery and communications platform to feature the most compelling of the numerous works submitted to the website.

It then markets the films to the international audio-visual editorial and advertising communities, such as TV production houses, ad agencies, website operators and film festivals, and other users of original moving pictures.

LPA movingPictures’ Marketing Mission

“You can find a lot of online places to showcase your work, which is  fine, but we go a stage further,” explains Kevin O’Connor, the London-based managing director and co-founder of LPA movingPictures.

Social Media and Interactive Control

LPA movingPictures also uses global social-media networks, including Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn to ensure the selected films and their producers receive the maximum possible exposure in the filmmaking world.

“Firstly, we filter the work shown on LPA movingPictures to make sure it is ‘considered’ work, and then we expose it to a large number of people through our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn networks. We actively help our members get their work seen,” O’Connor says.

Moreover, being an interactive platform, LPA movingPictures provides its members with the tools to manage, edit and update their own portfolios and profiles online.

Who Qualifies for LPA movingPictures?

All genres of films from any part of the world qualify for consideration. LPA movingPictures welcomes works produced and presented to high standards be they features, shorts, documentaries, news footage, music videos, TV and cinema commercials, animation, interactive multimedia, avant-garde cyberpunk, or trailers..

It is also the ideal springboard for still photographers who want to migrate to filmmaking or video productions.

The Cannes Film Festival Connection

LPA movingPictures chose the opening of this year’s iconic Cannes Film Festival, the exclusive hub of the world’s filmmaking community, to unveil this groundbreaking enterprise.

Their presence will be enhanced through LPA movingPictures and the LPA’s roles as co-sponsors of the inaugural Trailermade 2010 competition, which launches at the festival.

“We are very proud to be associated with Trailermade and the Cannes Film Festival; they give us a prestigious launching pad for LPA movingPictures,” O’Connor adds.

LPA movingPictures & the LPA’s Sponsorship of the Trailblazing Trailermade 2010

The Trailermade 2010 competition aims to give three emerging UK film companies the opportunity to meet industry investors to pitch for the finance required for their first commercially viable feature films.

As a sponsor, the LPA movingPictures is providing the digital distribution and marketing platform for the winning trailers.

Sister organisation the LPA is supplying the professional photographers and LPA members who took the high-quality publicity shots of the film sets to market the winners’ works.




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One thought on “LPA Moving Pictures innovative International Marketing Platform for Filmmakers goes live

  1. These types of social networking / marketing platforms are the future for filmmakers. It’s great that so many innovations are being made in this space which allow filmmakers to reach a global audience.

    Filmmaking Stuff

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