LPA movingPictures sponsors Trailermade at Cannes 2010

The Trailblazing Trailermade 2010 Competition:

Trailers by Tomorrow’s Commercial Movie Makers

New digital marketing platform joins Kodak, Pinewood Studios and Panavision to back finance-pitching contest.

LPA movingPictures, the new digital platform that markets, promotes and showcases the best and most original independent filmmakers, and the London Photographic Association (LPA) join a line-up of major international filmmaking brands to co-sponsor Trailermade 2010 competition.

Co-founded and executive produced by film-industry executive Becky Bazzard, Trailermade 2010 is a contest that aims to help talented emerging filmmakers find the funds for their first commercially viable feature films.

“Trailermade aims to increase the chances for filmmakers, particularly emerging talent, to attract finance for their feature film projects,” Bazzard says. “Emerging filmmakers find it the hardest to get their first features off the ground, especially if they do not have a track record. But successfully completing a trailer not only confirms a commitment to completing the feature, it is also a very good exercise for thinking about who their targeted audience is, and what the film is really about.”

LPA movingPictures and the LPA’s Contribution to the Sponsorship:

As a sponsor, the LPA movingPictures, which launches on 12 May, is providing the digital distribution and marketing platform for the winning trailers.

And its sister organisation the LPA is supplying the professional photographers who took the high-quality publicity shots to market the winners’ works.

Kevin O’Connor, director and co-founder of LPA movingPictures and the LPA, says: “Last September, we were introduced to the producer Anita Lewton (co-founder of Corazon Films UK), which is when were first heard of the Trailermade project. This was a perfect fit for the LPA and LPA movingPictures as we could involve our stills-photography members to publicise and network the completed trailers.”

He continues: “Our raison d’être is to show and help promote our members and this was the perfect project for us to get behind. I take my hat off to Becky Bazzard, who is the energy behind Trailermade.”

Bazzard adds: “The LPA and LPA movingPictures have given the winning Trailermade 2010 teams the opportunity to work alongside professional stills photographers and the exposure to the industry through their soon-to-launch LPA movingPictures, greatly improving the winners’ chances of gaining interest in their various projects.”

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LPA-movingPictures/108102422565584?ref=mf

Twitter: http://twitter.com/LPAMovingPic

LPA: http://www.london-photographic-association.com/site/pages.php?fid=0,359,669

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