Ginger Liu is the Digital Marketing Director for the new LPA movingPictures

LPA movingPictures is the new digital platform designed to market, promote and showcase the latest works of emerging and established filmmakers in a professional setting.

Ginger Liu is the Digital Media Director for sister site London Photographic Association, PZI Jeans and numerous Independent Films.

The LPA movingPictures, sister service to the groundbreaking London Photographic Association, aims to be the quintessential gallery for discovering and introducing innovative works from around the world.

The brainchild of Kevin O’Connor, the audio-visual entrepreneur who co-founded the 13-year-old LPA and its much coveted LPA Awards.

This is the stage for independent filmmakers, directors, producers, editors, animators, still photographer evolving into video producers, writers and composers whose works are featured in outstanding videos. 

And all genres qualify, be they short dramas, science fiction, documentaries, news footage, music videos, TV and cinema commercials, movie trailers, experimental films, animation, anime, interactive multimedia. 

The LPA movingPictures site will also be an arena for filmmakers looking for professional partners to exchange ideas or collaborate.

London/Cannes, May 2010: LPA movingPictures, the new digital platform that markets, promotes and showcases the best and most original independent filmmakers, and the London Photographic Association (LPA) join a line-up of major international filmmaking brands to co-sponsor Trailermade 2010 competition.

Ginger Media & Entertainment is a grassroots Digital Marketing Agency and represents the new school of public relations and PR with one of the largest networks in the entertainment, arts and media industries around the world.

Ginger Liu us a Graduate of the top Film, Media, Digital Imagery, Art and Photography University in Europe at the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster, the foremost media education centre in Europe: The University of Westminster, London UK: BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice.

Ginger Media & Entertainment is also an Independent Production Company based in Hollywood.

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