Stefano Boscutti’s “Don Simpson Experience” serial novel

Based on an award-winning screenplay, the “Don Simpson Experience” is a fast and furious film novel about the legendary bad boy Hollywood producer of Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, and The Rock.

Don Simpson was a borderline psychotic Hollywood producer with a ferocious work ethic who didn’t know where to draw the line and who’s life of excess proved to be the death of him. “He was a deranged maniac with a mean streak for hard drugs and hookers. But he always laid his cards on the table. The studio super producer who partnered with Jerry Bruckheimer and, well, killed cinema. Replaced ambiguity and nuance with unstoppable heros, blinding cuts and sound so loud it made it impossible to think. “Flashdance”. “Beverly Hills Cop”. “Top Gun”. The list goes on. If you’ve ever gobbled popcorn it’s because of Simpson. His blustering blockbuster model has become the standard Hollywood formula. All those screenwriting classes you’ve been taking? Thank Simpson. He was the man that codified the template we all use today.” Boscutti.

“Boscutti’s Don Simpson Experience” was first written as a screenplay and was a competition finalist of Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Screenplay Contest. Now available as an online novel, Boscutti posts a new chapter a day and readers can sign up for free daily or weekly updates.

Stefano Boscutti lives and works in Melbourn, Australia. He is the winner of the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for his play “Telecide.” He began his career as a newspaper journalist. After graduating with a postgraduate degree in film from Australia’s foremost film and television school, Boscutti wrote, directed and produced his first feature “Bosuctti’s M.”

Sign up for free: “Boscutti’s Don Simpson Experience” – a Serial Novel by Stefano Boscutti.

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