The Ventura Film Society Festival 2010 honors Paul Mazursky

Writer, director, producer, actor and five time Academy Award nominee, Paul Mazursky, is to be honored at this years Ventura Film Society Festival. The director of “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” and classic 1960’s sex comedy, “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,” Mazursky’s body of work spans five decades and the festival will present eight of his films.

Ventura Film Society director Lorenzo DeStefano has put together a schedule of sixty films, including Tilda Swinton’s “I Am Love.” Highlights of the festival are listed and the full program is available on the the website.

If you love cinema and discovering old and new gems from artists around the world, then I thoroughly recommend the VFS.

Narrative Feature Program includes “I Am Love” (Italy), ”4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days” (Romania), “The Sicilian Girl” (Italy), “Paraiso Travel” (Colombia), “Crazy Stranger” (France/Romania), “Molokai-The Story of Father Damian” (Belgium/Australia).

Feature Documentary Program includes “We Live In Public”, “No Impact Man”, “Manda Bala”, “Blue Gold-World Water Wars”, “The Third Wave”, “Touch The Sound”, “Forgotten Ellis Island”, “Girls on The Wall”, “Once There Was A Country”, “Waiting For Hockney”, “Herb & Dorothy”, “Tupperware!”, “Paris Is Burning”, “Compañeras”,  “A Journey With Paul Cox”, “Signatures” and “Freeheld”.

Short Film Program includes “Rift” from returning VFS filmmaker Andrew Huang, “We Have Decided Not To Die” from visionary Australian filmmaker Daniel Askill, “Kick Like A Girl” by Jenny Mackenzie, “Sampsonia Way-City Of Asylum” from returning VFS filmmaker Jose Muniain, “Surfing Dolphins” by Santa Barbara filmmaker Greg Huglin, “Goofy Foot” by Chris Cashman, “9503 Maryknoll” by Phil Taggart, “Bountiful Bounty” by Nathan Cox,  “The Closet Artist” by ” from returning VFS filmmaker Michael Thanhouser, and “Devolution” from returning VFS filmmaker Gavin Heffernan.

The VFS Festival 2010 will present a number of shorts from Ventura’s Brooks Institute including “Riding High” by Tiffany Israel & Emily Ray, “Un Vie Merveilleuse” by Sean Broadbent, “Daisy” by Jack Major, and “D.On Darox & Linda The Fox” by Simarra Sousa and Melina Pizano.

Special Programs; Eight film tribute to the great American writer/director/actor Paul Mazursky to include “Down & Out in Beverly Hills”, “Blume In Love” starring George Segal (Festival attendee), “Moscow On The Hudson”, “Next Stop, Greenwich Village”, “Harry & Tonto”, “An Unmarried Woman”, “ Moon Over Parador”, and “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”.

Ventura Film Society Festival 2010

March 25-28 2010

The Historic Elks Lodge

11 S. Ash Street @ Main
Downtown Ventura, Ca. 93001

Inside Hollywood Examiner covered the event in 2009.

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