Kathryn Bigelow’s remarkable achievement won’t change Hollywood

Credit Matt Petit

It is remarkable to think that Kathryn Bigelow is the first ever women director to win an Oscar. Just take a breath and digest that sentence. Sexism is alive and kicking in the film world and especially in Hollywood and the Hollywood press where women are relegated to “chick flicks.” Bigelow has always worked against the stereotype, proving women have a penchant for violence and kick ass entertainment in film but I don’t think her win will change much of the depressing numbers of women who work behind the camera. Despite box offices successes of traditional female driven movies such as “Mama Mia,” Hollywood fails to break out the champagne and produce films for us, using the tired and false excuse that there’s no audience for 51% of the population.

Bigelow has and will inspire women and men to “never give up on your dream.”


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2 thoughts on “Kathryn Bigelow’s remarkable achievement won’t change Hollywood

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  2. i think there is an interesting link between biegelow/cameron and barbra loden/elia kazan, they were a married directing couple too. She was preliminarily an actess. i reviewed Loden’s ‘Wanda’ which is a far more outre film than anything kazan ever did, he also, in his biog, made some questionable comments about his wife’s achievements. she would die tragically soon after Wanda was made, from cancer. Have a look at my review if you like. There is a definite similarity in the sense of the out from the shadows of the hollywood giant husband.


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