The Hurt Locker causes reality check friction from armed forces

The Hurt Locker has been praised by film critiques and industry insiders for its truthful depiction of a bomb disposable unit in Iraq. But there’s truth and Hollywood truth and it is the latter that has caused some consternation with Iraqi armed forces and veterans. Many who have seen the film have found the maverick tendencies of its main character, played by Jeremy Renner, to be unthinkable with such a dangerous profession.

This criticism comes just days before Tuesday’s Oscar ballot deadline but will fail to dent director’s Kathryn Bigelow’s roll as the movie remains Oscar favorite to win best picture and best director awards. Writer Mark Boal was himself part of a bomb disposal team stationed in Iraq and consequently earned his qualification in depicting his own experiences over there. These experiences are then transferred to the big screen and follow film conventions in story telling. Make no mistake this is a Hollywood film and one that is close to the real deal but even documentaries have to entertain.

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