Gay hate email from teacher Robert Peverley

I received a hate email from teacher Robert Peverely in response to one on my blog entries from May of this year. This man is a teacher of young children. Be very afraid.

“Gay people are defined by what they get up to between the sheets?
By labeling yourself as “gay” you set yourself up to be defined by what you are doing between the sheets.

I don’t define myself as “heterosexual” – especially to my children (or anyone else’s)
Keep your sexuality to yourself, and especially keep your sexuality and everyone else’s away from my elementary school children.

The best way to create “hate” for your sexuality is to push it all over other people. I don’t want to share my sexual interest with you and I have no interest in yours.

Enough said.”
Robert Peverley

My blog link: “Gay education at school is a good thing”

I think Robert Peverley protests too much. Throwing his hetrosexuality in my face.

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