More Than A Game with LeBron James


I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t know one thing about basketball but I do know a good story and More Than A Game delivers enough true-life rags, riches, heartache and dream catching to capture Hollywood.

More Than A Game is written by Kristopher Belman and Brad Hogen. Under Belman’s direction the sport documentary is also accessible to non-sport fans, as the true human-interest story is nothing but compelling viewing.

Four years in the making, More Than A Game spans nine years in the lives of “The Fab Five;” Lebron James, Dru Joyce lll, Sian Cotton, Willie McGee and Romeo Travis; as these brothers stay connected with basketball through their connection with one another. Coach Dru Joyce ll fulfills his life long ambition to coach the team all the way to the nationals. Lebron James, of course, went on to become the superstar basketball player that he still is and is known throughout the world for his talent and personality.

Belman and Hogan gained unprecedented access to the boy’s lives in Akron, Ohio, all the way through to their national games. Interviews, news footage, home videos and photographs are put together in a cohesive fashion and at just the right pace.

The six characters in this story push all the right buttons and not only have me as a new basketball fan but I am sure that some day Hollywood will come knocking.

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