Oscars, Cher, Facebook in Hollywood News

Cher will star in her first movie role in a decade, as she is set to join Christina Aguilera in Burlesque. No prizes as to what the film is about. Aguilera plays an ambitious small town girl who is introduced to the titillating neo-burlesque scene in LA’s very own Sunset Boulevard. Cher plays Tess, the club owner and former dancer who struggles to make ends meet. No news as to which direction the tone of the film will take. I, for one hope that we see real burlesque performances full of comedy and outrageous costumes, and not the general misconception surrounding this great art form. Please, it’s not about stripping.


Cher’s last film was Tea with Mussolini (1999) and Burlesque will mark the first time Cher has sung on screen.


I can’t think of anything as tedious and un-sexy as a film about the formation of Facebook. What’s even more remarkable is that David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club, Seven) will direct the story of Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg’s 2004 Facebook creation. Will this be sexy, murder mystery where the creators of Myspace and Friendster use any means possible to stop Zuckerberg’s brilliant plan for world domination? I think not.


The big news in Hollywood this week is that the Academy Awards have expanded the Best Picture category from five to ten nominees. The 82nd Annual Academy Awards hopes that having ten nominees will allow voters to recognize movies that are often recognized in lesser categories. The last time the Academy ran ten Best Picture nominees was in 1943 when Casablanca won.


Does this mean that the Academy sees a higher standard of the art form flocking our screens? I certainly think so. The last few years has produced some of the best movies in decades with positive nods to lesser Hollywood-machine genre films with stories that have delighted filmgoers from around the world.

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