Confessions of a Shopaholic


For all you boys and girls who love shopping, Confessions of a Shopaholic, is not for you. Sure the film is set in New York’s fashion mecca and stars Australian actress Isla Fisher (Definitely, Maybe) as a frenzied consumer who just can’t say no to zebra print pants. And Fisher is hilarious from beginning to end with Hugh Dancy (The Jane Austin Book Club) providing the love interest in and on the whole is an enjoyable fizz of a movie. But ultimately our hero is forced to take stock of her wardrobe (no pun intended) and re-evaluate her spending habits while coming to realize what’s really important in life is not owning a pair of zebra print pants. I beg to differ. In this time of economic slowdown where unemployment seems to be the number one topic of conversation, you can bet that I’d rather skip the depressing dialogue and head down to Macy’s. Are you with me? Unemployment doesn’t have to look drab and unfashionable.

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