The Proposal

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The Proposal

The Proposal sees a welcome return of Sandra Bullock’s signature flair for comedy and know-it-all cuteness in a romantic comedy that shares shades of Peter Weir’s Greencard (1990) and the 1990’s hit TV series, Northern Exposure.


Bullock plays no nonsense book editor, Margaret, whose job is put in jeopardy after she finds out her work visa is about to run out and she will be deported back to Canada. Lucky for Margaret, her assistant is the ambitious and hansom Andrew, played with equally comedic flair by Ryan Reynolds

(X-Men Origins: Wolverine), whom she forces into accepting her wedding-of-convenience proposal. Government employee, Mr. Gilbertson (Denis O’Hare) instantly smells a rat, leaving Andrew no option but to invite the boss into his family home in Alaska. Hollywood loves fish out of water stories and Bullock is in fine form as the city girl forced to go native while struggling to hide her small town vulnerability. Reynolds gives as good as Bullock and their onscreen chemistry and gift for comedy plays well off one another. 


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