No Tipping suits me just fine

Only in America do customers stupidly tip. I am on the side of the Europeans. Also in Asia, you don’t tip at restaurants or in taxis. This is an American bad habit. Why should people be tipped for doing their job? Only in America are people tipped for doing their job. And before you say -waiters don’t get paid enough -that isn’t my problem that he/she chose to be a waiter. That’s his/her fault. Go get another job.

I don’t get tipped for doing my job so why should I tip others for doing theirs? And this whole guilt thing we have to go through when we are in America as Americans look at none tippers as wrong doers when Europe and Asia don’t tip because the workers there get a decent wage. I’ve just been in China after living in the US for six years. And it’s just like Europe in regards to tipping.

What a breath of fresh air. In China there’s no tipping unless it is something to do with travel and then they take the Americans for every dollar they are worth because they know Americans have to tip.

I’ve just returned to the US. I will not tip ever again. Why should I tip someone for bringing my food to me? Why should I tip someone when I have to bus my own tables?


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