Patrick Swayze film opens film fest


Patrick Swayze’s “Jump” will open the annual Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival on April 23. The film was shot in Austria and centers on the life of photographer Philippe Halsman who was accused of killing his own father. Swayze plays the lawyer defending Halsman. Swayze is expected to attend the premiere at the WGA theatre. We wish him good health.

Maggie Gyllanhaal stars in “Nanny PcPhee: sequel


Maggie Gyllenhaal is set to star in “Nanny PcPhee and the Big Bang,” the sequel to “Nanny PcPhee” (2005). Emma Thompson penned the script, is executive producing, and will reprise her role as a magic-wielding governess. The films are based on Christianna Brand’s “Nurse Matilda” books.

Franco and Wahlberg join Carell and Fey


James Franco and Mark Wahlberg will join Steve Carell and Tina Fey in “Date Night.” The 20th Century Fox comedy revolves around a married couple that find themselves in harm’s way after a routine date night goes horribly wrong. Franco plays a dumb conman and petty criminal. Wahlberg plays a successful and buff securities expert who flirts with Fey’s character.

Observe and Report


Seth Rogen’s “Observe and Report” also didn’t fair as well as expected.  The R-rated black comedy, which also stars Anna Faris, probably suffered from a less than satisfying ending. Depression era movies aren’t noted for their down tempo. And yes folks, we are in a depression. So expect a lot of so-so endings to be changed this year for the “live happily ever after” fantasy that Hollywood is best at.


Trying to attract the teenage boy fan base, Fox’s “Dragonball: Evolution” failed miserably in its poor effort to remake the Japanese anime series. Watching the trailer this morning, I can see why. 

Vin Diesel is Fast & Furious


Vin Diesel’s welcome return to the Furious franchise bodes well for his global fans. The film is No.1 in Britain, Russia, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil. Diesel’s dip into soft guy hero in “The Pacifier” (2005) and character acting in “Find Me Guilty” (2006) could easily have ended his career but thankfully the man of unknown racial origin and gruff voice is back doing what he does best. His sixth outing as Riddick in “The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena” is out later in the year.

Hannah Montana tops Easter spot


Box Office News:

“Hannah Montana: The Movie” broke all of April’s box office records when it opened on Good Friday and proved once again that girls can drive box office success. By the end of the weekend the film grossed $34m and pushed “Fast and Furious” off the top.