British police brutality a surprise no more

The Guardian

We have videos now of police brutality (see above), yet the police still try to cover their backs. You’d think we were living in a corrupt 2nd world country. Before recent video evidence I expect many people would have given the police the benefit of the doubt; not quite believing that civilized British police could act this way. Now we can all see for ourselves -reserve Bobby’s hitting women, riot police bashing passers by. I understand that they have to show force so things don’t blow up but the reason why reactions blow up is because of the brutality of the police. It’s as if they are told to cause bother at any G20 protest and protests that involve “professional” demonstrators. Do you think all this would happen if the police waved guns about? I was at anti-war in Iraq rallies in SF -they were huge and went on for weeks. Riot police were out in force but the crowd didn’t taunt them or push their luck. Power of guns??? But I’m glad the Brits don’t have guns. No thank you.

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