They Will Be Done at The Ventura Film Festival

Thy Will Be Done/-2009-3-26

The Ventura Film Festival kicked off last night with a powerhouse of a documentary “Thy Will Be Done” from first time filmmaker Jacob Cunningham. The documentary tells the story of Kevin Natale’s drastic life change at the age of 14 when his clinically depressed neighbor shot Natale and left him quadriplegic. The film is a testament to Natale’s strength and of his loving family who continue to support and love him. Cunningham gives equal measure to all involved in this tragedy -the strength in unity of Natale’s mother and sister and their forgiveness of Joyce Adams, the mother of the shooter. Consequently our pity lies not with the Natale family but with Joyce Adams tortured soul.


The Ventura Film Festival

The Elks Lodge

11 South Ast St. Ventura, CA 93001

From March 26-29

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