Ventura Film Festival welcomes a new wave of programming


Inside Hollywood Reporter for The Examiner

Recession is hitting the festival circuit this year as the Tribeca Film Festival announced a much smaller lineup Monday with a 28% decline in screening since last year’s festival. Smaller and lesser know festivals may have to rethink outside the box and offer unique programming as well as find alternative sources of funding just to survive. New kid on the block, the Ventura Film Festival has come up with a program that remains passionate to the moving image in all its incarnations, combining a program rich with intelligent feature stories, documentary, shorts, animation, and new media which may not have found a voice elsewhere.

Founder and Festival Director, Lorenzo DeStefano brings more than 30 years of film experience to the festival and has stuck to his guns in never swaying from the true meaning of filmmaking as art, story, and community. He has gathered more than 70 films for the 4 day festival. “I didn’t want this to be a Chamber of Commerce film festival run by business men.”

Highlights include the premiere US screening of “Julia” starring British avante garde muse and Oscar winner, Tilda Swinton.  And filmmaker Robert M. Young receives a well-deserved retrospective from his backlog of more than 50 films. Screenings include the award winning “Triumph of the Spirit, “Short Eyes,” and “Dominick & Eugene.” 



The Ventura Film Festival runs from March 26-29th.


In the run up to the festival I will be interviewing Founder and Festival Director, Lorenzo DeStefano. Additionally I will be blogging onsite during the 4-day event where I’ll speak to many of the filmmakers, participants, and organizers. Plus I’ll be sitting through a lot of great cinema.

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