Weekend in Review for The Examiner


Starting next weekend I’ll begin a  round-up of new independent films, art house, documentary, shorts, animation, new media, and new bands. Much of the work I’ve selected for review has spent some time on the festival circuit, most have yet to secure a theatrical release. I’m interested in strong narratives, real stories, avante garde, US and foreign film.

Great new music and emerging talented musicians will receive full coverage in the weekly round-up.

It is my intention to showcase new and emerging talent from around the globe as well as give a much deserved boost to art that has fallen by the wayside due to lack of financing, distribution, and marketing. 

I’m excited this year to be covering the Ventura Film Festival from March 26-29th. The festival showcases 50 films and new media projects from international narrative, documentary, animation, video art and performance. I’ll be blogging on-site and interviewing many of the film makers. I’ll also be speaking to festival founder and director Lorenzo DeStefano. 

So, sit back and enjoy the latest in new cinema and art, music and new media.


Next week on the Weekend in Review:

Max Perrier’s film noir horror and Gold Remi Award winner, “The Ante.”

Animation short, “Welcome to Hosieryville,” from  UK’s Stephen Jones.

Karen Gehres’s documentary feature on homelessness, “Begging Naked.”

Richard Oshen’s documentary on the California Coastal Commission, “Sins of Commission.”





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