Ginger Liu Photography featured in

LA Schools gl/2009/23

Ginger Liu Photography is featured in this months the online magazine of arts, information and entertainment. A big thank  you goes out to the editor of this creative magazine mix of featured artists, writers, photographers, poets, and travelers. 

“To read Ginger’s resume is to understand what it is to have a lust for life. Photography is a small part of a career path that merges Dharma bum with paparazzi, Cordon bleu gourmand with traveler’s what-have-you, entrepreneur with artist. Her blog site is replete with images from around the world, and around the city of Los Angeles, which she presently calls home. I “met” Ginger through a professional group on LinkedIn, one of many internet social and professional networks she belongs to. No doubt placing her work, and excerpts of her autobiographical reflections in, will help extend that continuingly awesome reach.

The Editor

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